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  1. Ride.Dirt.Wake.

    2014 National Champs, Bright | JB Photomedia

    Rider gallery is up from Bright National Champs. Digitals $6, check out the rider collages too-
  2. Ride.Dirt.Wake.

    2014 Nationals Round 1-3 | JB Photomedia

    Now that the series is finished, here's an easy way to see your photos. I'll be at National Champs in Bright, too. If you're interested in an A3 collage of photos of yourself/your friends/team from 2014, I'm making and printing them for $60* each. Email for more info...
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    Rocky Trail Entertainment | Flow Rollercoaster Rd 1 2014 | Ourimbah by JB Photomedia

    Photos are now online and available at - follow the Race Photos link. In 2014 I won't be shooting with the aim to get a photo of every rider, mainly as it's a massive time cost and inhibits my creative thinking. However, if you email me at or comment...
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    Lithgow - NSW State Champs - Jaime Black Photography

    What a great day of racing. We took some of our best photos to date, and had heaps of fun. I'm still coughing up dust from Mega Thunder, but what do you do! Photos are now all up after a couple of uploading delays, so head over to and check them out...
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    Ourimbah - NSW DH Rd 3 - Jaime Black Photography

    Official photos are now online and available for viewing and purchase. Use the search bar to find your photos, or browse by time (10am Sunday - end of racing) Click through to the gallery: Pricing / Sales: Social Media Digitals - $9.99 each Originals (can print A3, some...
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    FLOW Rollercoaster Round 3 - Mt Stromlo - Jaime Black Photography

    Hey Everyone, Hope you enjoyed yourselves on Sunday, I certainly did. Our first time shooting at Stromlo, hopefully you saw us on the mountain somewhere! All of our photos are now processed and uploaded, and indexed to save you time. Search for your plate number (eg. 848) OR your name (eg...
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    Del Rio - RedAss DH State Series Round 2 - Jaime Black Photography

    Great weekend, if anything better because of the rain. Nearly everyone had a ball, thoughts go out to injured riders; get well soon. All photos & race report online at, here's a few picks. Web size photos (perfect for social media) are $2. Support a local business if you...
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    BMX NSW Penrith Open meet - May 26 2013

    Hi all, Great day out shooting yesterday, grabbed 600+ finals from 2500 shots. All are uploaded now, at: Thanks for looking, Jaime
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    WSMTB XC @ Yellowmundee - 19th May 2013

    Hey everyone, I got heaps of photos yesterday, at least one of every rider. Take a look, there's around 200 photos for you to choose from. All prints come with a digital copy. A4 prints are $25 delivered, A3 prints $40, and larger is available (36" on the shortest...
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    Signature Image - Upload fails?

    Hey everyone, Apologies if I look like a twat posting here, I've done a bunch of searches both onsite and using google (site: regarding this issue but can't seem to figure it out. Being a photog you'd think I've got a pretty good idea about using and uploading images - but RB...
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    WSMTB DH Round 1 - Del Rio 5/5/2013

    Hey everyone, Great to see such a good turnout at Del Rio, I haven't seen that in a while. Submitting the story to TVS today, I've got a good feeling about it, but we'll have to see. Here's a bunch of photos anyway. Save/share these low-res watermarked copies however you like, if you'd like a...
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    Chicken Run Helmet Cam

    Got my new GoPro HD on friday, thought i'd go for a chilled ride to test it out. Didn't turn out quite like I expected..
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    Creak that's driving me insane.

    Farkiners, I've done some searches, and so far nothing matches my problem. I have noise OCD. *Here's my setup: *2007 Giant Glory 0 FR *RaceFace Evolve DH cranks, guide + bashguard *E-13 36t chainring *Various pedals. Under decent pedalling, around the time that the cranks level out (once left...
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    NSW Sold

    Item: 2010 Subrosa Malum Street Location: Western Sydney Item Condition: Minimal use Reason for selling: Doesn't get ridden anymore, riding motorbikes Price and price conditions: Offers + postage Extra Info: * Sun Chrome rear rim * Animal hamilton pedals * Odessy slik cable * Blue...
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    Thats what happens when you treat a moto like a downhill bike..

    Wearing full armour, WR450F landed on my leg after hitting a loose rock and over the hangers at about 50 - 60km/h. Fractured fibia and tibula, clavicle and some possible fractures in my foot. this xray is two and a half weeks after the accident. Enjoy.
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    NSW Sold

    Item: 2008 complete Subrosa Malum Dirt Location: Blue Mountains, NSW Item Condition: Practically new. Used by beginner (myself). back rim has one flat spot, pedals a little scratched, front peg has been used a little. Reason for selling: BMX is not for me. sticking to downhill. Price and price...
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    Internet Explorer- help

    Hey guys, I know we have some computer smarts on here, and rather than registering on another forum (after many failed google searches- I have no idea what to search), I thought I'd have a go here first. Internet explorer refuses to show facebook properly. After a lot of refreshing/changing...
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    BMX Little bikes are cool too you know..

    Frame: Subrosa Malum Dirt - 100% 4130 chromoly Fork: Subrosa 100% 4130 chromoly Bars: Subrosa 100% chromoly 8.0” rise Grips: The Shadow Conspiracy Guttural Stem: Subrosa alloy Headset: Sealed integrated Rims: 36H double wall alloy Hubs: FR- 3/8 sealed alloy front hub RR-14mm sealed alloy rear...
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    WSMTB RND 2 Kurrajong

    Dad got some photos while I raced. More here
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    Raw for the Weight Weenies?

    Whilst scrolling throught the Orange bikes website yesterday, I read that the reason they leave weights out of the catalogue, is that they do custom paint jobs. Apparently a coat of paint can weigh as much as 80gms. Is raw the new colour for lycra bandits and downhill elites?