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  1. whitey89

    GPS training pages - what do yours look like?

    Hey guys, Ive been running the Garmin 510 for a while now and I feel like Im not getting the full potential out of it... At the moment Im squeezing all my live stats onto one page and all my totals on another but I feel like this probably isnt the best. Basically I was wanting to know...
  2. whitey89

    Pipeline Brisbane

    New to Brisbane and stoked on this trail!! (sorry for the blank 2min at the end editing rookie haha)
  3. whitey89

    Banshee Spitfire 2015

    Hi Guys, just built up my (almost) dream build Banshee Spitfire. Literally just finished it last night so not many photos yet but here are some teasers... hope you enjoy! Weight 14kg flat with pedals Frame Banshee spitfire Shock Cane creek DB Inline Fork Fox Float 32 150mm -...
  4. whitey89

    Anyone skied Myoko Onsen Japan??

    Going to Japan in January for about 10 days skiing on the south island. Looking at going to Myoko ski area and maybe one other as it seems a little off the beaten track with good off-piste. Has anyone been there?? Looking for some good tips...
  5. whitey89

    Mont - rider needed for a very social mixed 4

    Looking for someone to join one of our club's 6 teams in a very social mixed team of 4. Full catering provided by a chef in team marquee right at the transition zone. $250 just bring your bike and a tent! PM me if keen
  6. whitey89

    QLD XC race series or clubbies?

    Im moving to Brisbane with work in August. Just wondering how if there are any good races coming up or even regular club rounds in/around Brisbane? Cheers, Whitey
  7. whitey89

    ISCG05 chain guide

    Looking for an ISCG05 chain guide 36T, near new condition (e13 lg, shimano, MRP or similar) for around $100 depending on condition. PM me if you have one. Cheers
  8. whitey89

    NSW SOLD- please delete

  9. whitey89

    1x10 ratios

    Im looking at going to 1x10 with a RF narrow/wide ring up front. Whats considered a good 1x10 ratio for XC racing? At the moment im on a 26-32 with a 11-36 cass. I barely ever get into the small ring at the front unless its a long climb (like climbing up stromlo) however I still want an...
  10. whitey89

    NSW SOLD - Please delete

  11. whitey89

    NSW Sold please delete

    Sold sold sold
  12. whitey89

    Boon Squad rides Jubes

    Video made by Davisuals in association with Synergy Trails and the Boon Squad on the newly renovated Golden Jubilee trail in Sydneys North. Give the Boon Squad a "like" on facebook
  13. whitey89

    NSW Please delete

    Please delete
  14. whitey89

    NSW DH Series #2 - Delrio

    An edit done by "Kevin Song TV" of the most recent NSW State Round. If you like this video get following the Boon Squad Racing team on facebook and instagram @boonsquadracing
  15. whitey89

    How can I determine my optimum cadence and heart rate while training?

    Im a long time mtb but newbie at road. Ive got myself a garmin and want to start using the cadence and heart rate monitors for training but I have no idea what i should be looking at! Ive done a few "googles" but cant find too much info on getting started, anyone have any advice for working with...
  16. whitey89

    Moving to Vancouver - ocean freight?

    Im thinking of making the move to Van later this year, i lived there for a short period of 6 months while studying over there so I know what to expect mostly but I want to take a working holiday there this time for an extended period. Basically Id like to get 3 bikes over there (DH, XC and...
  17. whitey89

    Boon Squad at Thredbo

    A chilled gopro run following some of the boon squad guys down at the Thredbo State Rd 1 2013. Follow us on FACEBOOK and Instagram @boonsquadracing
  18. whitey89

    STOLEN 2x Trance X 00 29er 2013 BRAND NEW

    Bike: 2x Trance X 00 29er 2013 BRAND NEW Medium Colour: Silver/Black/Blue Date it was stolen: 22-01-13 Where it was stolen: Sydney CBD (from a bike store) Specs: Other Discriptions: Bike was stolen...
  19. whitey89

    XC 2013 Giant Anthem Advanced - update

    Fresh new XC rig for 2013, shout out to Giant Sydney for the hookup. UPDATE - New Terralogic forks and fox shock and this action shot from the mont 24hr.
  20. whitey89

    NSW Sold - please delete

    SOLD Item: 2009 Giant XTC 1 26" (medium) Location: Sydney North Item Condition: Used but in prime condition Reason for selling: New Bike Price and price conditions: $800 ono Extra Info: Brakes recently bled, wheels trued and fork serviced all in last month