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  1. Hipstar

    ROAD The not Orange Orange and the Orange not Orange

    Thought I should do a PYR now I've finished the blue thing. Frame - 2017 Orange Alpine 6 with non cracky swingarm Rear shock - DVO Jade 500lb CC Valt Spring Front shock/fork - DVO Onyx SC 180mm Handlebars - Chromag Fubars OSX Stem - Chromag Ranger V2 Headset - Nukeproof Grips - Chromag...
  2. Hipstar

    I blame Moorey

    Well, it's all his fault. I loved my rune (Fancy Banshee) , but this came up and after riding my five I couldn't resist. Frame - 2016 Orange Alpine 160 Rear shock - Fox DPX2 Front shock/fork - 2019 DVO Onyx SC Handlebars - Chromag Stem - DMR Defy 35 Headset - Hope Grips - ODI elite Saddle -...
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    VIC Sold 2016 Banshee Spitfire Medium

    Item: 2016 Banshee Spitfire Medium Location: Ballarat Item Condition: very nice Reason for selling: need $ to fund other ventures Price and price conditions: $3700 Extra Info: I really don't want to do this, but I must This was set up to be the ultimate do it all trail whip, good at the ups...
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    DH Bargain basement M9

    So, this frame came up on the book of faces for low monetary outlay. I decided the rune wasn't killy enough, so here we are. Frame - 2014 Intense M9 FRO Rear shock - fox.. No. Ccdb air... No wait. Ccdb coil. Front shock/fork - 2017 Boxxer WC Handlebars - Raceface Atlas Kash Money Gold Stem -...
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    The fancy banshee

    Mondraker just wasn't doing it for me, then I saw a fb post by banshee NZ showing a Rune in a colour I'd never seen before. Bit of digging and missing link bikes had one ordered for me. Turned out it was a limited edition colour that was yet to be officially released. Very limited apparently...
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    VIC sold

    Item: CCDBA CS 200x57 shock Location: In my garage at present....which is in ballarat Item Condition: very nice Reason for selling: I am the DVO god Price and price conditions: 450 plus post Extra Info: beautiful shock in as good as new condition. Recent model with the sexier black shaft...
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    Sold Sold

    Item: Rockshox monarch + rc3 debonair Location: ballarat Item Condition: very good Reason for selling: found a ccdb, bling is king Price and price conditions: 300 Extra Info: 200x57. Bought for the spitty but then a CCDB came up. Had gold bits so was bought. Has a magneto stealth decal kit...
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    Yep. These'll do just fine.

    Should probably put a thread up here for my steeds. In the beginning there was an 05 SC Heckler. Cool bike, still have it and will rebuild it soon but that's another bike story. I needed something newer and more angry and more capable of saving my arse. That's where Facebook stepped in with a...
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    Sold SOLD

    Item: KS Lev dropper Location: Ballarat Item Condition: very good Reason for selling: I'm short Price and price conditions: 200 plus post Extra Info: 30.9 150mm drop. Works smooth as and has no play. Pictures: yes Sent from my SM-G965F using Tapatalk
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    So under instructions from Moorey I bought a Spitty. It has several bits surplus to my needs however. This is where you come in. Buy my stuff. Item: 27.5 Spank Oozy Trail 295 wheelset Location: Ballarat Condition: Good Reason for selling: as above Price and price conditions: SOLD Extra...
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    XC It's cool cos it's old

    After a bit of a riding hiatus (injury enforced) and after a fair bit of looking for something a bit retro this came up on eBay for a steal, 1998 Specialized Ground Control FSR Extreme. Was listed as having a few issues, most of which a clean up and some servicing have sorted. The cable...
  12. Hipstar

    Easton wheelsets?

    Hey all, So because I just can't leave things well enough alone, I'm looking at upgrading the wheels on my Anthem. Currently it's got the stock Mavic 819 rims with an XT front hub and DT Swiss rear. Has anyone any experience with Easton wheels, particularly the EA70? They're bloody cheap on...
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    VIC Sold - please delete

    SOLD - edit won't let me alter the title. Edit edit, no wait it will.
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    XC Finally, a real bike. Anthem.

    It's arrived and put together. Just need to find the leak in the front tyre, damn tubeless. Had a quick spin on it and it's a good thing, taking it out tomorrow for a real ride to see how many times I can come off.
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    Advice please.

    So, I'm at a bit of a crossroads. Have a 2014 Specialized Hardrock Disc 29er (picked up dirt cheap) with Reba forks and a couple of other nice bits. I also have an XT drivetrain on the way for it so it should be a decent thing. Now I'm asking myself if it's worth it, or do I put all the...
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    Raceline Comp. Old school cool or fool?

    So, looking for something I can take on the train with me (29er no fit, thanks Vline) and this popped up. It's a bit rough but I'm a little sentimental on Raceline, back when I was riding as a young lad...
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    Hi All, New here, obviously. I'm just getting back into riding as a bit of fun, commuting and cross training for my running after about a 15 year lay off. Anyway, I'm from the Ballarat area (yeah I know) and have picked up a barely ridden 2014 Specialized Hardrock Disc 29er for not much...