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  1. John U

    Commuting without lights? Is it the new trend.

    Due to a couple of reasons I haven’t commuted in into work for about 3 months, the ride has been ride home only. That changed last week and in pitch darkness, shortly after getting on the bike path I’m passed by a clown with no front light but with a back light. His gear looked like he should...
  2. John U

    Private school v public schools, where’d you go, where you send your youngsters?

    First attempt at a poll. Wondering how your experience impacts your choice for you kids. No kids? Vote like you had some.
  3. John U

    Sold 5-10 Freeriders, US size 3 (tiny)

    Item: 5-10 Freeriders, US size 3 Location: Ringwood East Item Condition: excellent. The suede looks a bit worn in the pics but they got very little use. Only 1 shoelace included. No idea what happened to the other one. Reason for selling: no longer fit Price and price conditions: a six pack...
  4. John U

    Human behaviour - humans are strange

    Humans behaviour is strange at times. Bjork was onto it years ago. Wednesday night in the city, cars blocking intersections all over the place. Way more than usual. I think it was because it was raining. But all of these humans were sitting safe and dry inside a steel box. What is up with...
  5. John U

    Alternative routing for rear brake hose on Norco Aurum

    I tried some new routing of the rear brake hose of my Aurum. It ships with it routed underneath the bottom of the chain stay. I’ve changed it to along the top. Here’s how it looks fully extended and fully compressed. Looks like a significant chage to the amount the hose length changes through...
  6. John U

    Park BMX recommendations

    Hi Y'all, Not an MTB request but I value the opinion of you lot, in this case especially those with a bit of park experience. I took my young bloke to the park yesterday and was just standing around waiting. The young punks ripping around the bowl looked like they were having an excellent...
  7. John U

    Connecting the Go Pro app with a Go Pro

    Jesus fucking Christ, how fucking hard can it be to get a single camera to talk to a single phone! I've been fucking with this useless fucking software for a large proportion of the day. It worked for a short period towards the end of the day and is back into the non working state. Anyone got...
  8. John U

    Plastic bags, climate change, renewable energy,

    The ban on single use plastic bags is awesome. Great to finally see some action. I come from a time when no one wrapped their rubbish in plastic. Bins were simply hosed out when they got a bit stinky. Does the public have the gumption to stop wrapping their rubbish in plastic?
  9. John U

    Passive Solar housing

    Wanting to get a gauge on what percentage of the population understands the concept of passive solar housing. Been looking to buy a passive solar house (or something resembling one) for the past ten years. It appears about 1 in 30 houses in my neighbourhood are built to take advantage of the...
  10. John U

    Re usable quick links for 10/11 speed

    Back in the good old days of 9 speed I managed to use the same quick link across multiple chains. Never caused an issue. Took me a while to get to 10 and 11 speed bikes. I find with these rigs all the quick links request that you bin them after every single use. Do you follow this rule? Has...
  11. John U

    Bent cassette

    I’ve bent a cassette in the past. Once I’d worked out what I was looking for it became easy to see. One of the cogs did not have a uniform distance to the cog above it all the way around. This cog was bent. I couldn’t tune the gears properly. Derailer hanger was straight. Once I changed the...
  12. John U

    I’m a bit late to the press fit bottom bracket party.

    I’ve avoided any issues with pf bottom brackets until now. The pf 105 bottom bracket on my roady has just started to creak. Thought I’d just pull the bb out, have a look at it, regrease, and wack it back in and see how it went. I’m reading on the park website that these types of bb’s are only...
  13. John U

    24mm boxxer top cap removal

    24mm boxxer top cap removal. What’s the correct tool? Do I need to grind down a socket myself? Can I buy one that is fit for purpose? Will a ratcheting ring spanner do the trick? Will a normal ring spanner work?
  14. John U

    Marzocchi 380 experiences

    Hi. I’m after some performance increase over the stock boxxers on my Aurum c7.3. Really liked the change from World Cups to 40s on my old Sunday. Over 2k is way out of my league for a new fork. Second hand downhill market has almost completely dried up. So...
  15. John U

    How’s the weather!

    For the first time ever it seemed like a good idea to use my umbrella to keep the sun off me, at 8:30 in the morning! It is going to be fucking hot here today.
  16. John U

    Downhill bike brake replacement options

    My new rig has Guide Rs. Front is nowhere near as crisp after first trip to Buller. Feels spongy, like it’s in need of a bleed. I also felt like I was on them more than my old bike. I put this down to the bike being quicker but now I’m thinking it was the Guides weren’t as powerful. My old...
  17. John U

    Sold SLX crankset 175mm - new

    Item: 175mm SLX crankset Location: Ringwood East Item Condition: new and unused. Reason for selling: Need 170mm Price and price conditions: $70 Extra Info: brand new and unused. Chainring not included, have removed. Replacement is on its way. Inclusion of chain ring bolts is dependent on...
  18. John U

    VIC Found

    Item: Wanted to swap 175mm 1 * 32t SLX crankset for 170mm equivalent Location: Ringwood East Item Condition: new and unused. Reason for swapping: old man has short legs Price and price conditions: straight swap Extra Info: brand new and unused. Hoping someone Has the opposite problem and...
  19. John U

    DH Norco Aurum C7.3

    First new downhill bike. Just picked it up. Completely stock. Large weighs in at 17.61 kgs. Need some tips. What prep should the bike have before it’s initial ride/race?
  20. John U

    Replacing old school 3*9 drivetrain with newer gear

    I want to update my old man's 3*9 drivetrain on his old 26" hard tail with newer gear. Some of the replacement options mention chainline. This is something I've never needed to worry about when replacing drive chains on bikes. Something like this looks good...