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  1. bear the bear

    What Travel Bike do you ride?

    A poll to see what length travel everyone is riding. Take this as being the bike you ride most often.
  2. bear the bear

    Sold Specialized Roval Fattie 29" Boost Wheelset

    Item Condition: Used for approximately 5 months, in excellent condition Reason for selling: Wife now has the bike they were on and are no longer required. Price and price conditions: $1200 plus postage if required Extra Info: Extras include: 29" carbon wheelset; 30mm internal width; Front...
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    Sold Specialized Fatboy 24" 2016

    Item: Specialized Fatboy 24" 2016 Location: Canberra, ACT Item Condition: Used by small boy for riding to and from school Reason for selling: He's outgrown it. Price and price conditions: $650 plus postage if required Extra Info: Upgrades include: Ritchey Carbon WCS handlebars; Ergon Grips; USE...
  4. bear the bear

    Tubeless Rim Tape Advice

    All, I need help, I have a pair of carbon wheels that I just cannot easily get tubeless rim tape to stick to, the normal suspects- stans, orange, effeto mariposa just will not stick to the carbon. I've currently got it setup with wide electrical tape... but it's really hurting my OCD. Any tips...
  5. bear the bear

    Bike Security/ Home storage

    Alright all, So I've been meaning to do this for a while, but I need to properly secure my bikes. We are currently lucky with where we live in a strata, with a number of older residents who are home during the day and the house has an alarm which I'm lucky that my son turns on when he leaves for...
  6. bear the bear

    The Tool Thread

    K, I admit it I'm a tool whore I love well made tools. I thought I'd start this thread to condense general discussions about bike tools. Mods can make this a sticky if they feel it's worthy.... So to start off, what brand allen keys are everyone using? Personally I've got a set of Park blue...
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    Good Wheel Builders

    Hi Guys, Looking for some recommendations for custom wheel builders here in Australia. Is there anyone who builds for a living and not part of a shop? I've used Wheelworks in NZ in the past, but their prices have gone way up and want to look at something local. Advice appreciated Bear
  8. bear the bear

    Merlin built wheels vs ???

    Anyone have any feedback on wheel built by Melin Cycles vs say CRC? Alot of what I have seen is CRC are shit at building wheels so no keen to go down that road if possible.... Wish Hope still built with Stans rims :(
  9. bear the bear

    Forwarding from UK?

    I've used a company in the US for this to get around geo-blocking on other purchases. Any recommendations from the UK and costings? Looking at a set of Mavic wheels...
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    Trek 2017

    So..... I know a couple of other brands have a 2017 thread started so I thought I would start one for Trek. A shop I'm involved with here in Canberra is a Trek Dealer and they had Trek World here as well this week at EPIC and an industry demo day at Stromlo. A couple of the shop guys went to...
  11. bear the bear

    Comic Book Universe (Marvel/DC)

    So, Haven't really seen anything like this posted recently but, - Anyone want to offer their opinion on Bats v Super-boy (critics are rubbishing it!) -Civil War ( I've holding out for this as the big comic-book film of the year... I haven't seen Deadpool as yet though) Thoughts on the...
  12. bear the bear

    Large CO2 Cartridges

    Hi Guys, I'm wondering if there are larger CO2 cartridges available than 25gms? I run wide rims with larger volume tires and 25gms isn't getting them up to ridable pressure after puncturing. While I can take 2x on training rides with a pump, in race situations this adds weight and is more of...
  13. bear the bear

    Carbon Repair Company Experiences

    Hi All, I'm after opinions/ experiences people have had with the various companies who do carbon frame repairs. I have a frame that has a minor crack in the top tube which is repairable. The two companies I have found are paint my bike and carbon bike repair and carbon cycle repair. Thx.
  14. bear the bear

    Giant Over Drive 2

    For those that may be interested it is possible to change out the headset on 2012 bikes and newer running overdrive 2 and convert back to 1 1/8th" & 1 1/2" cups. The overall head tube has not been enlarged for the new standard, just the upper bearing customised to Giant spec's. Just put a CK...
  15. bear the bear

    Bike storage and suspension fluid?

    Hi All, Just pulled apart my forks on my giant xtc 29er. Now the forks haven't been behaving correctly for a while and what I found was that the fluid from the Spring-side-side oil bath had moved from the lower leg of the fork into the air chamber efectively making the forks more progressive...
  16. bear the bear

    Local Shop for GT Bikes (ACT)

    Hi all, I need to get a replacement derailleur hanger for my little bro's GT Force....but I can't find anyone in the ACT who advertises they stock GT. Any help appreciated. The Bear
  17. bear the bear

    LOST Garmin 705 @ Stromlo

    Lost today (02/05/10) somewhere through the area of blue tongue. Case of beer if someone has found it and gives it back
  18. bear the bear

    FSA Afterburner 386 Crankset

    Has anyone any feedback on these yet? After the race at the weekend (8hr) and not using the dog all race I sorely tempted to ditch it for something smaller. The entire time was spent on the 22/32 and not using the entire range at the back due to x-chaining. I have looked at the SRAM XX cranks...
  19. bear the bear

    2010 Upcoming Races Thread

    Time to start a new thread for this year. So yay or nay? Will anyone actually turn up after last years series? Information, speculation and rumors welcome ;)
  20. bear the bear

    Just what the world needs...another fu^ken standard

    From more 2x9 = good! another standard = bad!