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  1. sane

    4 bolt 82 bcd nw chainring

    Item: 82 bcd nw chainring 32/ 34t Location: Melbs Price range/Willing to Pay: Extra Info: FSA what were you thinking
  2. sane

    VIC Sorted Busted Sram 11spd mech with intact cage

    Altercation with a stick the other day means a new mech unless someone has a mashed one in the parts bin. Thought it might be worth an ask Item: 11spd xx1/ x01 derailleur, broken is fine, just need the cage to be good, outer plate specifically Location: Melb Price range/Willing to Pay...
  3. sane

    XTR M985 levers or similar

    Item: Shimano m985 levers or similar Location: Melbourne Price range/Willing to Pay: Extra Info: I’m thinking almost any Shimano levers will play nice with the 985 calipers I have, feel free to correct me. XT/ XTR would be great
  4. sane


    Item: Found, cheers Location: Melb Price range/Willing to Pay: Yes Extra Info: I will be machining the steerer interface out ~1.5mm so will need to have plenty of material to work with there
  5. sane

    Sold Saddles, Specialized & Fabric

    Item: sold Location: Melb Item Condition: small scuffs at the back as pictured, great otherwise Reason for selling: No use Price and price conditions: $50 posted Extra Info: Pictures: Item: Fabric Scoop shallow Ti grey Location: Melb Item Condition: New take off Reason for selling: No use...
  6. sane

    Sold Rockshox Monarch Plus RC3 Debonair MM 200x51

    Item: RS Monarch + RC3 Deb, 200x51 MM tune Location: Melb Item Condition: Great used condition Reason for selling: No use Price and price conditions: $300 posted Extra Info: Mounting hardware will be removed. If you happen to have a SC something could be worked out. Pictures:
  7. sane

    Light duty 29"/ 700c wheels

    Item: 29/ 700 wheels 15x100 142x12 Location: Melb Price range/Willing to Pay: Extra Info: Looking for a wheelset for the gravel bike & making the assumption that 29"=700c. XC weight, don't need to be wide, looking for something decent like Hope etc
  8. sane


    Hey all, heading to Fiji soon & will take the bike if there's any ST to be had. Google is giving me nothing inspiring, perhaps someone out there has had some first hand experience. Staying near the Koroyanitu NP. Not looking good at this stage but I do have the option of taking a gravel bike...
  9. sane

    Beechworth/ Yack

    Heading to Beechworth this weekend with the bike. First time riding in the area so any suggestions/ trail conditions/ local knowledge would be great. Yes, I've already read up on the relevant websites & checked out trail maps. I'm also wondering if we should make time to head over to...
  10. sane

    all sold

    Item: Sold Location: Melb Item Condition: Basically new, maybe 3 rides old, pics Reason for selling: Arse compatibility Price and price conditions: $80 posted Extra Info: Ti rails, 217g Item: WTB Silverado Team Syndicate Location: Melb Item Condition: Very good, pics Reason for...
  11. sane


    Just decided on a last minute family weekend in Castlemaine this weekend & want to hit up Pineys on Sat morning. Pretty much everything I have read points out how confusing it can be & how easy it is to get lost. Any suggestions for a first timer, any shop rides head out on Saturdays?
  12. sane

    commuter grade disc brake RH lever/ front

    Item: commuter grade hydro disc brake RH lever/ front Location: Melb Price range/Willing to Pay: <3k Extra Info: for a commuter sort of thing, replacing a fecked Hayes Stroker to give you an idea of where I'm at
  13. sane


    Item: 24" front wheel with disc hub, qr or 10mm. For a hack commuter, but straight would be nice Location: Melb Price and price conditions: it all depends Extra Info: Yes, I'm expecting 24" to become the next new standard
  14. sane


    Items: 50mm or less reach stems, 31.8 clamp. 165mm or less length cranks, 104 bcd, 68/ 73mm bb Location: Melbs Price and price conditions: For 2 kids' builds, not looking to spend a lot Extra Info: Have a RF external bb installed at present, cranks to suit would be ideal
  15. sane

    Another attempt at the 5" trail bike

    Been on this for about 6 months now. My previous Yeti had a few durability issues. Great frame, but more suited to Melbourne's climate than where I live right now. Then there's that thing with Yetis where you meet a few others out there on the trails, frothing over turquoise stuff, & before...
  16. sane

    The mid life crisis bike

    Realising I was getting old last year I decided to do the logical a DJ bike. Partly to keep off muddy trails in "winter" & partly an eejit It's actually quite fun
  17. sane


    I am having trouble with water collecting in the BB shell of my 5. Riding conditions are very wet atm for me & I have managed to spit out 3 sets of BB bearings recently due to water pooling in the shell. Looking for a practical way of draining this after washing that I have not considered...
  18. sane

    Another case of traps set on trails?

    Just read this, apparently another case of someone setting traps to keep cyclists out of a certain area. I don't know the area, I guess someone on here does. Is it a MTB spot...
  19. sane


    Hey all, just been talking to a mate who had his bike stolen recently & been going over some specs for the replacement. At some point, he paused & started talking about the amount of $ spent vs number of kms used. I would consider him to be a very frequent rider, several times a week...
  20. sane

    Does anyone rotate their frame pivot bearings?

    My current frame bearings have not lasted as long as I would hope. Bearings are designed to rotate 360 degrees, but in a pivot situation they are only moving a fraction of that, repeatedly. This will most likely accelerate wear. Does anyone out there rotate bearings periodically to spread...