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  1. BizL

    Sold SOLD

    Item: Black Banshee Spitfire Location: Longford, TASMANIA Item Condition: Used but Perfect Reason for selling: No longer riding enough. Price and price conditions: $3500, Neg. Extra Info:Large black Banshee Spitfire. XT 11 speed. Rockshox Pikes. KV 150mm dropper. LightBicycle carbon 27.5...
  2. BizL

    FOUND: Shimano 203mm rotors? Thanx

    Hey folks. Does any one have a 203mm 6 bolt shimano rotor in good condition they don't want. [emoji41]
  3. BizL

    WTB 27.5 wheelset.

    Hey gang. I'm looking for a nice set of wheels to go on my (pending) spitty. Hope or similar hubs and wide(ish) rims. What's about? Greg
  4. BizL

    160mm 27.5 forks

    I'm having some thoughts of upgrading from my 2011 reign to a banshee spitfire thats for sale on here. Whats everyones thoughts of a fork setup for the spitty? Do i lash out on Pikes or take the budget option of X-fusions or Some Marz 350cr's? I've got the rest of the build pretty much...
  5. BizL

    TAS SOLD: Crank Bros Mallet DH for Sale

    Item: Crank Brothers Mallet DH pedals Location: Launceston TAS Item Condition: Excellent (a few little scapes only) Reason for selling: Prefer Flats Price and price conditions: $100 including postage Extra Info: Used twice, too much of a spaz to ride clipped in. Pictures: Yes sir
  6. BizL

    Delete Please

    Delete please
  7. BizL

    New Trails in Tassie.

    Hey guys, I'm sure some of you know, but theres a new MTB park opening in the north of Tasmania tomorrow. Its in the Hollybank Forest Reserve. I used to work there as a tour guide on the zipline system. Theres about 20km of new trails as well as refurbishment of existing trails and a...
  8. BizL

    Bmx crankset for my stp

    Hey guys. I'm keen to setup my STP with a bmx crankset. It's got a 68mm bb. Any advise? Cheers. Sent from my iPhing using Tapatalk
  9. BizL

    2011 Reign 0

    Hey guys, Here is a few pics of my Reign. Large frame, full xt groupset with Raceface NW 32tooth and OneUp 40t and 16t on the rear, Just put a new XT shadow+out back too. Mallet DH pedals, Rockshox dropper, Chromag Bars.
  10. BizL

    New 20mm hub.

    Hey guys, I'm looking at getting rid of my fox 32mm forks and getting some 36's with a 20mm axel (cause i weigh 100kg at 190cm). I currently have XT tubeless rims with a 15mm xt hub. I'm thinking a Zee hub? about how much would it cost to get the wheel rebuilt with this hub? Cheers Greg
  11. BizL

    Brakes for DJ bike?

    Hey gang, I'm looking for a new set of brakes for my DJ bike. I want a full set, front and back, I'll be running the front brake line through the head tube with a gravity cap. Any advise please? Cheers
  12. BizL

    WTB DJ forks

    Item: Dirt Jump Front sus forks Location: anywhere if you wil post. Item Condition: good please Reason for selling: old ones are rooted Price and price conditions: what ya got? Extra Info: 1 1/8 steerer, to go on giant stp Pictures: Hey gang, I'm looking for some dj forks. The...
  13. BizL

    Jumps around Launceston TAS

    Hey Guys, Any advise about jumps around Launceston, TAS? Cheers Greg
  14. BizL

    Tassie Crew?

    Hey guys, Who else is from Tassie on here?
  15. BizL

    Crank Brothers Mallet DH

    Hey Gang, Has anyone had much experience with the crank bros mallet dh's? I used to ride the old red shimano DX spd's back when i was a lad and am wonder what would be a good equivalent to them these days. I quite like to look of the Mallet DH. At the moment I am riding flats. Cheers Greg
  16. BizL

    Hi from Launceston, Tas

    Hey Gang, Just thought I'd pop in and say hello. I'm Greg from Launceston, riding a 2011 Giant Reign 0. I also have a Raliegh 2008 XXIX single speed rigid. I used to ride heaps when I was younger but after a move to motorbikes for a few years, I'm back on the pedals. I'll post up some pics...