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  1. FigBo0T

    Found - Tools

    Item: Various bicycle specific tools Location: Western Sydney Price range/Willing to Pay: Cheap, old, used, unwanted ~$50 Extra Info: I need spoke, cone, and pedal spanners, a Shimano bottom bracket open ended type spanner (wrench), square taper crank extractor, probably other bits too. Would...
  2. FigBo0T

    Would You Ride This Trail?

  3. FigBo0T

    STOLEN Klein Mantra stolen from Noosa

    Bike: Klein Mantra 26" Colour: White Date it was stolen: Thurs 20 Feb Where it was stolen: Noosa Junction bus station Specs: looks stock? Manitou SX fork, Oury grips (mum probably doesn't know) Other Descriptions: found this on bookface and thought it should be shared (read the story) Pictures:
  4. FigBo0T

    Darling Of The Hip Set

    Fashion And Fame. A place to share the good, bad, mediocre, and horrific developments in MTB fashion. I was looking for an appropriate place to share this important news in the up-cycling fashion world. Tubes and tyres as belts and wallets .... I'd risk copping the 'hipster' tag for a tyre...
  5. FigBo0T

    Thredbo Super Enduro 2020

    Figured I'd start a thread. I know a few burners are going, and I'm keen to hear all about it. Plus, I just saw an ad on bookface asking for volunteer marshalls for the event, which needs to be shared. Pretty sweet offer (a bike and lift ticket for each day that you marshall)...
  6. FigBo0T

    NSW V-brakes, 8sp, DJ3, saddles, frame, crap

    Will post at buyers expense. Everything is negotiable. Item: Shimano Deore F shifter and derailleur Location: Oakville Item Condition: Used, dirty, good condition Reason for selling: Excess Price and price conditions: $5 Extra Info: off '03-'04 bike Pictures: Item: V brake...
  7. FigBo0T

    Canyon Targeted by "Massive Cyber Attack" Over Christmas Period

    I don't know if everyone reads Pinkbike, so thought I'd share this. It might affect some burners.
  8. FigBo0T

    Harry Schofield - 9 y.o shredder

    I think this little fella deserves his own thread.
  9. FigBo0T

    Manitou Swinger 4 way questions

    I'm playing with one on a '96 SC Heckler. Can anybody explain the differences between 3-way, 4-way, and 6-way? I've done a couple of hours searching, including a few threads here, but haven't found a real explanation. I was going to ask how to set the thing up too, but finally found a good...
  10. FigBo0T

    Disc brakes on road bike?

    Stupid Question Time. Why hasn't it happened? Any theories?
  11. FigBo0T

    The Mutt - DunCon Amstaff 2005

    I picked up the frame and fork in a Facebook ad. The seller had them in storage for ten years. The story being that they were given to him by a friend pro DH rider, who won the frame in a race. This is Muttley, mocked up for a photo Frame - Duncon Amstaff 4 cross/ freeride - 2005 Rear...
  12. FigBo0T

    Budget Bush Basher Build

    Purists be warned! I couldn't find the 'Endless List of Stupid Questions' thread, so I thought I'd try here. I need help. o_O I also need some basic (and advanced) bike building advice. I have done most things at least once, but my knowledge of brands, systems, and their compatibility, is...
  13. FigBo0T

    Gitane duallie relic - worth saving?

    I saw this while trawling the dark corners of the interwebz. For sale locally for peanuts. This is the only image. I can't find any info online about Gitane duallies. Anyone know what it is? It looks like it could have potential .... Is it worth a resurrection?
  14. FigBo0T

    Octane One Void 3.0 Custom build.

    I bought this from the guy who built it. He's busted his hand. 5 rides old. I'm not about to start serious dirt jumping, but couldn't resist at such a good price. It's fun to ride. Solid, really well balanced, a bit weighty, but smooth in flight and landing. Flowy. I bought it for the wheel set...
  15. FigBo0T

    NSW [found]

    Wanted Item: 26" Front wheel. MTB. V brake compatible. Something strong. My Location: Windsor area, Sydney. Item Condition: Straight and usable with good hub. Looks are not really important. Reason for wanting: Want now. Hard to find online. Price and price conditions: ???? You tell me...
  16. FigBo0T

    Back on the bike. Hawkesbury, NSW.

    G'day all. I live in the glorious Hawkesbury district. I'm pushing 45 and last rode 6 or 7 years ago. I sold my steel Mongoose dirt jump/trail basher due to ongoing back problems. I had those surgically reconditioned about 18 months ago, and after recently finding this forum through a link on...