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  1. bear the bear

    Choosing the correct saddle bum ouchy

    Looks familar...
  2. bear the bear

    90mm stem

    Will look when I get home tonight for you
  3. bear the bear

    Choosing the correct saddle bum ouchy

    Worth a watch about saddles
  4. bear the bear

    Regular rides

    Already been out with the wife for an hour and a half. Was very unpleasant! Wet, cold, and windy
  5. bear the bear

    Rear Wheel. Spokes Detensioning. Creaking noise under braking or climbing.

    Are you a wide boy? ( No offence intended) They appear to be a 24 spoke wheel which is light on for larger blokes....
  6. bear the bear

    The last movie you've last watched last

    Gemini Man 6.5/10 age-effected graphics as are getting much betterer
  7. bear the bear

    Little Things You Love

    On the end of the right bar end... oldskool
  8. bear the bear

    DT Swiss 350 QR-135 rear end caps

    I may. Let me check later today.
  9. bear the bear

    Have Mountain Bikers become the new Motards?

    Having ridden way too many 24hrs there, I can actually chart the changes in trail conditions with some accuracy against time. Unfortunately, medium corners and minor rock obstacles have been removed in the sake of making it beginner/ family-friendly. Whilst I am not totally against the concept...
  10. bear the bear

    What did you do TO / WITH / FOR your bike today!

    More underbiking with the wife. She wasn't impressed with the 20% laneway towards the end... with a ranger gate... and loose gravel
  11. bear the bear

    Praxis alba compartible power meter
  12. bear the bear


    Decided this was the best place for it
  13. bear the bear

    Small form drink bottles for smaller frames

    We run these on all the bikes, Arundel sideloader/ other sideloader. Never lost a bottle. There are other brands such as Bontrager and Specialized that do something similar
  14. bear the bear

    Skewing the olive

    Hard to let. The photo was a little fuzzy and light a bit bright. If the bore was oval, the nut would be an absolute pain to get in. Can you screw it in partially with your fingers?
  15. bear the bear

    Skewing the olive

    My only other thought is, are you inserting the hose far enough into the lever to allow the olive to crush behind the barb head?
  16. bear the bear

    Skewing the olive

    Just checked, I have 3mm of thread showing on mine which appears similar to the photo
  17. bear the bear

    Praxis alba compartible power meter

    Won't fit, SRAM now own Quarq and don't play nicely with others. Praxis has worked with Infocrank for a powermeter with their cranks.
  18. bear the bear

    Skewing the olive

    You might want to read this... I suggest page 41 might be a good place to start. If it is a replacement lever with sealing cap, it is pre-filled and there is an olive already installed in the lever.
  19. bear the bear

    Skewing the olive

    As entertaining as the last 6 pages have been, @DMan can you please post: -Photo of the lever looking into the bore; -Photo of the assembled lever with the hose fitted.