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  1. Spanky_Ham

    Put your 2020 Cycling New Years Resolutions in here...

    So you can look back in twelve months and think..... sh*t, not even close or Pissed it in..... S
  2. Spanky_Ham

    OK, say some fat knob head has been away from Australia/NSW for a while

    Bring the porcinated one up to speed on what has changed in Australia, focusing on Sydney in the past 7 years.... The fat stain is a week away from returning to Aus... could of used google, but farkin (oops Rotorburn) is the most trusted fake news outlet in Aus.... The porcinated one... S...
  3. Spanky_Ham


    OK... This is totally off porcine skin..... but unfortunately the fat fwark is is need of some help... and He will brew the beer when he returns; partial payment. The fat meat sock has a job offer back in shitney.... Japanese wife of two years..... anyone to help Gladly repaid S
  4. Spanky_Ham

    Car nuts.... the smoked bacon one needs your help

    A local car repair/service shop always has weird and wonderful cars..... anyone know what this is?? it's a zagato milano - but the fat fwarkers google fu has failed him and spanky aint impressed. This car repair/service shop always has strange...
  5. Spanky_Ham

    strange question from the eternally fwark pig.... anyone got an opinion on Darra QLD?

    As mentioned..... if you live in or around here, the fat porcine one would love to hear your opinion on livability.... if you're just trolling the pig, the bacon enclosed one has a dry nutsack that needs moisturizing.... The meat sack has no idea about QLD or Brisbane.. s
  6. Spanky_Ham

    Specialized Sequoia

    Not sure this is the right area to post this, but is anyone else riding a Specialized Sequoia.... Yes, those who have a problem with Specialized can go stand over there... just on the X... S
  7. Spanky_Ham

    First time in about 35 years.....

    After 35 years, the pig has a new bike.... so freakn stoked first new bike Malvern star Dragster... it's OK to feel jealous.... and now yes, yes, I'm leaving the reflectors on it... The pig and I live in the middle of Tokyo and most getting home from work is in the dark at...
  8. Spanky_Ham

    Spanky in Japan III, this time with a bike

    Hey, Thanks for dropping by, this will be a short collection of f*ck ups that the pig gets himself into on this trip. So, current situation... The pig left sydney three days ago (really only three days ago) and is with a surly long haul trucker, tent and shit.... cycling around japan...
  9. Spanky_Ham

    Spanky wants a Road Touring Bike... FOUND.

    Item: One of them fandangled road bicycles that can carry stuff. With them panniers (we think that's what they're called). Medium Pig Sized Location: It will probably be in your garage, needs transferance to the pigs room. He sleeps in sydney NSW Price range/Willing to Pay: Well.... be...
  10. Spanky_Ham

    Spin Rims - SOLD

    Item: Spin Wheelset Location: Western Sydney Item Condition: They're spin rims.... see below for more information Reason for selling: Clearing up the garage, and will be really sorry to see these go Price and price conditions: $150 + postage and handling and chiko tax Extra Info: OK, got...
  11. Spanky_Ham

    Fox RP23 7.875 x 2.0 (200mmx51mm)

    Item: 7.875 x 2.0 air shock, prefer RP23. Location: where ever.... if your willing to send it? Price range/Willing to Pay: Depends on state of shock.... couple-o- hundred... Extra Info: Needs to be an airshock, cannot be coil over, no matter how well f*cking wicked it is... Call the pig...
  12. Spanky_Ham

    Spanky in Japan...

    OK, basically decided over morning coffee to jump on internet and book a holiday… now in Japan on said holiday…. Flight out of Sydney to Cairns was boring, but only a few hours, the plane trip from Cairns to Osaka was too long… well, for us Arrived In Osaka and made way to hostel...
  13. Spanky_Ham

    Can this SRAM X0 Derailler be fixed?

    If so.. please tell spanky how.... to the untrained pigs optics.. looks like just the 'cage' has been fuxorred, due to a stick trying to intersect the RD's relative position in time and space... as you can see... the stick won... any suggestions on repairs? places to get spares? 'elp s
  14. Spanky_Ham

    Any Rotorburners teach High School Science??

    Yeah, odd request from the pre smoked bacon one.... Looking for any Rotorburners that are currently teaching science in secondary school / high school??? anyone..... bueller, bueller, bueller.... s and S
  15. Spanky_Ham

    WTB- Hadley Front QR Axle

    [b]Item: [/b] Hadley Front Hub QC Axle kit conversion thing-a-ma-jig [b]Location: [/b] Where ever.... the mail will transport it [b]Price range/Willing to Pay:[/b] up to $50 or 17.85 chiko rolls [b]Extra Info:[/b] Willing to trade for a 20mm through axle kit thing-a-ma-jig note...
  16. Spanky_Ham

    Hope DH-4 Brake Pads

    [b]Item: [/b] Hope DH-4 Brake Pads [b]Location: [/b] Anywhere, even if you know of a bike shop with a set! [b]Price range/Willing to Pay:[/b] What they cost? [b]Extra Info:[/b] Spanky's got a set on order, but they is taking their sweet arsed time to get to the spanky dome.. just tryin to help a...
  17. Spanky_Ham

    Farkin up the World... one step at a time - COMPLETE

    A hoi hoi there Rotoburnians.... Spanky has a small request to ask of the rotoburnian community for help! and it goes a little something like this..... In the last few years, while spanky has gone riding in the local boondogs he's occasionally runs into Darius...Darius is a HUGE person...
  18. Spanky_Ham

    Pig v Duck. Duck 1 - Pig 0

    Need a laugh.... Spankys Sunday Spanky had been watching a ride develop on the Turgid Riders thread, and I'd given him permission to go along...So Spanky jumped out of bed before dawn got his kit on and went out in the dark got his yeti from the garage and put it with his bag/helmet/gloves in...
  19. Spanky_Ham

    Hope Mono Mini's - FOUND!

    Item: Hope Mono Mini Brakes.. front, back... set? Location: Send to sydney, if you've got any to sell to spanky Price range/Willing to Pay: ? $300 a set? willing to haggle Extra Info: cheetahs can run real fast...thankfully cheetos can't, and are yummy
  20. Spanky_Ham

    BMX NOT on TV tonight 26/3/09, never believe the internet.

    IT APPEARS THIS PROGRAM WILL NOT BE SHOWN AT THE TIME SPANKY WAS ADVISED IT WILL BE ON.... SORRY FOR THE CONFUSION. fuck you channel ten for getting spanky's hopes up Just perusing the TV guide, when we stumbled across this... Tread BMX 6.35pm – 7pm One Digital Thursday 26 March...