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    FOUND 2 or 4 NEW 11 speed chain links

    Item full name and model etc. 2 or 4 new chain links in an 11 speed (SRAM preferred) Location Hobart Item condition description NEW Price and price conditions A couple of bucks? This isn't going to fly.....
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    How many extra links to start with for the chain (11 speed)

    Howdy, I'm going from the following on a Santa Cruz Tallboy LT: 32 tooth chain ring 11-42 cassette to 30 tooth chain ring 11-50 cassettee How many extra links should I start with?
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    Wolftooth Goatlink bolt replacement

    Hi All, Does anyone know where an equivalent to: can be found? The cost to buy one with shipping puts me well on the way to buying a new Goatlink. It's an M10 1mm pitch bolt. Cheers
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    Identify a Specialized Seat

    Hi Gang, My ass likes this seat, and I'm putting together a Surge Evo (hardtail), so I'd like to find another of this seat. Could you help identify it please? Cheers
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    FOUND Schwalbe Big Betty UST 26x2.4

    Item: Schwalbe Big Betty UST 26x2.4 Location: Hobart Item Condition: Usable Price and price conditions: $50??? Extra Info: Old man back means a big fat tyre out back for my hard tail
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    NS Surge Evo frame in Large (17")

    Item: NS Surge Evo frame in Large (17") Location: Perth, WA Item Condition:Not stuffed Cheers, Justin
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    26" full suspension frame in large (to fit ~179cm me!)

    Item: Large 26" frame with shock and possibly fork (120-150mm rear travel). Location: Perth, WA Price range/Willing to Pay:$400 Extra Info:My 2005 Heckler is a medium and just to small as I'm 179cm, so need frame/shock/maybe fork to swap all my bits over to. QR rear please.
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    Something like a Pike 454 (20mm maxle 100-140mm travel and 26")

    Item: Pike 454 or similar fork with 20mm maxle and 26", and an be straight or tapered. Location: Perth, Western Australia Price range/Willing to Pay: $200+ Extra Info: I am looking for a fork I can ideally adjust on the fly from 100 to 140mm that is air (can live with coil though), has a...
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    2000ish Marzochhi Bomber Z1 Preload adjuster query

    Hi All, My 2000ish Marzocchi Z1s are having some dampening issues, so I opened them up to find a metal tube on one leg, and not the other (pulled the dampening adjusters). The picture shows the tube. Should there be a tube on both sides, or no tube at all? Looking at the manual indicates...
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    27.5" fork, tapered, 120-150mm travel and a 20mm axle

    So brains trust can you help me out? I need the following: Tapered fork (I could live with a straight jobbie) 27.5" wheel size Travel anywhere from 120-150mm A 20mm axle. It's all for a potential British steel hard tail build :)
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    175mm STX RC left hand crank

    Item: 175mm STX RC left hand crank Location: Perth Price range/Willing to Pay: $20 Extra Info:I have the four bolt cranks with the spider, so it is the spiderless side I need
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    WA 140 mm six bolt disc

    Item: 140 mm six bolt disc Location: Perth Price range/Willing to Pay:$20 Extra Info::mullet:
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    All posts needing admin approval

    Hi Admins, all of my posts are coming up saying they need to be approved by an admin. I used to be able to post.... Help please :)