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  1. pink poodle

    NSW TLD green+yellow jersey

    Item: Troy Lee Designs jersey green and yellow. Size XL. Price: $40 including postage Location: Australia Post Australia wide Condition: practically new...purchased a while back I rode in this once and found it a little small. No no no, not because of my mega muscles or bulging stomach! It...
  2. pink poodle

    Pantera calle

    It's been a while coming...this is the evolution of my daily driver.
  3. pink poodle

    Poodle's slow train to nowhere - Transition Scout

    With a frame purchase receipt from late October 2018, this is the slowest build I have ever had. It all started when some arsehole stole my beloved Pivot m4x, for the second time. They were such fun bikes. This unfortunate event left me needing a versatile bike that would be able to ride street...
  4. pink poodle

    Centrelink registration for COVID-19 support

    How to register for Centrelink COVID-19 payments online If you need some government assistance to make it through the COVID-19 meltdown (also know at the 2020 toilet paper crisis), Centrelink's online registration process starts are here...
  5. pink poodle

    Strange tips for strange times...

    Wondering how to survive in these uncertain times? Got a handy hint for keeping sane? Need a hand with something? Just want a laugh because everywhere else you look is grim? Then this thread might be for you. Fight off cabin fever with a virtual escape. If you want to talk serious about the...
  6. pink poodle

    International Da Bomb SCG Recoil chain guide ISCG05

    Item: DA Bomb SCG Recoil chain guide, ISCG05, 30 to 36 tooth rings Location: postage only, sent from newcastle Item Condition: brand new and never used Reason for selling: came with a bike but I prefer a full guide. Price and price conditions: $45.00 posted Australia wide, or best offer... Extra...
  7. pink poodle

    Sold this fucker is solved! WTB - stem (short reach)

    Item: stem Size: 1 1/8 steerer, lower the stack height the better, reach 45mm or less, clamp size 31.8mm or 25.4mm (did I get that right? The skinny version of my bars). Location: post or pick up around Newcastle, Lake Macquarie, Central Coast, or Sydney. Price: always a sensitive issue...lower...
  8. pink poodle

    International fox rear shock spring 300x3.25 $35 (posted)

    Item: Fox spring 300x3.25 to suit DHX/RC4 type shock absorbers. Price: $35 posted (very flexible on this one get those offers pumping in!) Condition: found it in the a box...generally pretty good, a little superficial paint loss if you look hard enough. Reason for sale...
  9. pink poodle

    Short travel dual suspension frames for the modern huckwit

    Some of you may have heard, I have been coerced into buying a new bike. My beloved slope style and xxxx bike has been taken from me and they aren't easy to come by at the moment. So I'm giving some consideration to other short travel dual suspension frames that might suit? The leading contenders...
  10. pink poodle

    Helmets for the casual huckwit

    So I'm up for a new full face thanks to playing the fool on Monday. I ride for fun, hit moderate sized obstacles, no racing, and you bet I know how to sweat! So I'm looking for plenty of protection + light weight + well ventilated. The benchmark for me at the moment is the fox proframe. But what...
  11. pink poodle

    STOLEN Pivot M4X

    That's right folks, some arsehole stole my bike between about 5:00pm and 6:15pm while I was working. It was locked up in Wheeler Place, Newcastle. I found the lock in a lane way near by, with a neat cut through it, but there was no sign of the perpetrator/s. A photo is below for your visual...
  12. pink poodle

    Free Ride Redux - Deluxe Edition

    Mountain biking is a journey, often an expensive one. With suppliers offering so many fresh ideas about what a bike should be and how it should be ridden, I was faced with the ever present need to consume! I mean stay modern... So I joined the KLF and burnt up a big pile of cash on an all...
  13. pink poodle

    Frozen vs fresh vegetables and fruit

    Well folks time for a no holds barred bro science battle royal, which is the more nutritious?
  14. pink poodle

    Making the switch - help me pick a 29er

    I'm turning 40 this year so I think it is time to call it a day on the downhill/freeride life style, it's just too risky with injuries and so on with little glory in return at this age. Plus I think I need to give my fitness a boost! So looking for a bike that is something like this: - good for...
  15. pink poodle

    The new platform...

    Well this new format is going to take some getting used too! But let's not confuse familiarity with perfection. I have a few things I like about the new and a few things I miss about the old. I thought a space to discuss such things may lead to some great fine tuning of the forum. I dig that...
  16. pink poodle

    sold sold sold Medium or large frame with 1.5 head tube hard tail to 180mm travel

    Item: medium or large sized frame with 1.5 head tube and 180mm rear travel or less, even a hard tail. I am not after a big dh frame. 142x12 drop outs are preferred, 150x12 certainly accepted. 135x12 I guess I could do it. 135x10 unlikely but will be considered. Location : anywhere if you have...
  17. pink poodle

    Home renovations

    It seems that a few people on here have experience with home renovations and there are others with abundant trade experiences too, so I thought perhaps a thread to share handy tips for getting things done around the house might not be out of place. To get the ball rolling, I am likely to be...
  18. pink poodle

    Suspension testing One less straight steerer fork in the name of science.
  19. pink poodle

    Old school (2007?) Canfield Bros Balance give away

    A few years ago I owned a Canfield Bros Balance. This was the chromo cfront triangle, 26 inch wheeled, free ride and slope style machine edition...not the newer all mountain gravity rig. Anyway I'm having a bit of a clean up (read as trying to find a small bike part I'm sure I have) and I found...
  20. pink poodle

    Hornsby Jumps

    Does anybody have any feedback on the matter?