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    I'm all good, just whenever :)
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    It's called fashion Karen, look it up

    I asked my 7yo daughter. She said you should have a contrasting colour, black it is;)
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    AM Norco Torrent 7.1 <$1k Build Challenge

    You'll have a heap of fun with that!
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    Deore 12 speed

    I have 11 speed SLX with an 11-50 Sunrace cassette. It works, but isn't ideal. It really needs a Goat Link or similar.
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    VIC Pay what you like sale

    $10 for the seat. Carbon fibre will make .001785478% faster on my daily commute!
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    26" Tyres

    As an owner of two NS 26" hardtails, this news is fantastic!
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    TAS Found

    Sorry, no spare rear shifters :(
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    TAS Found

    I'll look tonight for a shifter. I should have a spare. It's a normal bar clamp as well.
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    I'll grab the stem and pedals if you still have them?
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    Old school vs new school geometry / riding

    After I installed the 2 degree Angleset on my 2014 Tallboy LT, I noticed I started putting more weight on my front wheel and it REALLY helped with cornering. I'm still a bit "ass over the set", but I live in Tassie and everything is bloody steep and I'm a hack :p
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    Reverb dropper servicing - Anyone in Melbourne available?

    Let all of the air out, then pump it back up and bleed it. Ask me how I figured this out....
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    Narrow wide chainrings - the best of them....

    I've had/got Raceface and $20 Ebay jobbies. No real difference and have never dropped a chain with either.
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    Why are roadies mechanically inept?

    The dickhead thread is strong here (I've almost put myself in it), so.....
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    Have you actually ridden it? I had issues getting the 11-50 11 speed cassette working on my bike. I got it close, rode it and it was fine, put it back on the stand and it was a bit cranky...
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    How many extra links to start with for the chain (11 speed)

    They still make an 11 speed specific Goat Link, but that is $45 plus shipping.
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    How many extra links to start with for the chain (11 speed)

    Boom, some more fiddling with the B screw and it's all hookers and blow! Aired up the shock, went up and down my street (it's steep) and shifting endlessly and it's all good. It actually shifts a lot better on the road than the stand. Now to test it all on Sunday at the Glenorchy MTB Park :)...
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    How many extra links to start with for the chain (11 speed)

    I'd say a long cage. Will fiddle again. It was a bit tight in the 50t with less links, but good in the 11. Since adding the links it is good in the 50 fully compresses, but ass in the 11. Might drop a link out...
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    Crank length and angle headsets (or 2 questions, 1 thread)

    My tallboy LT has a 2 degree Works Angleset, and I rate it highly. I live in Tassie so every bloody thing is steep and it has helped immensely with confidence on the bike. Oddly enough it has helped cornering the most as I find I'm happy to put more weight towards the front. If it's a decent...
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    How many extra links to start with for the chain (11 speed)

    So added some links and another quick link. The bike has had the air let out of the rear shock and I've compressed it with the 50. As you can also see in the 11 tooth the damn thing is past horizontal and rubs.