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  1. bradh

    VIC 440-445mm (26" 100mm suspension-corrected) carbon rigid fork

    Item: Carbon rigid fork w/ 440-445mm A-C (i.e., 26" 100mm suspension-corrected) Location: I'm in Melbourne, happy to pay for postage Price range/Willing to Pay: up to $140 landed for something in EC (i can buy on-one new for $180 landed), cheaper preferred Extra Info: Nope. Thanks!
  2. bradh

    VIC sold

    sold ..............
  3. bradh

    VIC Sold

    Sold .........
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    VIC sold

  5. bradh

    VIC Sold

    Sold ................
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    VIC Sold

    Sold ............
  7. bradh

    VIC Sold

  8. bradh

    My 1" black King NoThreadSet for your 1" silver King GripNut or 2Nut headset

    It's a long shot, but here goes... What: I'd like to trade my 1" black King NoThreadSet for your 1" silver King GripNut or 2Nut headset. Price range/Willing to Pay: Straight swap. Location: I'm in Melbourne, but am happy to swap via post. Extra Info: My NoThreadSet is in excellent condition...
  9. bradh

    Cannondale DHF '98

    I was browsing eBay whilst eating breakfast this morning, and happened upon this listing. I figured others may appreciate it: Pics from listing are reproduced...
  10. bradh

    Road bikes are good.

    Who would have thought? :) I just thought I'd share a quick story: I bought a road bike late last week (a Columbus SLX-tubed frame, probably late-80s/early-90s vintage, made by an Aussie builder, Lawson — if anyone knows anything about them, even which state they're in, I'd love to...
  11. bradh

    Advice on road frame sizing, please...?

    I was hoping that someone with more experience with skinny-tyred machines than myself might be able to help me out. I'm looking to buy a second-hand road bike, because my physio tells me I'm supposed to be riding more to aid recovery from an ankle injury, and I figured a roadie might be a bit...
  12. bradh

    SOLD, thanks.

    SOLD, thanks.
  13. bradh

    Marz uppers, with alloy 32mm stanchions.

    What: Marzocchi uppers from otherwise farked forks that you might have kicking around. Stanchions must be 32mm. Price range/Willing to Pay: Not too much, but tell me what you've got, and we can talk. Location: Me, Melbourne; you, wherever. (But if you're not in Melbourne, be prepared to provide...
  14. bradh

    "Don't believe the hype" is hype.

    It's not like we need another debate on the relative virtues or iniquities of different suspension designs, which this thread threatens to devolve into, but I just figured others might derive some amusement from the (admittedly self-conscious) bullshit that goes into press releases these days...
  15. bradh

    No longer needed, thanks.

    This is kind of a long shot, but here goes... What: Vintage quill road stem (100–120mm extension, -17° (parallel to ground), to fit 1" steerer and 25.4 or 26.0 bars) Price range/Willing to Pay: Depends on the item. Location: I'm in Melbourne. I don't care where you are. Extra Info: Old...
  16. bradh

    "slightly bent"

    Sorry, I couldn't resist this. And didn't know where else to post it; figured here was as good as any. Found this whilst employing ebay as a procrastination tool: Description reads: “17" bmx rear backspin wheel/rim slightly bent on lip”. I reckon good luck to anyone who tries to get...
  17. bradh

    4-bolt, 104BCD, black, 44T chainring, ramped and pinned.

    What: 4-bolt, 104BCD, black, 44T chainring, ramped and pinned. Price range/Willing to Pay: Not too much. Location: Wherever. Extra Info: Must be in new condition or very near to new. Let me know what you've got. Thanks!
  18. bradh

    new PDC DHer.

    Stolen from pinkbike's Interbike coverage (while I should be working...): Thank god it's less ugly than the DH-one. In fact, it looks farkin hot. Looks like ISCG05 mounts too.
  19. bradh

    Public Service Announcement: Thomson onepointfive stem.

    FYI, Thomson are soon to release a stem to fit onepointfive steerers: pic and news stolen blatantly from* — check out the full article here: *if this is deemed inappropriate, i'll understand if it gets deleted.
  20. bradh


    (Should have posted this yesterday...) I went to the nine inch nails concert in Melbourne on Wednesday night. In short, it fucken rocked. I don't listen to their stuff so much these days, and I don't even have a copy of their new album ( :eek: however, I'm now going to pick up a copy...