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    Shock pressure during inactivity

    As I'm not going to be riding my bikes for the next few months (possibly 6 - 9 in total) what's the view on the best way to look after the shocks and forks during this time? Leave them fully pressured up? Deflate them entirely, or part way? Just sit on them and give them a bounce from time to...
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    Banshee Paradox V3

    Finally got the bike completed, pending just a couple of parts. I'm waiting on a chainguide as well as a dropper post. Those will be with me in the next fortnight and I've got to let my shoulder heal up before getting on it. Over time I've had a range of parts sitting in the garage waiting to be...
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    170mm fork recommendations..

    I'm considering changing out the 160mm Pike on my Remedy for something at 170mm. The Pike is very nice but I'd like something with more adjustability, more supple off the top and generally supportive in fast successive hits. On the rear I'm running Fox Factory X2, but I'm wondering if there's...
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    A new Banshee?

    Of course the answer to this should, in my view, be yes... I saw this on IG yesterday. Seems a new Banshee Paradox is soon to be released. I'm not after a HT but if I were, this would be high on my list from the looks of it.
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    203mm rotor frustrations.

    This may well end up in another thread however I'm having some difficulties fitting a 203mm rotor to my fork without the brakes binding chronically. Fork: Rockshox Lyrik 29" RCT3 Rotor: Shimano 203mm XT deore Brake: Shimano XT M8000 Adaptor: Shimano F 203mm P/PM I'm coming off a 180mm rotor...
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    FOUND Wallet at Lysterfield

    Hi guys I found a wallet at Lysterfield today. Trying to find the owner before taking it to the cop shop later today. FB and LinkedIn coming up with nothing. If you've lost yours PM me and we'll see if this is it.
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    29" wheels... Which ones?

    Hi all, I'm pondering wheels for a bike to suit it and am keen for user perspective. Site reviews can be helpful but it's good to widen the net. The bike Banshee Prime 2018 running 160mm Lyrik and X2. Likely to drop the fork to 150mm. Me 100kgs and 1.93m tall. Happy to climb but I'm...
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    Another Banshee

    So finally my Prime frame arrived yesterday.. A late day in the office, longer commute and all sorts of other things between conspired to delay the build but I'm very happy with how it's turned out. Selecting this frame / build was a long story starting with the demise of my beloved Trek Fuel...
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    Sold BNIB Bontrager Line Elite Boost wheels. 27.5" SOLD

    Hi all, I'm selling my brand new in box, Bontrager Line Elite 30 wheels. They have never been on a bike, or had a rotor / cassette / tyre on them. Front and rear wheel. Boost hub spacing: (f) 110x15 (r) 148x12 27.5 size Alloy rims Shimano driver and 6 bolt rotor set up. 29mm internal diameter...
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    Another which 29" frame / bike.

    Having recently killed my Trek Fuel 29 frame I'm looking at replacements and I must admit I didn't think this would be that hard. Me: 100kgs 193cms tall with 36" inseam (long legs and arms) Riding: Lysterfield but prefer the very limited and select rowdier bits. Redhill, Buxton, Bright, YY's...
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    VIC SOLD! Rockshox Pike RC 650b / 27.5" forks. 100mm x 15mm, 140mm travel plus 150mm

    Item: Brand new Rockshox Pike RC 650b / 27.5" forks. 100mm x 15mm, 140mm travel plus 150mm air shaft Location: Narre Warren North (near Lysterfield) or Melbourne CBD. Item Condition: Brand new, un-used with uncut steerer. Star nut included. Reason for selling: Bought a new bike instead...
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    Remedy 9.8 2017MY

    It's interesting (to me at least) how one's riding requirements evolve over time. When I started this in about 2011 I was riding an old 26" hardtail and loved it. Having given the poor thing a tough life I bought a Superfly FS 29" and absolutely adored it. 110mm r and 100 front suspension at the...
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    Transition Scout - what's the fuss about?

    Provocative title / question I know. I'm in the market for an agile fun rig, I've a 140mm Pike to put on it and see the Scout reviews well. Is it all sunshine and rainbows? It also seems a little costly for something that isn't VPP / DW link especially in Carbon. What am I missing? I'd be...
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    VIC SOLD! Focus Raven 29" Carbon Hardtail. Size Large

    Item: Focus Raven 29" carbon hardtail. Colour, black & grey / silver. Location: Narre Warren North. VIC (near Lysterfield) Item Condition: Used but excellent and well maintained. Reason for selling: Lack of use. Price and price conditions: $2200. Open to discussion within reason. **PRICE...
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    LOST SOLD! Ball Engineering watch - Otway Odyssey

    Hi guys. I was at the race this weekend (loved it by the way!) However I believe I may have left in the VIP parking. This is a long shot and I'm hoping that the event was populated by like minded individuals and someone handed it in / or may have come across it. It's very distinctive...
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    Shimming Fox Boost Valve Shock

    Hi guys. Long story short is that I'm playing with my M5.7 and converting to 650b for a test. Might be worth it, might not. I need to reduce the travel of the shock by 2mm and I'm keen to know if this is a simple home fix, or far more complicated. It's a Fox Kashima Boost Valve RP23 with...
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    VIC 26" wheels 6 bolt rotor - Found / Sold.

    Due to a mishap with my rear wheel, I'm after a set of 26" wheels. Need to be straight, run well and no hops / dings. Item: 26" MTB wheels, reputable brand. 6 bolt rotors. 15mm front 142/12 rear. Location: Melbourne CBD / Lysterfield. Price range/Willing to Pay: depends on wheels...
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    VIC SOLD. Shimano SLX M675 Brakeset + rotors

    Item: Shimano SLX Brakeset. Front and Rear + rotors. Location: Narre Warren North/ Lysterfield or Melbourne CBD pickup. Item Condition: excellent. No crash damage. Very light graze on front brake from putting the bike upside down stupidly. Light rub Mark under the front brake from shifter...
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    SOLD pending payment. Mavic Crossmax SLR 29" wheelset. VIC Melbourne.

    Item: Mavic Crossmax SLR wheels. Location: Melbourne VIC Item Condition: very good / excellent Reason for selling: spare wheels / not being used. Price and price conditions: $575.00 local pick up preferred. Can pack and send interstate at buyer's expense. Extra Info: see below...
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    Rims.. How wide is it worth going?

    After a perspective from those that have jumped on this. I've a 26" rig that can be converted to 27.5" and I'm wondering whether it's worth going wider, when I do so. The question is; How wide is it worth going to? And are the benefits really there? I'm not going carbon as I'm a Clyde and...