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  1. hellmansam

    MotoGP 2020

    Two rounds (Qatar cancelled, Thailand postponed) already affected by the Corona virus. Will COVID-WTF trash this years MotoGP calendar ? I hope not, from a spectator point of view the senior class has been getting steadily better over the last two years. Jack Miller had a good test at Qatar, I...
  2. hellmansam

    RNR Suspension (WA) break in

    A shitload of gear ripped off from some good people RNR Suspension Specialists robbed
  3. hellmansam

    Product Review Altrex Skinz protection film

    Item: Altrex Skinz invisible paint protection film Purchased From: Supercheap Auto Purchase Price (approx): $60 Usage: Protecting the frame from scuffs and scratches Pros - cheaper than purpose made kits, easier to find than 3M Heli tape, can be cut to fit all sorts of shapes, thick and tough...
  4. hellmansam

    AM Dartmoor Primal

    I dunno if AM is really the right genre but it's the closest to Trail so yeah..... Snapped up a frame from the recent clearance sale, bought a few used bits from 'Burners, fork is the OEM 130mm from my Fuel EX. Probably sell it and get another Trace 36 set at 140mm (frame suits 140-160...
  5. hellmansam

    CO2 inflator - good thing ?

    I've never owned one because I don't get punctures :p are they worth having ? what's the best way to buy cartridges - they seem quite expensive
  6. hellmansam

    What should I buy, or what can I buy

    If a person wanted to buy some Boost cranks, it seems the only choice is SRAM. Maybe some of boutique brands have offerings but I'm not keen to cough up $400 for blingy Hope et al cranks that are going to get battered. I like the cost effectiveness of Shimano cranks along with their simplicity...
  7. hellmansam

    Thinking about getting a DJ bike

    With the intention of using it to build my jumping skills and get my legs working on a pump track. What's good vs shithouse in DJ bikes ? I just saw a used Black Market bike pop up for sale, can't see much from the pics supplied other than it has a thru axle on the (Marzocchi ?) fork and the...
  8. hellmansam

    Home brew 104bcd spider

    So I was looking at a couple of Shimano cranksets I have in my parts box and I remembered reading something about you can use non Boost cranks on Boost frames in some instances. The cranks and BB fit ok in the Primal frame but chainline is a bit off. The tabs for the middle and outer chainrings...
  9. hellmansam

    My phat vids

    Some unedited GoPro footage from practice, the squeaking noise is coming from the new Trace fork, will have to get the lowers off for a look. It seems to be working very nicely apart from that. ‘Little Miss Enduro’ at Linga Longa bike park ‘Valley of Dreams/Mirkwood’ at Linga Longa bike park
  10. hellmansam

    Uh oh in my rear shock !

    This prolly belongs in the Fuckwits and/or Stupid questions threads but I couldn’t decide so here goes o_O Changed the volume spacer the other day, had a bit of difficulty doing the air can back up. Went for another change and spotted the end of this poking up from below the nut where the shaft...
  11. hellmansam

    High and low speed compression adjustment - how much

    So I've had two days riding at Linga Longa since the weekend and really liking the Trace 36mm fork. But it's got all these extra knobs and farked if I know how much compression damping is enough, I just put a few clicks on from minimum and concentrated on getting the air pressure and rebound...
  12. hellmansam

    What trail features do you want/need to get better at

    Inspired by rowdyflats thread, I thought of what I’d like to get better at - jumps. Some people make it look so fricken easy,
  13. hellmansam

    Who rides alone ?

    Partially inspired by k3n!f's post about his big off... Who rides alone ? do you think about what would happen if you had a big stack ? Do you put off a ride if you can't round up some company ? This morning I was stoked to have done a bigger (by my standards) drop off than I usually tackle...
  14. hellmansam

    Torpedo 7 leaving Oz

    According the email I got with this link, they are packing up their Oz business to concentrate on NZ...
  15. hellmansam

    Tyre size differences front vs rear

    Been having a read of some tyre threads, and wondering what youse like in terms of tyre sizes - same at each end, bigger on the front, bigger on the back, or whatever you've got handy on the day etc Forks seem to have more room than frames so I'm thinking bigger on the front when I feel the...
  16. hellmansam

    Which elbow and knee pads ?

    Did some searching here and see a few people rate the Dainese Trailskins knee pads, but the threads are quite old. I've only ever used an open face helmet and gloves for protection and am looking to get something for my elbows and knees as I start to get a bit more confident on the FS bike. I...
  17. hellmansam

    Modify stem to suit Knock Block

    Has anyone done this ? To my eyes the required slots don't look big enough to weaken the stem, and it would be nice not to be locked in to buying OEM stems
  18. hellmansam

    Which brake adapter ?

    Far as I can tell these two do the same thing, in a slightly different way The bike has 180mm versions of the second one front and rear, I want to go 203mm rotors front and rear. The...
  19. hellmansam

    Who is at work today ?

    A Merry Christmas to all those doing shift work over the festive season :) Who's working days/nights over Christmas ?
  20. hellmansam

    Bike mount for phone

    So whaddya youse use ? I've been stashing my phone in my camelbak and missed a few unmarked turns because I didn't want to stop and get it out..and sometimes have it in my breast pocket of an LS workshirt I often wear to ride in. Having just updated from an iPhone 4 to an 8, and for once not a...