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  1. tobbogonist

    Best mobile coverage for Strava/fitbit etc

    Good morning, I couldn't find a relevant thread so thought I would start a freshy. Im currently with Vodofone (lived in melb 8 years) and the coverage is atrocious out in the NE of Vic. I drop out constantly, an example of such is below. I'm not a strava racer type madman, I just like to...
  2. tobbogonist

    Rockshox pushloc cable install help

    Alright.. I've been fiddling around with this since 3 this afternoon and the poor dog has missed out on his walk. How do I bloody thread the cable through the pushloc remote? I'm only new here and you have all been great help with the few small questions I've had, I appreciate that immensly, but...
  3. tobbogonist

    Introduction type thingy.

    Hello, I bought a mtb in 2016 after fracturing a vertebrae. Used to ride as a child although discovered mountain unicycling at about 17. Did you know you can get a top of the range unicycle for like 800 bucks.. I could afford that. Ive been kicking about for a while reading what music you...