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  1. discofrank

    long term review : Zerode Taniwha trail

    So most of you will not know i have a Zerode Taniwah gbox bike its actually my 2nd ( after my 1st 1 got stolen just over a year ago :( ) Spec is Zerode Taniwah Trail 27.5 with a 160 fork :p and 9 speed box! i dont need 12 gears! came with a nice fox air shock and cane...
  2. discofrank

    Log book app wanted for shuttle bus

    I currently Drive a Shuttle bus for a local mtb club on the weekends ( not currently due to covid 19 ) in this down time I have been asked to get a log book of sorts happening to help with costings etc we are going to get a nice android tablet to run some POS software ( probably square ) this...
  3. discofrank

    App than will track HR (and cadence if possible ) and export to strava

    any have any clues??? since strava killed ANT + and blue tooth devices as they cant code correctly ( no i cant ) looking for an app on android phone that can do HR and cadence if possible, then upload to strava i cant be assed with a bike computer yet,....
  4. discofrank

    Pulse 02 reading and monitoring

    Ok so i am wanting to track my o2 levels in blood, even against stuff like heart rate ( lung injury etc ) plus when im riding my mountain bike ( i already do HR monitoring via a bike specific computer ) what would you recommend? im quite happy to have a bluetooth device connected to an app...
  5. discofrank

    WA ks Intergra dropper 180mm 31.6 post stealth routing

    b]Item: [/b] ks Intergra dropper 180mm 31.6 post Location: Lesmurdie WA Item Condition: used but good! Reason for selling: shorter dropper installed Price and price conditions: $250 pickup $270 express posted in aus Extra Info: wokrs great! the bar clamp is a bit bent but depending on your setup...
  6. discofrank

    Coil conversion for cane creek helm air forks??? 160mm

    Ok so apparently i can buy a kit or the parts required to turn my cane creek helm air forks into a coil fork now i really cant find any info on the googler :( alli can find was reviews etc can anyone point me in the right direction?
  7. discofrank


    Last night pr in the early hours of this morning my bike was stolen Along with my helmet. 2 cordless drills. 2 hand held walky talkies. A cash drawer and tools Bike is a zerode taniwah Size large 160mm travel 27.5 Lyric fork with luftkape Tld yellow and blue bars Eargon grips Zee brakes...
  8. discofrank

    can you glue or repair vpd armour? poc knee pads

    Ok. I have a set of poc vpd knee pads. The actual pad has torn inside. Is there a way repair this? The outside is still good and this has only happened on 1 of the knee pads
  9. discofrank

    Need a Single speed rear hub, reccomendations please

    Im in the market for some new hoops but 1st off i need some hubs. Having a Zerode Pinion bike i am able to go to a single speed hub on the rear 12 x 142 what are your recommendations? I would like the front hub to be the same brand Maybe straight pull, as i like the look of them too :)
  10. discofrank

    Mini Review : My Zerode Taniwha update post 21 25/1/19

    So after posting here about opinions on gearbox bikes, I had a pm from rod at crankin cycles aka @noskidmarks they had an ex demo Taniwha coming price was set and well i could not help but say no so huge thanks to Rod, after all my emails etc best part was that...
  11. discofrank

    AM My ZERODE TANIFA! ! Only one in WA!

    So after looking for something different and hearing lots of positive news on the zerdoes posting a question here about pinion equipped bikes.. I had a msg from rod from Crankin! ( and a few emails from an overly excited kid! ) im pretty sure i annoyed him! ) we have a frame here for XXX...
  12. discofrank

    Project anyone have experiance with Pinon gearboxes / pinon equipped bikes?

    As above as i have plans for a new bike... :P I am looking into a pinon gearbox ( like the zerodes from NZ but not a zerode ! ) So has anyone ridden a mtb with a pinion box? did you like it? good bad? what about the grip shifter? how did it feel compared to say a normal thumb...
  13. discofrank

    WA WTB, Fox CTD Volume reduces rear shock

    Item : Fox Shox Float Shock Air Volume Reduction Spacer Kit Location : In perth but happy to pay postage Price : you tell me Extra info ummm I need the 9mm shaft for a fox CTD rear shock Cheers Frank
  14. discofrank

    anti seize / grease on new bearings? ???

    Ok so i have the bike apart to install some new enduro bearings! cheers MTB direct now when i go to install them should i put some anti seize or some light grease on the outside to make future removal easier? now this is the 1st time i have done this... i am waiting on a puller to...
  15. discofrank

    how to Soften fox 34 forks?

    Ok so I ride a 2015/16 giant trance, with fox 34's ( FF91007781, Fox Fork 14 34 27.5 140mm ctd ) is the exact fork ( came with the bike as i got it 2nd hand ) average rider nothing special about me now my hands are freaking killing me after rides is it mainly the small and low travel...
  16. discofrank

    WTB, Help me find these elastic tie straps

    Ok so I am trying the find these elastic straps to tie/secure a bikes wheel to a trailer that has been made for shuttles ( i cant change the trailer ) now these ties/straps will do the job but we only have 1! we need at least 20! the 1 we have come from Rotoura in NZ funnily enough they...
  17. discofrank

    WA WTB 27.5 forks 100-120 travel

    ok so i got my SS talon running sweet, the front rockshox cartridge fork is shit so 27.5 fork 100-120mm travel straight steerer ( preferred not essential ) quick release front end around $100 ish? dont really want to spend massive $$
  18. discofrank

    Help me build a singles speed!!!

    So here i am thinking im going to build a nice single speed for riding around after work and to help build strength for the local trails etc now i have NO idea what frames are suitable ( i have been doing research in regards to chain tension etc ) not fussed with a ebb or horizontal...
  19. discofrank

    Issues with Xt rear brake squealing SOLVED SEE POST 35!

    Hey all, need your expert help After bleeding my rear xt brake ( giant trance ) for the 1st time! the other day i went out for a ride and had massive issues with it squealing and barley working bleeding was done from the bleed nipple up, with a syringe and mineral oil pushed from the...
  20. discofrank

    Index/gear tunehelp.. can some one teach me?? Perth WA

    Ok so since going to a shop for a basic service and i only wanted a gear tun on the front 2 x setup the rear is now screwy, I have already been back once and yes a bit better but not what is was as i have never had shifting issues until the shop touched it constantly getting issues where...