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  1. Milpool

    WTB Saddle

    Item: Saddle, probably a WTB Location: Gold Coast Item Condition: Decent Price and price conditions: Let me know Extra Info: I'm after a new saddle and none of the local outlets really have any stock. Hoping someone has a WTB Volt or Pure, possibly a rocket they've taken off a bike. Not after...
  2. Milpool

    FOUND; Shimano Zee 10sp Derailleur

    Item: RD-M640 10 speed Zee Derailleur Location: Gold Coast or will pay postage Item Condition: Working. Seems to be a few new ones up second hand, rather try here before I risk some dodgy gumtree dealing. Price and price conditions: You tell me Extra Info: Derailleur sucks to spell. Mine has a...