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  1. tkdbboy

    Melbourne Burners post Covid meetup - Silvan - Sat 13th June

    So trialled a 500m one I had in mind but have never done before. I usually stick to one area and lap the main trails there. After 5ish dry days, JJs was veeery slippy, LyreLyre was a bit wetter than tacky and Igor/H2F was running great. Forecast has...
  2. tkdbboy

    Brake choice...cura 4, dominion, quadiem gpsec

    I've found discobrakes and uberbike pads to not last as long (I'd say between 1/3 and 1/2) as Hope Sintered pads. I think Hope ones are thicker but I haven't confirmed this. Race Matrix had a bit of extra bite to it but I've gone back to Hope. Slowing down less means I should go faster? o_O
  3. tkdbboy

    2018 Commencal Supreme V4.2 Air Sock conversion - Help needed

    I imagine if you ran the 250x75 then the bike would be sitting at ~10% travel at full extension and bottom out will be ~5% less getting you just under 200mm of travel. So like cycling between 10%-95% of what the frame was designed for on that wheel size if that makes sense?
  4. tkdbboy

    2018 Commencal Supreme V4.2 Air Sock conversion - Help needed

    Commencal said the 250x75 shock is fine or that using an air shock is fine? I find it strange if they said the 250 is fine. 99/100 times, bikes shouldn't run a different eye to eye shock. Theres the odd ones out there that might be able to but its quite rare. Edit: Looks like the 27.5...
  5. tkdbboy

    2018 Commencal Supreme V4.2 Air Sock conversion - Help needed

    These are my two 250 eye to eye shocks for reference if its of any help. Was the air shock secondhand?
  6. tkdbboy

    VIC Hope Bottom Bracket Bearing Tool

    Item: Hope Bottom Bracket Bearing Tool Location: Melbourne but happy to pay for post Price/Range: $30? Extra info: Looks like its discontinued. Was able to manage without it before but wouldn't mind the actual tool from Hope.
  7. tkdbboy

    Have Mountain Bikers become the new Motards?

    That chute in the mid section got deeper each time I visited! ... Each time I was thinking 'Today might be the day my pedals clip the edges' o_O
  8. tkdbboy

    Nukeproof ARD buy from CRC

    I consider inserts more as rim insurance for when I make bad line choices. Benefits like vibration dampening is a bonus (more noticeable on long park days)
  9. tkdbboy

    Nukeproof ARD buy from CRC

    Their website. 37GBP pair of inserts with valves + 13GBP shipping = approx $96 AUD delivered I got a set off them in Jan when the AUD was better
  10. tkdbboy

    Nukeproof ARD buy from CRC

    Pay a bit more and get a set of RimPacts. About $90 delivered
  11. tkdbboy

    Melbourne Burners post Covid meetup - Silvan - Sat 13th June

    Great spot! Count me in. Needs a few days to dry up after rain so worth keeping that in mind. Bottlecaps can get sliiiick. Lyre Lyre is great. Good variety of features that link well together. For the gravity inclined and pedalling declined fellows such as myself who required CPR at 15km , I...
  12. tkdbboy

    GX Eagle - shitty shifting solved!!

    Did this mod about a month ago on GX Eagle setup. Rear mech sits more firmly now and shifting has improved. Should've pulled the pin on Prime 9 boxing day sale o_O ... would be a good iso tinker project
  13. tkdbboy

    VIC Found

    This facebook group is probably your best bet: dirt jumpers buy/swap/sell australia Saw a few nice ones come up this week but they sell pretty quick (if they're not trashed and overpriced).
  14. tkdbboy

    Wheel Build Advice Thread

    Isn't the weight saved lost by the washers?
  15. tkdbboy

    Wheel Build Advice Thread

    Whats the advantage of not having eyelets? Seems like rims with eyelets are easier to build wheels with?
  16. tkdbboy

    get a grip!

    Personal pref is OURY slip ons. Can't go wrong for $20. Plastic plugs under them makes the ends last longer disclaimer: I own an air compressor ... though cable tie install method works well too
  17. tkdbboy

    hope tech3 lever throw-bleeding

    Yep all done. Ah that block would be very useful. I'm fortunate that my Pedros tyre lever is a trapezoid shape and the perfect height to slide in the caliper so I can block 3 pistons at once relatively easily. The easy bleed kit makes life alot easier too compared to the old way o_O
  18. tkdbboy

    hope tech3 lever throw-bleeding

    The silicone grease helped alot with consistency of equal movement between the pistons so thanks for the tips. As per Hope's extra tips section on the bleed instructions, making sure the nipple is pointing directly up made a perfect bleed much easier. Had to take it off the frame and just sit...
  19. tkdbboy

    Is purchasing a pure DH bike worth it?

    Your long travel one will be fine. As mentioned above, get some DD/SG tyres. On top of that, get some tyre inserts and thicker grips if needed. Also worth getting more in tune with your suspension. Experiment with settings, see what feels and works better. Easier said than done but definately...