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  1. Jesterarts

    Sold Troy Lee Design Moto Shorts - Size 38

    Item: Troy Lee Design Moto Shorts Location: Cranbourne East Item Condition: As new - Ridden once Reason for selling: Too heavy for the riding I do Price and price conditions: $35 Extra Info: They are a few seasons old. But they are black... so... yeah Pictures:
  2. Jesterarts

    BELL 2R MIPS layer thing cracked

    Looks like time for a new lid. Noticed a crack in the yellow MIPS layer thing yesterday morning. Never crashed it, so a bit annoyed but what are you going to do. Anyone else have this happen?
  3. Jesterarts

    Improving brake performance - Rotor size?

    I recently picked up an entry-level Norco Fluid HT. Overall, I can't really fault it as for what I need currently, it ticks all the boxes. However, the most apparent shortcoming of the bike is the brakes. From the factory, this trusty steed arrives with Tektro HD-M275 brakes, 180 rotor on the...
  4. Jesterarts

    Sold And sold.

    Found my "spares" box which is mostly parts from my specialized enduro. All items are pickup from Cranbourne East. Reason for selling all of them is surplus and not needed. Item: Specialized seat Item Condition: Good. No damage. Price and price conditions: $20 Extra Info: Upgraded to a WTB...
  5. Jesterarts

    AM The downgrade - Norco Fluid HT+

    Just collected the new toy. This is the downgrade from my Specialized Enduro. Need something low maintenance and cheap... So the Fluid HT+ 2 fit the bill. Geo in pick looks rather short, but it's very similar to my XL Enduro 29er. Has a couple more cm reach even. FRAMESET FRAME - Norco...
  6. Jesterarts

    12" Kids Bike

    So my little girl turns 2 at the end of this month. She's been quite interested in a balance bike we got her a while ago. Only just converted to 2 wheels from 3 but she is keen on it. Trying, falling, getting up and trying again. With this in mind, I want to explore getting her a proper bike...
  7. Jesterarts

    Alternative to WTB Pure V saddle

    Soooo when my new bike arrives, I want to replace the seat as I have a very sensitive tooshy. On my old Enduro, I had a WTB Pure V, and it was the best seat I've ever owned. Very comfortable and I didn't get particularly sore sitting bones. It would see that these are no longer...
  8. Jesterarts

    LBS in Melb SE

    Hey there peeps. So I sold my Enduro :( :( :( and it's time to replace it with something a lot more simple and low cost. I'm struggling to find an LBS in the SE (I am in Cranbourne) that deals with Norco bikes. Not anyone that gives me real confidence to buy from when I chat with them. Any...
  9. Jesterarts

    DJ bike for 6'5" rider

    Sooooooooo I've decided to let go of my Enduro Comp 29er, :( :( :( :(, and explore putting a DJ bike in its place. My reasoning; I have a 2yo daughter and while I thought I would get to ride at Lysty but the only dust I'm getting on the bike is from hanging on the wall. It also turns out, I...
  10. Jesterarts


    Item: 2014 XL Specialized Enduro Comp 29er Location: Cranbourne East Item Condition: Pretty good actually Reason for selling: Toddler plus one on the way, been sitting on the wall for some about 6 months, and 12 months before that. Price and price conditions: $2300 Extra Info: This was is my...
  11. Jesterarts

    About to use my bike, after 12months odd

    So long story short, I think I'm close to having a chance to go riding again. My daughter arrives in October last year and aside for one outing in November last year, my bike has been on the way. In January of this yeah, optimistically, I serviced it along with sending the shock (CCDB CS)...
  12. Jesterarts

    Advice needed - WiFi Modem

    Good morning/afternoon/evening RB IT brainstrust, I need some advice on a new WiFi modem for my place. The other day I bought a couple Chromecast Ultra's and got Netflix. During the installation process, the Chromecast's advised that if I want to have the best experience streaming 4K I...
  13. Jesterarts

    A broken system... (Bourke Street Incident Related)

    SOoooooooooooooooooooooo I'm going to be the guys that starts the heated topic about the Bourke street incident yesterday. I'm connected to the event on two angles: 1. Had two colleagues narrowly missed. We work on Lt Bourke and they returned obviously shaken 2. I have a 3 month old daughter...
  14. Jesterarts

    Rack for 29er

    After recommendations for bike racks. Getting roof racks from "Santa", so want to get a bike rack while I'm at it. But I've seen a few post/threads in the wild about problems finding a rack that fits a 29er. Though never a particularly definitive answer. I have a XL Enduro 29er and the...
  15. Jesterarts

    Noob Question: Tubeless and Speed

    Greetings brains-trust. So as I was procrastinating at work, something dawned on me: I now have Minion tubeless ready tyres, and my Roval Traverse rims are also tubeless ready. This suggests to me that I am potentially two tubeless valves away from being tubeless. But, is it worth it...
  16. Jesterarts

    Nobby Nic 29x2.6; Anyone on here tried them?

    So mostly out of curiousity and vanity I have two of these sitting in a r2-bike shopping cart. Flirting with pushing the purchase button but thought inwould see if anyone in the RB brains trust has them and wanta to share theie experience. There doesn't seem to be a great deal of reviews...
  17. Jesterarts

    Specialized Enduro - Taco blade replacement spacer

    Thought I would post this up as this information seems to be a pain to find. I'm toying with going 1x10 on my 29er Enduro in the new year. My Enduro is a 2013 so it originally came 2x10 so I have to remove the taco blade for the 1x10 conversion. If you purchased the bike from a dealer, you...
  18. Jesterarts

    SRAM Guide RS Brakes - Lever slow to return

    Hi, hoping to get some advice I've had Guide RS brakes on my bike for about a year, and in the last few months the levers have gotten a bit slow to return. Basically when I squeeze them, the lever doesn't spring back very quickly. Doesn't seem to impact the operation as they grab hard and...
  19. Jesterarts

    Murder or self defense?

    So, probably starting a bit of a hot thread but this is something that really impacted me: Long story short; career criminal breaks into some blokes house...
  20. Jesterarts

    VIC Sold sold sold

    Item: ​2014 Fox Float CTD with Vorsprung Corset Location: Cranbourne East Item Condition: Used Reason for selling: Upgraded to CCDB Price and price conditions: $150 ono Extra Info: Recently upgraded to a CCDB not because there was anything wrong with this one, but because I've always...