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    VIC Torpedo 7 4 bike rack

    Item: Torpedo 7 brand 4 bike rack Location: Pascoe Vale Item Condition: Pretty good, comes with all bits and pieces Reason for selling: Bought a 5 bike rack Price and price conditions: $200 Extra Info: 7 pin rectangular trailer plug, all lights working when I used it last. Comes with 2 keys...
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    WTB axle setup including cones for a Shimano M525 rear hub

    Item: I'm after a full axle setup or just the non drive side cone for a Shimano M525 rear hub (not an M525-A, apparently the dust seals are different?) Location: Don't care, I'll pay post Item Condition: As new preferred Price and price conditions: ? Extra Info: Pictures:
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    A query on titanium

    hey y'all, I've already sorta started down this path and figured I'd pop the question out there before I've gone too far... I'm sure I'll end up in the Fwit thread but whatever.... I bought some Snow Peak double skin titanium mugs for family as Christmas presents and I'd like to personalise...
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    Sold Torpedo7 3 bike rack

    Item: Torpedo7 3 bike rack in good condition. Complete with the keys for the lock, the spanner and the plate that goes under the tow ball Location: Pascoe Vale Item Condition: Pretty good, straight and true. All straps are present and accounted for. Reason for selling: Got the 4 bike one like I...
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    WTB Cannondale stem around 80mm 5 degree rise

    Item: I'm looking for a stem to suit a Cannondale headshock steerer, around 80mm long and 5 degree rise Location: don't care, I'll pay postage Price range/Willing to Pay: $50 posted Extra Info: Would prefer a 31.6mm bar spacing but will take the smaller size too.
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    VIC Sold - X-Fusion Sweep 27.5" 160mm RL2 fork

    Item: X-Fusion Sweep 27.5" 160mm RL2 fork in excellent condition with 15mm axle Location: Melbourne Item Condition: Very good. Stanchions are unmarked, lowers have a couple of small rub marks but are otherwise excellent Reason for selling: Pikes Price and price conditions: $350 Extra...
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    VIC WTB: Hope Pro 2 EVO front hub 32 hole silver 15mm

    hey all, I'm after a Hope front hub in good condition.... If anyone's got one laying around gathering dust let me know otherwise I'll jump on Wiggle. Item: Hope Pro 2 EVO front hub, 32 hole, silver, 15mm axle - though the axle part can be whatever I guess since I can get the adapters...
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    VIC WTB: KS Lev dropper 31.6 with remote.

    Item: KS Lev dropper with remote Location: not fussed, would prefer to pick it up locally but will pay postage Price range/Willing to Pay: $280 to $300 Extra Info: I'm after a KS Lev dropper (not an Integra though) 31.6 with around a 125mm drop and the remote. whatcha got?
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    VIC SOLD FS: XT M-785 brakes front and rear

    Item: Shimano XT M-785 brakes, front and rear Location: Melbourne. Pickup either in the CBD during work hours or Pascoe Vale after hours. Can post Item Condition: Rooly good. 75Km on them in 2 rides, so as new. Reason for selling: Changed to a different brakeset Price and price conditions...
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    WTB bar clamp for a left hand XTR M980 shifter

    Item: Bar clamp for a left hand M980 shifter (I'll take both left and right if you want to sell a pair) Location: don't care, I'll pay a reasonable post cost Price range/Willing to Pay: ? no idea what they are worth Extra Info: so I've got a set of I-spec A XTR 980 shifters, and I bought a...
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    VIC SOLD [MEL] S-Works carbon 170mm PF30 cranks with 24/38 chainrings in great condition

    Item: S-Works 170mm carbon PF30 cranks with SRAM 24/38 chainrings in excellent condition. No BB Location: Pascoe Vale, VIC Item Condition: roolly good Reason for selling: Spare to my needs, bought in a bundle of stuff from EBay Price and price conditions: $175 Extra Info: They are in...
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    VIC SOLD [MEL] Avid Elixer 7 brakes front and rear for sale

    Item: Avid Elixer 7 brakes with carbon levers for sale Location: Melbourne. Pickup available in the CBD during work hours or Pascoe Vale AH Item Condition: Reasonable - some scratching on the levers and bodies, but otherwise tight, no leaks. They operate smoothly but will need new pads in the...
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    VIC WT Swap - my brand new XT black rear I-spec B brake for your I-spec A

    Item: brand new Shimano XT black rear 1700mm disc brake in I-spec B.. I need I-spec A. Location: Pascoe Vale, Melbourne Price range/Willing to Pay: Extra Info: I'm really after an I-spec A, so I'm up for a swap. Would be great if you're within ~10Km of me and I'll drive to meet you. Your...
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    hey all

    hey mods, I'm wondering if you can help please, or if it's just me being a dumbass - I can receive PMs and reply to existing PMs fine, but I can't seem to create new ones - I click a person's name, go 'private message', type it all out and hit 'send' (not 'preview') but it just disappears...
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    VIC WTB: Cannondale KP169 pivot tools - found

    hi all I'm after the following if anyone has one they want to part with? Item: Cannondale KP169 pivot tools for a Jekyll or Scalpel Location: don't care, happy to pay postage Price range/Willing to Pay: $50 Extra Info:
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    VIC WTB: Thompson 27.2" layback seatpost

    Item: I'm after a Thomson 27.2" layback seatpost in silver. Don't care on the length as long as it's at least 320mm Location: Not fussed, I'll pay postage if necessary Price range/Willing to Pay: ? Brand new are ~ $75 Extra Info: For my XC mtb. Willing to consider alternatives, just need to...
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    VIC [MELB] WTB XC rear wheel

    Item: QR 26" rim brake compatible rear wheel Location: Melbourne Price range/Willing to Pay: $50 - 80 ONO Extra Info: hey all, just after a second wheel to keep a commuter tyre on. I have a spare front already, so looking for a Hyperglide-C compatible hub (don't need the cassette...