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  1. riderseventy7

    Downhill trails at Wellington, NSW.

    We've done a bit of work to the trails at Wellingtons Mt Arthur reserve of late and they're coming along nicely considering the hill we have . I could sit here and describe them to you but instead I'll post a couple of helmet cam runs. 1st, The Messiah...
  2. riderseventy7

    Development applications.

    Hi all, Some friends and I have built and maintained a network of 2 downhill tracks and shuttle road for a few years now. The trails are located in a reserve and at first were illegal, then accepted, and then finally supported with signage and gates etc by the committee that is responsible...
  3. riderseventy7

    NSW Zerode G1, med/lrg, $1700 - Sold

    Item: Zerode G1 Location: Dubbo NSW Item Condition: Pretty damn good, nothing to service or replace. Just a couple of scratches shown in pics. Reason for selling: Loved this one so much I bought another one. I'm only allowed to have 1 though :-( so this has to go. Price and price...
  4. riderseventy7

    NSW SOLD 2012 Nukeproof Scalp, $2,200, Large, CCDB, Ano black

    Item: 2012 Nukeproof Scalp, Large, Anodized black. Location: Dubbo, NSW Item Condition: Pretty damn good. The bike has been ridden for 6 or 7 months (on my local tracks which have nothing too huge or gnarly) and has a couple of small shuttle marks on the swingarm near the axle which are...
  5. riderseventy7

    NSW 2013 Norco Aurum 1, Large. 4 runs old. SOLD

    Item: 2013 Norco Aurum, Large Location: Dubbo, NSW Item Condition: Like new, has about 12 minutes of ride time on it. There is only one small blemish to the paint on the bottom of the down tube near the BB from a rock that got flicked up, shown in pics. Reason for selling: I don't need 2...
  6. riderseventy7

    NSW SRAM PG970 11-26T cassette, $30 posted SOLD

    ITEM : SRAM PG970 11-26T cassette CONDITION : Brand new in box. LOCATION : Dubbo NSW PRICE : $30 posted.SOLD REASON FOR SELLING : Surplus. PICTURES : yep,
  7. riderseventy7

    NSW Norco Rampage, with Hammerschmidt. SOLD

    Item: 2009 Norco Rampage, Medium. Location: Dubbo, NSW Item Condition: Pretty good, the bike has barely been ridden. However, it does have a scrape on the fork lower and rear dropout area from being transported in the back of a ute, on its side. Theres a few other little chips and things, but...
  8. riderseventy7

    DH 2013 Norco Aurum (and others)

    When Norco and their distributor told me they were going to replace my A-line frame under warranty I was unsure what I was going to do with the new frame. That was until I saw the pretty curves and pivot hardware of the Aurum frame in the flesh. I decided to spend some dollars and build the...
  9. riderseventy7

    DH Nukeproof SCALP

    Got a nice little tax return this year. That was excuse enough to get a new frame and some shiny new components. As much as I tried (through poor riding and poor treatment) the DH sled I had been plowing down hills for the last 3-4 years wouldn't die so any excuse would do. I had 4 or 5 frames...
  10. riderseventy7

    Central West MTB

    I was a bit bored yesterday due to having only half a day at work. This led to me looking through some of the random vids I have taken in the last month or so. One thing led to another and I ended up slapping a few of them together, and this is the result. I...
  11. riderseventy7

    Wellington MTB

    This was my first play with my Gopro wide camera, seems to work ok.
  12. riderseventy7

    Yet another newb.

    G'day guys, I've been lurking around this site for a little while now, just learning some new things and gathering some ideas. Anyway I thought it's about time I introduced myself. My name is Mitch. I have been riding mt bikes for about 9 months. My current steed is an '09 Norco Manik and I...