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    VIC DSD Runt airspring for Fox 36-170

    Item: DSD Runt cartridge. Replaces topcap with cartridge which has an Internal Floating Piston to provide a second positive air chamber. Allows you to tune midstroke and ending stroke separately, same as Manitou IRT system or SD Components DVC. Location: Melbourne Item Condition: Used...
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    VIC Tear offs for 100% goggles -SOLD

    Cleaning out cupboard. Found these ;probably still 15 in the pack. Free!!!! Just need them to a good home else in the bin. Can post cheers.
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    Rocky Mountain Slayer

    Bits in blue have been replaced from stock: Frame - 2019 Rocky Mountain Slayer - 165mm travel. Invisiframe protection. Rear shock - Fox DHX2 Factory, 375Lb Super Alloy Racing spring Front shock/fork - Fox 36 Performance Elite - 170mm travel, GRIP2 damper Handlebars - Spank Spike 35 Vibrocore -...
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    VIC [SOLD] DVO Diamond 27.5 160mm non-boost

    Item: DVO Diamond Location: Melbourne Item Condition: Excellent condition Reason for selling: Boost Price and price conditions: $670 posted aus-wide or $650 pickup Extra Info: 15x100mm axle (non-boost) Currently at 160mm (maximum) travel but can be reduced to 150 or 140 with the included...
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    Fractured collarbone

    RB brains trust help please! Broke my collarbone and need suggestions of surgeons you have had good experience with. Preferably north/south/east sides of Metro Melbourne Cheers!
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    Hope Pro 4 rear hub service

    Looks like amongst other new videos, after 2 years they finally have a video for servicing this hub. Interesting they no longer show the hammer technique to drive the new bearings in, which imho was a really bad idea. Threaded rod and washers if you don't happen to have a bench press laying...
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    Need help from a fitter/turner or CNC wiz

    RB brains trust! I need a couple of small spacers made up out of aluminium for rear suspension. (need slightly oversized compared to the OEM ones). So the accuracy need to be down to 0.05mm (1/20 of a mm). I'm not sure if a fitter and turner can achieve this or does it need to be CNC? Let...
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    How to measure travel on coil shock?

    So can anyone offer advice on how to reliably measure the amount of travel being used in a coil shock? Sag is no issue this is easy to measure the E2E, but I want to know how much maximum travel is being used. Sliding the bump stop up to the damper body doesn't work, because it is 8mm thick...
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    [VIC] Renthal Fatbar Carbon 780mm **sold

    [b]Item: [/b] Renthal Fatbar Carbon 780mm [b]Location:[/b] Melbourne [b]Item Condition:[/b] Brand new, unopened package [b]Reason for selling:[/b] Was a warranty replacement; already running other bars now [b]Price and price conditions:[/b] $170, pickup only. [b]Extra Info:[/b] 225g weight...
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    [VIC] Saint M820 Brakeset front/rear. SOLD**

    [b]Item: [/b] Saint M820 brakeset [b]Location:[/b] Melbourne [b]Item Condition:[/b] Used, very good condition [b]Reason for selling:[/b] Trying something different [b]Price and price conditions:[/b] $250 posted. [b]Extra Info:[/b] Quad pistons, super powerful brake and easy to bleed...
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    Hope brake pads

    Hi does anyone know where in Australia stocks (online) Hope E4 brake pads? Can't seem to find them anywhere; only for other models of Hope. Cheers.
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    Pike custom tuning

    Has anyone had their Pike custom tuned? (the new style one with Charger damper). Being on the light side, I find the HSC to be too high and would like to have this adjusted internally. NS Dynamics say they can custom tune on top of a standard damper service for total of $100.00. Just...
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    Spam link

    The front page link to Flows article on new SRAM wheels goes to a page of bait and spam links.
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    [VIC] Shimano AM45 shoes (SOLD)

    Item: Shimano AM45 shoes Location: Melbourne Metro Item Condition: Used, very good condition (these were not my primary shoes) Reason for selling: Cleaning out garage Price and price conditions: $50 shipped auspost express. Extra Info: Size 43 (US 9) Pictures:
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    [SOLD] Avalanche Racing damper cartridge for Fox 34 (27.5/650b 160mm)

    Item: Avalanche Racing full damper cartridge upgrade Location: Melbourne Eastern suburbs Item Condition: Used; excellent condition Reason for selling: Sold bike Price and price conditions: $225 plus $15 postage if required (bulky item) Extra Info: This is a total replacement damper...
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    [VIC] Cane Creek DB Inline ***SOLD***

    Item: Cane Creek Double Barrel Inline shock Location: Eastern suburbs Reason for selling: Because garage sale! Item Condition: Used, excellent condition no scratches. Price and price conditions: price reduced $300 free shipping Auspost express. Extra Info:200mm length x 50mm stroke. Will fit...
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    [VIC] **SOLD** Chromag Ranger Overdrive2 50mm stem

    Item: Chromag Ranger OD2 stem Location: Eastern suburbs Reason for selling: Because garage sale! Item Condition: Used, excellent condition no scratches Price and price conditions: $80. Free Auspost express shipping. Extra Info: To fit 1.25" Giant Overdrive 2 steerer tubes. 50mm stem length...
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    [VIC] ***SOLD*** Oneup 1x10 conversion

    Item: OneUp 1x conversion kit Location: Eastern suburbs Reason for selling: Because garage sale! Item Condition: Used, very good condition Price and price conditions: $100. Free auspost express shipping. Extra Info: 40T big cog, 16T cog (to fit in place of 17T/15T), 32T front NarrowWide...
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    [VIC] ***SOLD*** Schwalbe Hans Dampf 27.5

    Item: Schwalbe Hans Dampf ***SOLD*** Item Condition: Brand new (take off from new bike) Location: Eastern suburbs Reason for selling: Because garage sale! Price and price conditions: $50 Extra Info: 27.5x2.35 EVO Snakeskin Pacestar Pictures:
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    Kind Shock dropper remote and spare parts

    Anyone know where I can source spare parts in Australia? I'm not paying $50 shipping from USA on these three items!: Also does anyone know if that cable clamp (the barrel looking thing) is the same diameter as the anchor of a normal gear cable? I am wanting to do a changeover of the remote...