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  1. ~James~

    DJ Dartmoor Cody

    Here's my dartmoor Cody, get on one! Specs: Frame - 2010 Dartmoor Cody Forks - Argyle 318's, need to cut the steerer again! Bars - NS Proof's Stem - BlkMrkt Underboss Headset - Kink Grips - NS Martin Soderstrom's Seat - Federal SL Post - Pivotal one Brake -...
  2. ~James~

    DH Solid Mission 9 :)

    Here's my DH bike, yes it's Andy's old one :) Frame - Solid Mission 9 Rear shock - Marzocchi Roco, X-Fusion Vector HLR soon Front shock/fork - Boxxer Teams (WC lowers) Handlebars - Reverse Stem - FSA Direct Mount Headset - FSA I think Grips - Maxxis Saddle - Reverse Fort WIll Ti...
  3. ~James~

    A few shots from the skatepark :)

    A few of us went down to Bullcreek the other day, I took some shots :) Kurt, Barspin to x-up air: Chris:
  4. ~James~

    Jewson's bikes

    MTB: You've all seen it, but i got a new sticker and a few other things since most of you have seen it last ;) Specs: Last Cord Argyle 318 NS Proofs Blkmrkt Underboss Elixir R Profile cranks Odyssey vermont sprocket KMC superlight Federal Slim seat Dartmoor Fever pedals...
  5. ~James~

    DJ It's lasted longer than a year :|

    It's hard to believe I've had this frame for more than a year now! Here it is in it's latest form, sporting a custom seatpost shim at the moment too ;) Specs: Frame - '09 Last Cord Front shock/fork - RockShox Argyle 318 Handlebars - NS Proof's Stem - BlkMrkt Underboss Headset - FSA Impact...
  6. ~James~

    WA Sold

    Item: NS Capital frame, seat clamp included Location: Perth, W.A Item Condition: 100% brand new! Nothing has ever been mounted to it! Reason for selling: Change of mind, not building a new bike any more Price and price conditions: $350 posted! Extra Info: It's brand new and pimp and shiny...
  7. ~James~


    Sold gone not for sale any more 10 characters bye.
  8. ~James~

    BMX United Sh**luck Magnolia

    James has small wheels too now. :O Frame - United Sh!7luck Magnolia Front shock/fork - Sunday Handlebars - Subrosa Stem - Odyssey Elementary Headset - FSA Impact Grips - Extra manly pink Lizard skins *10 style points* Saddle - Federal Slim Pivotal Seatpost - FBM Stump Cranks - Stolen Teams...
  9. ~James~

    DJ NS Capital

    NS Capital :) New cranks since last updated. Stay tuned for some minor updates within the next few weeks, new bars, tyres and a brake :) Frame - NS Capital Front shock/fork - Identiti Rebate Handlebars - NS Districts Stem - NS Quark Pro Headset - Fire-eye something Grips - Fly Ruben's Saddle...
  10. ~James~

    The 2010 year 12 thread

    Well it happens every year, here's the official thread to discuss results, questions etc. about the year ahead of us. What farkers are in year 12 this year?
  11. ~James~

    WA Sold

    Item: 07? I think DMR Transition, specs below Location: Shelley, Perth W.A Item Condition: Mint, barely ridden! Reason for selling: Lost interest in MTB, need cash for a car Price and price conditions: $1000 firm Extra Info: Pictures: Below Specs: Frame - DMR Transition Front...
  12. ~James~

    Hope axle question

    Hey guys, so I snapped the axle in my Hope Pro II hub, it's a 8/9 speed 10mmX135mm one. The original axle was a female bolt style one, you just screw 2 bolts in to the ends. I bought a replacement axle off CRC, a '135mm 10mm through axle' and when I got it I noticed that there was no thread to...
  13. ~James~

    DJ Last Cord

    Last Cord. Goes aaiiiight Riding pics: Specs: Frame - '09 Last Cord Front shock/fork - RockShox Argyle 318 Handlebars - NS Jalapeno Stem - BlkMrkt Underboss Headset - FSA Impact Grips - Fly Ruben Saddle - Fit ECCD Seatpost - Thomson 1337. Front brake - Juicy 3 when I need it Rear brake -...
  14. ~James~

    WA 05/06 RockShox Boxxers, with soft spring

    Item: 05/06 RockShox Boxxers, either Race or Team, with soft spring Location: Perth, W.A. Postage is alright. Price range/Willing to Pay: $0-$350ish Extra Info: Must be in good condition, with a soft spring.
  15. ~James~

    WA Sold

    Item: Kenda NPJ tyre, folding 2.1 Location: Perth, W.A Item Condition: Great, used for around 2 months. It had a dodgy part in the beading that made the tyre bulge slightly, but it has now been fixed up and it's all good. Reason for selling: I have too many street tyres Price and price...
  16. ~James~

    WA Sold

    Item: 36h Sun MTX rim, 34mm. Location: Perth, W.A Item Condition: Great, a few minor scratches as you would expect. Reason for selling: 721's Price and price conditions: $65 Extra Info: Pictures:
  17. ~James~

    WA Sold

    Item: 08 NS District bars, 60mm rise. Location: Perth, W.A Item Condition: Brand new, still in packaging. Reason for selling: Jalapeno. Price and price conditions: $65. Extra Info: Brand new Pictures:
  18. ~James~

    WA Sold

    Item: Profile Race crank arms, 160mm. RHD 160mm Location: Perth, W.A. Item Condition: Almost as new, a small mark from a crank holder, nothing major at all. Reason for selling: No use to me Price and price conditions: $100 Extra Info: No spindle, just arms. Pictures:
  19. ~James~

    Gotta' love Hope.

    Today I was pedalling up towards a speed bump, to hop over it (intense) and my wheel went all wobbly and I noticed that my freehub had seperated from my Hope Pro II hub body. After about 15 mins of trying to put the freehub back on, I sort of got it back on and scootered back to where I was...
  20. ~James~

    DJ Last Cord

    Last Cord.