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  1. ~James~

    What are the most powerfull downhill brakes?

    My mate has tektro disc brakes, they're hell good because they are disc brakes!
  2. ~James~

    DJ Dartmoor Cody

    Thanks buddy, yeah I had a Cord before this, I changed frames because I was looking for something different, and Rick from Fearless Cycles looked after me nicely! ;) The Cody is so much lighter than the Cord and it's a little bit longer which is perfect for me. Oce you get used to the Cody I...
  3. ~James~

    DJ Dartmoor Cody

    Cheers Rex :) racing Dwelli this weekend? You can find more info on the frame here: Thanks man! The rear tyre is awesome for park. Reasonably soft compound, but not too soft. They roll forever, cheap too!
  4. ~James~

    DJ Dartmoor Cody

    Thanks man :) Yeah pretty much! :P I took some pics of it at the skate park today :) And the only riding pic that didn't turn out blurry :'(
  5. ~James~

    DJ Dartmoor Cody

    Here's my dartmoor Cody, get on one! Specs: Frame - 2010 Dartmoor Cody Forks - Argyle 318's, need to cut the steerer again! Bars - NS Proof's Stem - BlkMrkt Underboss Headset - Kink Grips - NS Martin Soderstrom's Seat - Federal SL Post - Pivotal one Brake -...
  6. ~James~

    DH Solid Mission 9 :)

    Cheers guys :) Yeah I've taken it out for a quick fang, but I'll be giving it a proper ride very soon :D
  7. ~James~

    DH Solid Mission 9 :)

    <3, I'm a bit mad :(
  8. ~James~

    DH Solid Mission 9 :)

    Here's my DH bike, yes it's Andy's old one :) Frame - Solid Mission 9 Rear shock - Marzocchi Roco, X-Fusion Vector HLR soon Front shock/fork - Boxxer Teams (WC lowers) Handlebars - Reverse Stem - FSA Direct Mount Headset - FSA I think Grips - Maxxis Saddle - Reverse Fort WIll Ti...
  9. ~James~

    stp dually???

    It's called a Giant Glory buddy ;)
  10. ~James~

    What does the term Farkin mean?

    Well you see, when a lady and a man love each other VERY much....
  11. ~James~

    Best grips for DJ/Street ;) I can vouch for these too, one of the best feeling grips i've used!
  12. ~James~

    DARTMOOR pre-order 2011: closed.

    Rick, got any turqoise Shine's left? Cheers :)
  13. ~James~

    2011-12 Dartmoor Wish: COMPLETE PICS LADS!

    Well it's pleasing on the eyes
  14. ~James~

    A few shots from the skatepark :)

    A few of us went down to Bullcreek the other day, I took some shots :) Kurt, Barspin to x-up air: Chris:
  15. ~James~

    Why do they use torx screws on disc brakes.

    I've got Allen Key bolts on my rear rotor :P Had them for about 2 years with no problems! Obviously you couldn't use them on the front due to clearance though.
  16. ~James~

    Fresh Crops - Flip to foot jam and other spreads...

    Yeeeah Jarrad! Sick snaps as usual :) That one you took of Todd's frontie tuck is pretty sick too! You should put that up :P
  17. ~James~


    If Farkin had a like button, I'd like this thread. Many times.
  18. ~James~

    How do you practise to get heaps of height on your bunny hops?

    You just answered your own question :P Practise! Keep at them and you will find that over time they will get bigger and bigger, start off by trying to hop smaller obstacles, even stacked bricks, keep building up bricks until you can hop higher than Danny MacAskill :)
  19. ~James~

    Argyle clicking

    It's most likely the spring hitting inside the stanchions, this can be fixed by heat shrinking the spring. If they make the noise when they're pushed on slightly, like Skwiz said, it could be the stem/bars/headset creaking too, I'd check that first!