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  1. Chriso_29er

    A Lap of Lysty | Black descents

    A quick lap of Lysterfield Park taking in all the so called black descents. Quite a few people around, but still largely had no worries with traffic on the downs. Did have to queue up to take our turn down Com Games lol. Trails were running pretty nice.
  2. Chriso_29er

    Melbourne Burners post Covid meetup - Silvan - Sat 13th June

    Hey all, Hope everyone's still managing to get out to some local trails in these difficult times, or keep the bike fitness up some way or another! A lot of us either ride Silvan or want to give Silvan a go, so I’m hoping to get a bunch of us together for a post lock-down Burners celebration...
  3. Chriso_29er

    Some basic through to more advanced tricks to try at home

    Hi all, Put together this little group of tricks and skills how to to try if you're bored :) Basic fun like wheelies, endo's, manuals and some fun variations. Enjoy! Cheers
  4. Chriso_29er

    Gravity trails at Silvan

    Hitting up a couple of favorite trails at Silvan a couple of weeks back. Had bit of a stack too ha ha.
  5. Chriso_29er

    How hard does a front fork work?

    Given I've decided to limit my harder MTBing during this current virus crisis. I'm digging though some older footage. This is an interesting view of the bikes front end working down a steep tech trail in the Dandenong Ranges. Hope you enjoy, like subscribe and all that jazz :)
  6. Chriso_29er

    Everyone loves a Derby Video

    Derby awarded EWS trail of the year again! Rhys is part of my inlaws family, stoked to have him now working on the future Warburton trail network, will be one of my local trails :)
  7. Chriso_29er

    Epic Lake Mountain Descending

    All the best down bits from the epic 28km Lake Mountain to Marysville trail. Trail was very greasy in parts due to the heavy rain last week. But also the first time I've ridden it when it hasn't been a dust bowl :)
  8. Chriso_29er

    Regretting talking my brother onto a trail bike

    My younger brother finally decided to go from XC bikes to a 29er trail. Now I can't keep up!
  9. Chriso_29er

    Snow riding Mt Donna Buang

    This is a little video of yesterdays adventure. Hard going, but I was happy to reach the top. 16km climb up to the 1250m summit.
  10. Chriso_29er

    My crash video reel

    Put together a few of my not so finer moments for a laugh!
  11. Chriso_29er

    Hey Hey My My

    Documented this awesome little trail loop for anyone thinking of heading out into the Yarra Valley. Located in the hills behind Wesburn, down the Warburton Hwy east of Melbourne. Hey Hey My My is a Mountainbike loop best described as an 'All Mountain' trail. But could also be riden on an XC...
  12. Chriso_29er

    Mountain biking east side of Melbourne

    Bunch of snippets of my favourite local trails. Cheers, Chriso
  13. Chriso_29er

    AM Chriso's bike for fun

    Well, been riding hard tails for a few years but deep down always wanted a nice squishy bike since I was a teen. Finally pulled the trigger on this one earlier this year when I finally realised these old bones couldn't take the hardtail life any longer. Well not where I was riding it anyway lol...