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  1. hellmansam

    Ashes No.7 - On Strange Wheels

    Nice one, enjoy !
  2. hellmansam

    Advice for a flat pedal newb

    That seems to be one of the key qualifications for Safety Guys (and Gals)
  3. hellmansam

    Advice for a flat pedal newb

    OK I didn't know there was such a thing as steel cap Volleys !
  4. hellmansam

    Advice for a flat pedal newb

    I reckon you'll feel another big improvement with some MTB shoes, the soles of Volleys are pretty flexible. And you'll get the benefit of some toe protection which Volleys don't have
  5. hellmansam

    Advice for a flat pedal newb

    Maybe you need to put on 20kg, it seems to be keeping my feet on the pedals pretty well. I'm/was a restarting beginner after a 25 year break. Didn't trust my skills to use my old SPD's so I was riding in trainers, on some cheap plastic flats. I got around ok but when I switched to OneUp...
  6. hellmansam

    Some basic through to more advanced tricks to try at home

    Gunna hurt meself trying to ride sitting arse about :) Been thinking about building some features in the backyard, my work roster is changing to a longer cycle so I'll have some time on my hands.
  7. hellmansam

    COVID-19: who’s going full doomsday prep on this?

    While there are some people with that mentality, the main reason shops have been selling out of ammo is the drop in our dollar will bring a significant price rise. Then there's the perception that the US will have shortages because of people stocking up, last time that happened it was driven by...
  8. hellmansam

    Cabin Fever Boredom Beaters

    Might build another boat if this is going to last a year or more
  9. hellmansam

    The gaming thread

    Hadn't got hooked on any games since Battlefield II on pc, my teen daughter has been playing Apex Legends on PS4 for about 6 months and is an absolute demon (in my eyes at least) I struggled with the PS4 controller for a while, now I'm finally getting a few kills
  10. hellmansam

    How hard does a front fork work?

    It wasn't the plan but this turned out to show my X Fusion Trace 36 working nicely, I'd struggled to get a decent mounting setup for the GoPro 3, this one is nice and solid but the fork is hogging the shot. The squeaking noise is the rebound damper which was silent until I got to higher air...
  11. hellmansam

    BIKE RACKS AND CARRIERS FOR CARS MEGATHREAD - all questions asked and answered here

    Looking at the Gripsport tilty rack, what are the pro's and cons of the wheel hoops vs the 'tacos' ? mostly for 29er, 2.4" - 2.6" tyres
  12. hellmansam

    Everyone loves a Derby Video

    It looks awesome, I wonder how much steeper it is IRL given that the camera often flattens things out a bit.
  13. hellmansam

    Xt levers on Magura calliphers

    Apparently you can do that , it's called Shigura
  14. hellmansam

    One mtb an e-mtb?

    I had a go at the self-shuttling thing last weekend, with a Levo. Not bad at all, but the kind of descents I was riding probably shouldn't be done solo. I was lucky there were a few other riders around. If an eMTB was your only bike, you would be going through a few more chains and cassettes...
  15. hellmansam

    Can I build a better Ragley mmmbop for around $2k?

    Thanks to geoblocking you'll never get the bits as cheaply as when they come on a complete bike.
  16. hellmansam

    What did you do TO / WITH / FOR your bike today!

    Cheated on my Fuel EX with a filthy eMTB ! Went to Wellington Mills DH tracks which are nice and close to home ( I thought it was much closer to Collie) The Levo ate up the fire road climbs using max assistance. I haven't ridden since New Years Day and only lasted three runs, I could have gone...
  17. hellmansam

    Can I build a better Ragley mmmbop for around $2k?

    I built a Dartmoor Primal last year, upgraded the fork on my FS bike and thought yeah need an HT, I'll use the take-off fork for that. Used s/h cranks/BB, used GX Eagle so wheels would be compatible. Was around $3K :oops: due to paying for new stuff at retail prices. Found Sun Ringle Duroc wheel...
  18. hellmansam

    What did you do TO / WITH / FOR your bike today!

    I have in my sweaty hands one of the Specialised Australia demo Levo Comp bikes. Got the sag set for my weight yesty arvo, gonna go for an assisted ride today. We have a gravel driveway on a slope, it loops back on to the road and when I'd finished with the shock pump and giving the rear wheel a...
  19. hellmansam

    Should I keep this helmet?

    I wouldn't be happy with that on a new helmet.....but if I did it/knew how it happened, that it was truly a piddling minor force/impact I would be OK with keeping it.
  20. hellmansam

    GX Eagle - shitty shifting solved!!

    there’s a YouTube video showing how to remove/reassemble it. I don’t have the link but I found it by searching a coupla months ago