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  1. EsPeGe

    Crankworx cancelled, well duh!

    Couldn't find this elsewhere or a link so thought I'd bang it up. It's official Crankworx 2020 is cancelled. It was pretty obvious but they've made the call. Whistler ain't open and no dates as to when either.Fuck Covid and fuck 2020. At least the supercross cranks back up this weekend...
  2. EsPeGe

    Onyx Racing Boost hubs

    ITEM: Onyx Racing Hubs Boost front and rear, stating the obvious 110x15F/148x12R. Black or Gold only (Shit's got to match people!!!), 6 bolt ISO. LOCATION: Cronulla NSW WILLING TO PAY: Depends on condition and bearings. EXTRA INFO: Happy to talk about wheels if they are already laced. Cheers Scott.
  3. EsPeGe

    Headset outer-diameter not matching the head tube diameter.

    Has anyone ever encountered this? If so how did you fix it? This is the correct headset for the bike. It's going to shit me, the top of the head-tube is bare aluminium so it sticks out like dogs balls. Cheers Scott.
  4. EsPeGe

    Cabin Fever Boredom Beaters

    So what is everyone doing to stave off the boredom. Thought I'd start a thread. No Politics or bullshit just those creative/interesting things you are doing to keep cabin fever at bay. Yes I know Pornhub has free premium right now but what else are we doing team? I've spent the last few days...
  5. EsPeGe

    Avalanche Hybrid Coil Upgrade

    Hi all, so I've just ordered this for my Fox 40's. Super keen to see how it goes. It's about 4 weeks away but I'll let you all know what it's like when it's done. The idea is you can drop the pressure in the air side to match the support of the damper side. That way there is no lateral...
  6. EsPeGe

    Product Review Bondic "liquid plastic"

    Hi all I've just found a product that I think is pretty much perfect for repairing small chips etc on bikes. It's called Bondic and it's pretty damn impressive. My brother gave me a stick of the stuff ages ago after he chucked them some bucks on Kickstarter and I've only just gotten around to...
  7. EsPeGe

    Question for a our bigger riders.

    Hi guys I hope everyone is well and getting excited about the upcoming summer. I know I am. Anyway I have a question for our bigger riders on behalf of a mate of mine. He is 193cms (6'4" in old speak) and around 115kgs, probably will be closer to 120 all kitted up, think Sully from Monsters Inc...
  8. EsPeGe

    Taree, get on it!!!

    Hi guys my mates and I spent a couple of days riding Kiwarrack Forest near Taree. The crew up there have really done a great job and there is a heap of stuff to ride. We are mostly gravity guys so we shuttled that stuff but there was plenty of other options there if that floats your boat. Anyway...
  9. EsPeGe

    US road trip Aug/Sept

    Hey gang how's it going? Ready for winter???? I've just finshed building my first set of wheels which came out awesome I must say. Anyway I'm off to the US for a MTB road trip and have a rough itinerary in mind and I'm keen if anyone has any input on it or suggestions. I'll have a campervan and...
  10. EsPeGe

    Fox 40's sagging when lowering air pressure

    Hiya burners, I hope everyone is getting their time on the saddle in with the end of daylight savings fast approaching. So I have questions...... I'm trying to get my Fox 40's set up after removing 2 volume spacers. I'm going back to factory settings as a start point and am trying to get my sag...
  11. EsPeGe

    NSW Shimano Centrelock adaptors x 3

    Item: As above Location: Cronulla NSW Item Condition: NEW Reason for selling: Bought thinking (incorrectly) that they would adapt my Centrelock rotors to 6 bolt hubs. Can't remember why I've got 3 or how I cocked it up. Price and price conditions: $25 a piece including postage or $60 the lot...
  12. EsPeGe

    Sold Shimano BR-M446 resin pads, 4 sets combined.

    Item: As above Location: Cronulla, NSW Item Condition: NEW Reason for selling: Came in a kit but won't fit any of my bikes Price and price conditions: $30 including postage Extra Info: I don't want to be braking this up and selling them individually so I'm hoping someone out there wants the lot...
  13. EsPeGe

    Fox Suspension rebound settings

    Hi all hope you are all getting some saddle time and not either drowning or frying depending on which part of the country you are in. Anyway I've recently installed 2019 Fox 40s and X2 on my Pivot Phoenix and I have a question regarding rebound setting. I've set the sag etc using a combination...
  14. EsPeGe

    DH My first DH rig!!!! Pivot Phoenix

    So I bought this a few months back for a bit over $3k. It had SRAM and RockShox which is all gone now. I'm a Shimano/Fox guy. I just finished the build today which is perfect timing for a test at GV over the weekend. I like Pivots a lot and apart from my Evil they are my favourite bikes. In my...
  15. EsPeGe

    AM The Re-imagining of The Wreckoning

    So I had to clean up some light cosmetic damage on the Wreckoning so I had it painted at the same time. The main colour of the frame is a sort of brown instead of the gun metal I had asked for but I like it. $600 got the frame stripped, repaired and painted. Pretty happy. Frame - Evil...
  16. EsPeGe

    Sold SRAM X9 Shifter and Deraillieur

    Item: SRAM X9 Shifter and Deraillieur Location: Cronulla Item Condition: Good, a few minor scratches Reason for selling: Hate SRAM still Price and price conditions: $50 for both posted Extra Info: Always happy for you to come and inspect if desired. Pictures:
  17. EsPeGe

    Sold SRAM Guide RS Brakes

    Item: SRAM Guide RS brake set Location: Cronulla Item Condition: pretty good Reason for selling: Hate SRAM Price and price conditions: $200 the lot posted Extra Info: Ripped them off a DH bike I just bought. Decking it out with Saint. Pretty good condition. Comes with pads (2/3 material...
  18. EsPeGe

    NSW Skidfest 2018

    Event name: Skidfest 2018 Date: 2-4 November Location: Green Valleys bike park, Tongarra NSW Discipline: Gravity Entry link: Sponsors: Specialized, M2O, Krush, Kennards Hire, GU, Simple cycles, The Cyclery Studio, Ride Aus, NSDynamics, Definitive...
  19. EsPeGe

    Product Review Shimano XT M8020 4 piston caliper only kit.

    Item: Shimano XT M8020 4 piston brake caliper only kit. Purchased From: MTB Direct Purchase Price (approx): $139 each end Usage: Stopping, fast. Pros - Look the balls, ridiculous stopping power, less finger/arm pump due not having to death grip so hard, modulation feels really good. Cons -...
  20. EsPeGe

    Product Review Push Industries ACS 3 Coil upgrade kit.

    Item: Push ACS 3 Coil upgrade kit for Fox 36 Purchased From: NSDynamics Purchase Price (approx): $500 self installed $720 installed by NS with their Hyperformance tune included which is $250 on it's own Usage: Installed in my 2018 FOX 36's on an Evil Wreckoning and has been in use for approx...