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    NSW Sold

    Item: 2007 Santacruz v10. Top spec. Location: Wollongong, NSW. WILL POST!!! Item Condition: Used Reason for selling: Getting out of dh Price and price conditions: PRICE DROP $1500ono open to offers!! Extra Info: This is a great bike, and will suit any level of rider, a world cup...
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    Item: 1998 Cannondale f1000 frame and fork Location: Wollongong, NSW (will post at buyers expense) Item Condition: Used, a few dents, all tiny (4 or less), biggest one would be the size of a 5c coin if that, nothing major structurally. Frame is 13years old. Reason for selling: Lost interest need...
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    $0 Fixie Build

    Cost me nothing to build:) Found it at a council clean up, didnt even have a flat tube or worn tyres, pretty stoked on that. The frame is huge and with the seat slammed would roughly be the maximum seat height for me. The back half of the bike is undercoated and so are the forks, its missing a...
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    Down the hill

    First time taking photos of riding. zen dog by C........., on Flickr zen dog by C........., on Flickr koe dog by C........., on Flickr zen dog and koe dog by C........., on Flickr koe dog by C........., on Flickr zen dog by C........., on Flickr koe dog by C........., on...
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    Rossi is back

    From 11th to 1st with plenty of time in hand. He's back!!! Can't wait till next year on the ducati
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    Sorry Ignore

    Sorry ignore.....
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    1998 Cannondale F1000

    So basically I sold my stp, I had originally wanted a XC bike but as time went by I was really set on a project to do and wanted to build and restore a road bike and build a fixie. I went to the tip hoping to find a road bike but not one bike at all, which was really strange. Than today I was...
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    Item: 2007 Giant STP0 (Probably the best specced stp giant made) Location: Wollongong, NSW Item Condition: Mechanically well, some scratches on frame Reason for selling: XC bike Price and price conditions: SOLD Extra Info: Currently set up in single speedbut, the bike will come with gears...
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    NSW Sold

    Item: 2008 Glory dh1 Location: Wollongong, NSW (will post) Item Condition: Used Reason for selling: New Bike Price and price conditions: SOLD Extra Info: Sold Pictures:
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    Item: Schwinn Stingray with 48cc Zbox engine. Location: Sold Item Condition: Very good, no scratches or rust, engine hasn't been run in yet. Reason for selling: Lack of use. Price and price conditions: SOLD Extra Info: Brand new engine has not been run-in only 200km Put in with care with no...
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    Occ - Death Trap

    So it was the holidays and I was looking for a project to do with my Dad, I started thinking of resurrecting my old plan of putting an engine in my chopper, which was useless as you can only use it on the flat. So I started searching and found it wasn’t as easy as i thought. As the bike has a...
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    Swimming Carnival at Mt Kembla

    Hey yall, Filmed and edited by Sam Tolhurst Nelson- Glory dh1, swinging the pole Christian- V10 blue wheels Jack- Glory dh1, One footer Roy- Glory Dh0 Cal- Black and white dh1 with totems Peace out
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    Shock length on 2008 Giant Glory Comp?

    Hey rotorburners, Did a search and didnt find anything. My mate is looking at a new rear shock for his 2008 Giant Glory 8 comp (the silver one) and was woundering if the shock length is 8.75x2.75 or 9.5x3.0 like the dh1 and dh0? Help would be greatly appreciated. Cheers, 83AST
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    Item: 2007 Progressive Suspension 5th Element CVT5 Location: Wollongong, will post. Item Condition: Works great, in great condition. Reason for selling: Want to try something different. Price and price conditions: $350...$300.... NOW SOLD Extra Info: Has a 350lbs spring Info from 5th element...
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    Albury DH

    Hey all, Im going to Albury and staying with family friends over the easter break, should be there on thursday and leaving tuesday. I am taking my dh bike( 2007 V10 with blue wheels, so if you see me say hi) and would love to ride some local trails, like nail can dh track and beechworth (I...
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    DH Faith in a V10?

    For Larger pics go to>>>>> V-10 spec in RED Faith spec in BLUE (bikes original colour) Frame - 2007 santacruz V-10 small 2006 Giant Faith medium Rear shock - Vivid 5.1 Fox DHX3 Front shock/fork - Boxxer WC 2009 Marzocchi RC3 World Cups Ti...
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    SOLD Pending Payment

    PM for detailed pics. Prefer local or close to buyer, will post Item: 2006 Marzocchi Junior T Location: Wollongong, NSW Item Condition: Hardly used some small sraches on lower. Reason for selling: Got Boxxers ages ago, been sitting around for nearly a year Price and price conditions: Offers...
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    Boxxer Direct Mount Stem

    Item: Boxxer direct Mount Stem Location: Wollongong Price range/Willing to Pay: You tell me the worst i can say is no Extra Info: Direct mount MUST fit boxxer fork and be O.S. Would prefer local but if its good value there will be an exception. Add me on msn for further information...
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    Keira DH

    My new vid its only short but its fun the rider at the begining in nelson, followed by me, then my dad, marc and jasson For better quality double click the vid and when it open click view high quality which is under the video Hope you enjoy it:cool: