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    Track pump for tubeless tyres - recommendations?

    I'm on the hunt for a track pump that can seat tubeless tyres - any recommendations?
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    NSW Sold

    Item: 2014 Trek Remedy 8 Location: Petersham (Sydney) Item Condition: Used Reason for selling: Time for a new bike, new bike is now ordered Price and price conditions: Asking $2,250, $2,000, now $1, reasonable offer will be refused Extra Info: 2014 Trek Remedy 8 650b Size Medium...
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    NSW Sold

    Item: CSixx 32T NW Chainring, fits Shimano cranks Location: Sydney (Petersham/Sydney CBD) Item Condition: Used, but works great, never dropped a chain Reason for selling: No longer using, changed set-up Price and price conditions: $25 incl. post Extra Info: Pick-up Petersham/Sydney CBD, else I...
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    Recommend me an AM bike around $3.5k

    I’m considering upgrading my AM bike. My current bike is a substantially upgraded 2014 650b Trek Remedy, weighs in about 13.5kg. Requirements for a new bike would be… - 650b wheels (not interested in 29”) - Alloy frame is ok - Must have 11 sp drivetrain - Must weight 13.5 kg or less - Prefer...
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    Fire Eye Flame...Commuter/2nd MTB

    I had been commuting to and from work and doing the odd MTB ride on my old GT Chucker DJ hardtail, heavy and slow but it did the job. I found cracks in the chain stays so it had to be retired. I bought this Fire Eye Flame hardtail frame cheap off CRC almost a year ago, finally got around to...
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    Wanted: 650b Forks (120mm – 140mm) and 650b Wheelset (F + R)

    Wanted: 650b Forks (120mm – 140mm) and 650b Wheelset (F + R) Currently building a bike where I have the option to go 650b where I’d need a set of forks and a wheelset. Bike will mainly used for commuting and but will likely see a bit offroad use, won’t rule out XC forks and wheels but would...
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    NSW WTB: 26in MTB rear wheel

    After the following items to complete a budget build commuter/hack bike:- Item # 1: 26in MTB rear wheel, 135mm x 10mm, QR, hub to suit 10 speed Shimano cassette, 6 bolt disc mount. Price: Less is more (budget build), tell me what you’ve got and we can talk price. Condition: Must be in good...
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    Tapered Frame & Non-Tapered Fork - Headset?

    Looking to purchase a replacement frame which has fully integrated tapered headtube (1.1/8 inches at the top,1.5 inches at the bottom) Current forks are 1.1/8 straight steerer. Would like to use these forks as they are working ok. Can anyone recommend a headset to suit the above setup?
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    SMH Article: NSW cyclists may be required to carry photo ID Article in today’s SMH. I would assume many people riding a bike would have their wallet/ID with them regardless, so this proposed requirement is probably not a...
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    NSW Delete Please - Items no longer for sale

    Have decided to return items to retailer, cheers.
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    NSW Looking for AM bike: Prefer Complete/May Consider Frame and Fork combo.

    Hi I'm just putting the feelers out there for an AM bike for a family member. He's only young so budget is an issue! Item: Dual suspension AM Bike - size medium. No hardtails. No preference for brand at this point in time! Newer the better, must be in good condition. Minor marks ok, no major...
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    MTB Jerseys...having trouble buying one that fits properly!

    The joys of online shopping and not being able to try stuff on before you buy! I'm struggling to find an MTB jersey that fits me properly! TLD Medium size jersey looks like a dress...then I can't even get the TLD Small over my shoulders! WTF! Also have tried Royal Medium which is huge! Anyone...
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    Car deliberately tries to run me off the road - report to the police?

    Riding my pushie home from work and a car following me deliberately tries to run me off the road! Was keeping pace in stop start traffic so I wasn't holding him up at all! Definitely the closest I've come to being hit by a car deliberately! I took a photo of his car to get the plates, should I...
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    NSW: Hornsby MTB Park - Possible Closure?

    Hornsby Mtb Trails RIP? The reality of filling the Quarry for Mountain Biking. View this email in your browser Hornsby Mountain Bike Trails - the final stand Hi Richard The future of Hornsby Mtb trails lies in the hands of...
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    NSW Helmet pad for 661 Recon Stealth

    Lost one of the pads from my 661 Recon Stealth helmet - anyone got spares? Probably easiest to explain what pad I need for anyone that has the helmet! Cheers, Richie.
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    NSW Sorted, Cheers!

    The forks and the front wheel on my commuter/2nd mtb/pump track bike are completely gone! First of all I'm looking for a fork, as my current front wheel is stuffed I'm open to any hub type. I'm relunctant to spend approx. $300 on new low spec forks so I'm chasing better value on here! The less...
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    New forks for DJ hardtail (around $250)

    I’m looking to upgrade the forks on my hardtail as the original forks are goneskis! The bike is a DJ style hardtail but I use it mostly to commute to work, occasionally ride it off road on small jumps/pump tracks etc. At this stage I’m prepared to spend a bit of money (around $250) on new...
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    NSW Sold

    So I ordered this stuff from CRC and it doesn't fit! I waited 3 weeks for CRC to get this stuff to me and I have no interest in dealing with them for a return and/or exchange! Make me a reasonable offer and I'll sell, I'll include postage because I'm feeling nice! Buy both...please! Item...
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    NSW Wanted: Scott Lock Control Pull Shock

    One of my riding buddies has a Scott Reflex 25 and the rear shock is playing up/possibly stuffed! We are aiming to source another rear shock before we go down the path of getting it serviced/rebuilt, looking to save $ if posiible! If anyone has anything suitable let me know, happy to talk $...
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    NSW WTB: Flat bar road bike/hybrid/city bike - cheap!

    I’m interested to see if anyone has a flat bar road bike/hybrid/city bike that they want to offload? I think a medium sized frame would be most suitable as I’m approx. 175cm tall. I’m located in Sydney and I’d like to check over a bike if anything suitable comes up. My budget is low but...