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  1. caad9

    Melbourne Burners post Covid meetup - Silvan - Sat 13th June

    3 dry days is the worst possible result. Will be firm underneath, but very greasy - Should keep the entertainment value high though The only way it will get good from here on is with continuous rain so it starts to soften up again.
  2. caad9

    So, who can fill me in on the past 10 years?

    New trails have popped up everywhere and you should have already booked a holiday to Tasmania. The war between land managers and trail builders is more fierce than ever Bikes have improved so much from 10 years ago, you can't go too wrong at the moment
  3. caad9

    My first timber feature

    I do not condone watching any of his vids, had this sent to me and it's constantly referenced when riding crap features
  4. caad9

    My first timber feature

    Transition between feature and ground is not considered at all. It's no surprise the BKXC guy wants nothing to do with them. There is another one where a BMX mate of his comes along and eats shit constantly
  5. caad9

    My first timber feature

    This is the best example of what not to do. Absolutely horrific features and construction
  6. caad9

    VIC Lysterfield Park

    Unfortunately, both.
  7. caad9

    VIC Lysterfield Park

    I've said this before in here, but plenty of people that call themselves proper MTB riders still can't deal with Silvan. So it's not even just the novices that are scared off
  8. caad9

    VIC Lysterfield Park

    Absolutely absurd. There is plenty of these ignorant assholes everywhere
  9. caad9

    VIC Lysterfield Park

    Lysterfield is a very large network which has been created so that 95% of the trails can be ridden by a complete novice. No surprise, that's where the complete novices go. It's also readily accessible for a huge growth area if the state. Silvan, Red Hill, Plenty Gorge, Lake Mountain, Buxton...
  10. caad9

    Am I the new Moorey?

    I have a set somewhere with through axle. They need a service to run, but if any of you collectors want them i'll happily lob them your way for postage costs
  11. caad9

    a whinge about LBS

    As @Dozer mentioned, stocks will be very thin soon. My LBS is quite concerned on whether they will receive orders and they have one of the biggest supplies of floor stock in Australia. Have been absolutely smashed with people buying bikes and all related gear during lockdown
  12. caad9

    NSW sold

    Ultimate sales pitch
  13. caad9

    Warburton trail updates

    It's not quite dead in the water, but nothing is going to happen for some time. Big blow to the area and locals who had already invested in business and housing around the town. Initial chatter was that trail would be running for Xmas 2020 - Such a bummer
  14. caad9

    What's everyone doing with their wallet, phone and keys on a ride?

    Can be tools, can be clothing, can be cut lunches. Some people just carry a lot of stuff.
  15. caad9

    What's everyone doing with their wallet, phone and keys on a ride?

    Came here to say this as well. Running belts are miles smaller than riding bumbags. If all you want is phone/key/license, that is the answer. I don't know how people carry so much shit on each ride. Only a very select few are riding that far from home/car, that it necessitates it.
  16. caad9

    Tasmania - the secrets unlocked...

    Having been up Mt Wellington recently and walked back to Hobart, a lot of those walking tracks would have cost enormous dollars to create. They obviously can spend money there, just need to be convinced this is the reason to do it
  17. caad9


    Are we actually confident that he will lose come election time? Seems like no matter how ridiculous things get, he can just keep on keeping on. It is amazing that America has not broken down to the point that they are at war with each other.
  18. caad9

    Douche Listing of the Day - Post them here.

    The classic specialized seller right there
  19. caad9

    Have Mountain Bikers become the new Motards?

    Our local trails have had some serious shovel time over the lockdown period from all the school kids. Not a single thought goes into the overall trail, just insert a feature wherever it fits. It is hilarious how their young minds see things and not in the way that makes things better