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    sh!t Mountain Bikers say...

    Came across this which I thought was pretty funny!
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    80's add for Brisbane Bitter

    not sure if this belongs here, but came across this add for an Australian beer with a rather interesting focus on cycling - can anyone remember it?
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    recommend me a CX bike for commuting?

    Hi guys I am currently overseas with work and on my return to Canberra I will be taking up a new job which is further from my house. Looks like it will be 25km each way ride - great excuse for a new bike! Most of the ride is by bike path, but that can be rather bumpy with roots lifting the...
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    recommend me a flat pedal for my single speed

    Hi guys After a flat pedal for me to chuck on my single speed. I will use the bike for the odd ride to work ( I have a commuter ) when I feel like something different, rides into the city and mates houses - and just to the shops with a pair of thongs on. What would people recommend? Was...
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    Advice on frame size ( ebay commuter bike)

    Hi all I looking at the below bike on Ebay. I actually use to have the same frame years ago and it was brillant as a commuter. Anyway, I can't recall the size of the frame and the details aren't great on the add. I am 183cm - do you reckon this frame will be okay ( I think it's a be deceiving...
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    WTB - rigid MTB for a commuter

    Item: Wanted old ( steel?) MTB that I can use for a commuter. Maybe something along the lines of an old Shogun.. Location: Live in Canberra but willing to pay for shipping Price range/Willing to Pay: Depends on the bike Extra Info: If anyone has done up a bike as a commuter I would be...
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    My first bike build up ( hardtail for the commute ) need advise on my parts!

    Hi all I am looking for some advice on my very first build of a bike. My mate gave me a 2007 a Scott Aspect frame ( forks and seat post) a while back and it’s been sitting out in the shed. I have been looking for a new commuter bike after my old one ( it was pretty old ) got stolen from...
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    recommend a hardtail for the commute

    Hi all Just about to land back in Australia after spending six months overseas. I am keen to get back into riding, espically to and from work. So, I am in the market for a bike to see me the 28km round trip. Before I left I had a CRX 2 that I rode to work. It was a nice bike, sure it was...
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    Designing and selling MTB jerseys ?

    Guys Looking for some advice. A while back I was looking for a new jersey for a XC event I was entering in. After much searching on the internet I couldn’t find a design I really liked, so I didn’t end up getting one. I mentioned this to a mate of mine who is a designer and he actually did...
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    Post up a pic of your commuter bike!

    Hi all I know there was a thread like this a couple of years back - hasn't been much on the topic in a while so I thought I would create a new one. This thread is for posting up a picture of your trusty commuter bike! ( I personally love seeing some of the rigs people ride to work, they...
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    What tools should I buy

    Hi all I am placing an order at CRC and I need to it it above $445 for free shipping. I was thinking about getting some tools to start my collection so I can start to do more work on my own bikes. I just got a workstand but really don't have any other tools! Just wondering what I should...
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    Looking for a new commuter

    Item: Comuter (MTB) Location: In Canberra Price range/Willing to Pay:Looking around the 500 mark Extra Info:Looking for a MTB commuter. Let me know what you have, I could be interested. Willing to look at old rigid frames and something with some character. No Single speeds, photos are...
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    recomend a website about building up a bike

    Hi all I am going to attempt to build up a Scott Aspect 2.0 that was given to me. I have always been a rider who didn't know much about the mechanical side of things so I thought this would be a great chance to learn more. I am after a website that explains how to build up a bike in pretty...
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    Backpack for comuting?

    Hi guys, I am in the market for a new backpack for my ride to and from work ( 30kms round trip). I think I would prefer a backpack over the messenger style just because of comfit. Looking for something that has a few pockets so I can leave things like tubes, tools, tyre leavers, pump etc...
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    Cheapest way to build up a frame?

    Hey all. I got a hard tail frame and fork off a mate and I am looking at building up a cheap ride for a commutter. Now, as most of you know building a bike does cost a fair amount and as my second bike I want to keep the costs down as much as I can. Buying individual parts (ie wheel sets and...
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    Need a cheap commuter

    Hi all. I am in the need for a commuter to get me to work each day. I had a great old shogun ( full rigid ) trail breaker 2, which was great for ridding to work. I regrettably got rid of it when I got a flat bar roadie ( which I have since sold ) and I am now in the market for something...
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    2009 Giant trance X2, hunting the best deal

    hi all, I am in the market for a new xc bike and I have nailed it down to a 2009 Giant trance X2. I am trying to track down the best price in Canberra or Sydney. The rrp is $3600 but a couple of places have it for $3200. Having a look around I can get It for $2699 (new) in Melbourne...
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    2008 GT peace 9r (29" single speed) **SOLD**

    Item: 2008 GT peace 9r Location: Canberra Item Condition: Seriously like new, would have done less than 40kms on it. I haven't taken up the first free service - which I will before it goes to it's new home. Reason for selling: Don't use it and I need the money for a new XC machine Price and...
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    How much should I pay for my mates Scott frame?

    Hi guys My mate has a 2008 Scott aspect 2.0 frame for sale. What do you think I should offer for the frame and forks (really good condition) Looking to build it up over time Cheers
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    I sweat too much - what to do???

    Hi all I have a problem - I sweat a lot, I always have. Just for the record I don't smell!! When I go ridding I find I have problems with sweat pouring from my head down My face and into my eyes - which causes them to sting. Anyone else face the same problemis there anything that can be...