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    Portable desalinators.

    So we've got a couple of island hopping adventures planned and the major limiting factor at the moment is fresh water. Any ideas what kayakers do for fresh water? I've heard of some fairly epic kayak trips and I'm guessing they didn't carry all the water they needed in their boats and must have...
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    1 1/8 to 1 1/4 reducer headset?

    So as the title eludes to I'm after a 1 1/8 to 1 1/4 reducer headset because my new frame is amazingly retarded. Forks are 1 1/8 to 1 1/4 tapered which is fine as a few bikes use this standard now. However the headtube is a straight 1 1/4 :frusty: Any ideas? My googling seems to just bring...
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    Item: Ciamillo Zero G Titanium brakeset. Location: Springwood Blue Mountains. Item Condition: Very good. Reason for selling: Sram Aerolink calipers. Price and price conditions: $180 + post if needed. Extra Info: These might be the pimpest road brakes there are. The pair of these (yes that's...
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    Tapered headset 1 1/8 to 1 1/4

    Item: Integrated tapered headset, 1 1/8 to 1/4. Location: Anywhere if you are willing to post. Price range/Willing to Pay: $50. Extra Info: Something like an FSA CF-33 will do the trick.
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    Sram Red shifter routing.

    Is there a trick to getting the shift cable through a Sram double tap shifter? Brake cable slid straight through and straight into the housing but the shift cable seems to go in about 2mm and then nothing. I've tried shifting it up a couple of notches and feeding the cable through as I've...
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    Item: Dura Ace C24 carbon laminate wheels. Location: Springwood or Katoomba Blue Mountains. Can possibly meet in the CBD on a Monday. Item Condition: Very good. A bit of wear on the brake track as to be expected with a used wheelset but otherwise excellent. Front is perfectly straight. Rear...
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    The Gran Turismo 6 thread

    Seems GT5 was worthy of it's own thread so here's one for 6. My lovely missus picked up a copy for me today but alas the very same missus isn't letting me play it, apparently there's TV to be watched instead. For those thinking of grabbing a copy, Kmart have it for $69, better than the...
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    Nelson Mandela passes away.

    So one of the most inspirational figures of our time passed away this morning at 95 years old. Sad day indeed.
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    Gluing metal

    Hey folks. So my Schhram shifter wasn't working all that well and being bored at work I figures I'll pull it to pieces and rebuild it. Hopefully there's just a bit of gunk in there and a good clean and rebuild will have it working wonderfully again. Nope, turns out there's a little crack in a...
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    NSW Sold.

    Frame: Kestrel Pro SL Special Edition. 56cm. Derailleurs: Dura Ace 7900. Shifters: Shimano non-series. Cranks: Sram Force. 172.5 52/39. Base bar: Vision Trimax team alloy. Extensions: Vision Trimax team alloy. 250mm J-Bend. Brake Calipers: Shimano 105. Brake levers: Vision TT. Saddle...
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    The hoax or not thread

    So not sure if this is real or not but apparently Paul Walker died in a car crash today.
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    NSW Sold.

    Item: Cervelo S5 copy. 56cm, white with red lines. Location: Blue Mountains but can post. Item Condition: Pretty good, few small marks. Reason for selling: Need to pay for new TT bike. Price and price conditions: $1100 ono. Extra Info: This is probably the closest you'll get to a Cervelo S5...
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    My balls! My balls! I can't feel my balls!

    Continuing the discussions about my pants area. I feel we've thoroughly covered the arse area in a previous thread so it's time to move to the front. For those of you that spend some time on a stationary trainer, do you find crotch numbness worse on a trainer than riding outside? I rarely get...
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    Headset 45/45

    Item: Integrated headset. Location: Anywhere if you are willing to post or Blue Mountains. Price range/Willing to Pay: $20 tops. I'm actually just after the upper portion of a Campy (45/45) headset but will take the whole headset if that's what's on offer. Not fussed on what brand so long...
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    Sram Rival Shifters

    Item: Sshram Rival shifters, the newer ones with carbon levers please. Location: Anywhere if you are happy to post. Price range/Willing to Pay: Dunno, what are they worth to you?
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    Girls in bed

    Well not really but I got your attention didn't I? There is a girl and a bed involved but all we're trying to do is get a good nights sleep. So I've decided my mattress is shite and would like a new one. I bought one of them memory foam mattresses a while back and it was good for the first...
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    ESSA acredited exercise physiologist in Sydney.

    I'm calling out to ask a little favour from the RB community. A friends boyfriend needs to do 4 hours supervision under an ESSA accredited exercise physiologist to apply for ESSA accreditation. If he can't do this then he'll have to study a whole new degree. Can anyone on here help...
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    The watch thread.

    Any watchophiles on here? Courtesy of a certain Mod on here I've developed a slight watch thing. Never did see the point of spending lots on a watch that just told the time, if I was going to spend a lot on a watch I wanted it to do other stuff like give me compass bearings and barometric...
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    Item: I'm after one or two of the funky seals/washers for the non-driveside of a Sram GXP BB. I've got a bunch of spare Sram BB's but not one single washer. Location: If you are in the Blue Mountains or Penrith that would be great but anywhere if you are willing to post. Price range/Willing to...
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    NSW Sold.

    Item: DH wheelset. Location: Blue Mountains. Item Condition: Very good. Reason for selling: Excess. Price and price conditions: $300 plus post. Extra Info: Hubs are DT Swiss 440 and rims are blue Mavic EX729. 150mm rear, 20mm front. Pictures: Coming tonight.