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    VIC Sold

    Item: 2009 Giant Glory DH0 Location: Melbourne, VIC. Eastern Suburbs Item Condition: Brand New Frame & wheelset. Reason for selling: selling to fund business Price and price conditions:$1550 Extra Info: Built up 1 week ago by DM Cycles in Warrandyte - can vouch for condition & build...
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    Old School Strength Training

    As the title suggests, a thread for strength training. In particular, powerlifting, Olympic lifting and other old school strength training. So... Do you train like this? What kind of training are you doing? What lifts & rep/sets of said lift. Where do you train? What are you lifting (in...
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    VIC Sold please delete

    Sold please delete
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    Private Property Trail destroyed please delete

    Trails destroyed
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    Professional Trail Builders

    Hi folks, Just a quick question. Ive done a lot of google'ing and searches that have only returned limited information. So the question is.. Other than World Trail and TSA(Trail Solutions Australia) are there any professional trail building companies out there? If you know of any and...
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    VIC NemPro Secret Agent - Removed from sale - Please Delete

    removed from sale.
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    please delete

    please delete.
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    Marzocchi 4X WC vs Marzocchi Shiver SC's

    Hey, Im looking at buying a new set of forks for a frame im building. Its between the 4X WC's (07's - dropped to 80mm) and Shiver SC's (05's). Both forks are brand new from stores and will be used for street and dj's, bmx tracks, ect. I weigh in at 95kg too, and will be coming back to...
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    Old Frames

    Well, ive been thinking of a few ideas for a new build recently, and something poped up unexpectedly. Its a 2001 24 Pornking. The problem is.. is that too old? To be honest, the frame looks awesome. Becide the usual cable rub, which after 7 years is more than expected. There are no cracks...
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    Limited edition camouflage Chris King Hubs?

    Hey guys, Just a quick question. Ive found some CK hubs that are for sale. They are woodland camoflague anodized in colour, which i've never seen before. The seller sad that there are only 5 sets know to be made by chris king. Can anyone confirm this? I cant find any info on them...
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    Who wants a free ramp?

    Hey, I do realise this isn't exactly allowed, however maybe due to the sale conditions it can stay up till next friday. *Edit: and because it relates only to this segment of riding.. plus whoever looks in the miscellaneous section anyways :P* Anyway, Free ramp people, get on it...
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    Saturday morning rolls around and a mate, Joel, and I decide to get out to hursty for some practise before Ballarat next weekend. We're walking up the track and what do we see... the whole side of the mountain has been destroyed. Not sure if it was for safety (fire), pine harvesting time or one...
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    Earlier Model Giant Perigee??

    Hey guys, I dont usually come around this part of the forum, however I am in need of some wisdome. I was browsing through a local trash / brick a brack place today and spotted an earlier model Giant Perigee. Im not sure of a price but wondered what one of these are usually worth / how...
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    Buller Pics, 4th Feb 06

    Hey guys and gals... I was at the race and took a few pics, numbers are as follows: 6, 25, 27, 28, 56(4), 59(4), 66(6), 67(6), 70(4), 71(4), 75, 78(2), 80(2),83 blury, 95, 99, 103, 104, 204, 220, 221, 222, 233, 257, 258, 263, 280, 282, 284, 288, 290, 704(2), 705, 707, 784, 785, 786, 787...
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    Got Dirt?

    Well I got some dirt delivered today. Just have to work out what to do with it. It will be dirt jumps but thinking of the layout at the moment. Already had some carnage from it, by me busting out and overshoot to face plant (literly) Nice splits in my lip and a few grazes but its all good...
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    Candidate for man of the year!

    Dad emailed me this today. If I saw this man in the street, I'd shake his hand :p Anyone done anything similar?
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    Hadley Rear Hubs :confused:

    Hey, just after some advice about a rear hub for my DH bike (GT DHI) I’m currently running a Hadley rear hub, came stock with the bike when I purchased it. After having the bike serviced recently I was told something inside the hub is broken, If I remember correctly it was because the...
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    XTR / XT rear deraileur

    What: XT or XTR rear deraileur Price range/Willing to Pay: Less than retail, let me know what you've got. Location: Melb, preffer local sale but will pay for postage if its what I want Extra Info: Obviously preffer XTR. If its XT then short cage / med is what i want. must have pics. Must be...
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    03 Kona Stinky With Boxxers $650 - SOLD

    Item – 2003 Kona Stinky (medium) Location – Melbourne, Victoria Item Condition – Good, frame has just recently been powder coated custom blue by gripsport Reason for selling – new bike Price – $650 Extra Info – Bike has no chain or rear derailleur, but can be arranged for extra cash. I will...