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    NW Chainrings- Filing for extra life

    So I've been getting my bike ready for a trip and when I changed the chain I found that it's running rough on the chainring when under load. The bike was built with new drive train in June with ~30-50km per week with 800-1800m of climbing. The chainring shouldn't be worn. I suspect the square...
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    NSW Raceface Cinch Chainring 30T -Sold

    Item: Raceface cinch chainring 30T Direct mount with 6mm offset for non boost chainline Location: Wollongong, NSW Item Condition: New, Reason for selling: Doesnt fit my bike. These were taken off a set of cranks for a bike build and I replaced thw chainring with a lower offset to auit the...
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    NSW WTB: Hope pro 4 freehub HG

    Item: HG style freehub (standard shimano style) Location: I'm in Wollongong, happy to pay post Price range/Willing to Pay: Can get it new online from about 110, lower than that but depending on condition Extra Info: I played with Lego as a child and am right handed
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    It's a bird! it's a plane! It's a Bird Bird Aeris AM9!

    Summary - I wanted an N+1 and built up a Bird AM9 - Skip the wall of text to get to the good stuff My only bike was a 2016 Trek Stache, a very fun somewhat aggressive hardtail with 29+ wheels. I love this bike and it was all the bike I needed when living and...
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    Camping with riding

    Anyone have any good tips on spots where you can camp near some worthwhile riding? I'm asking as I'm interested but I thought it would be useful to get a list of camping near trails and maybe some suggestions for activities for the non riders. I'm thinking of doing a bit of a camping and riding...
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    NSW Rockshox Reba RL 120mm / 29" - Sold

    Item: Rockshox Reba RL - Solo Air 29" - 120mm Travel - 29" - MaxleLite 15 Axle Tapered Steer Tube Item Condition: Barely Used, Approximately 5-10 rides (10-15 hours). No Scratches and no visible wear anywhere. Stanchions look like new - see photo Reason for selling: I bought these to...