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    Queensland Championships October 2014

    Some shots from last weekend - if anyone wants a higher resolution shot just let me know.
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    Some shots from last Sunday - have some more to post sometime soon.
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    more shots of Cairns DH2 - just okay DH2
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    Cairns DH5

    Despite being used as target practice by a wayward rider halfway through the meeting - managed to get some okay shots! Let me know if you want a high res copy JMcJ
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    Some shots from Townsville from the weekend. Have heaps more if any riders want to post requests. :
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    Photos of Cairns DH4

    Photos now up - post a comment!
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    Cairns DH 3

    In spite of camera challenges - and then thanks to Adam's rescue mission - some shots of Sunday's race - with some special effects added to a few of them.
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    Cairns DH RD2

    Some more shots from Sunday's race!