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    WTB: Monarch Plus 190 x 51 (might consider other shocks in this size)

    Item: Monarch Plus 190 x 51 (might consider other shocks in this size). Preferably cheap, requiring rebuild ok. Location: Brisbane/4059 Item Condition: Reason for selling: Price and price conditions: Extra Info: Pictures:
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    QLD SOLD Funn 31.6 Dropper post

    SOLD Item: Funn 31.6 Dropper post, 110mm travel. Location: Bne/4059 Item Condition: Like new - fitted once Reason for selling: Reverb Price and price conditions: $75 + post Extra Info: PM me Pictures:
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    QLD SOLD - Wolftooth narrow/wide 'Drop-Stop' chainring 32T, 104 BCD

    SOLD Item: Wolftooth narrow/wide 'Drop-Stop' chainring 32T, 104 BCD Location: Bne/4059 Item Condition: unused/in packet Reason for selling: wanted a different colour Price and price conditions: $55 + post Extra Info: PM me Pictures:
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    Item: XTR M-980 shifter Location: Brisbane/Red Hill Item Condition: new/unused Reason for selling: surplus Price and price conditions: $80 plus post Extra Info: 10 speed, RH only, i-spec Pictures:
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    Training Log Brisneys training bullshit (and endurance racing experiences).

    I'm doing the SDBC later this year. It's going to be a bastard and I need to get fit. I'm in my early 30's and not unfit, but endurance racing is like nothing I've ever done - I raced DH back in the day and a 5 minute race run was considered long. Anyway, I've engaged an online coach (MTB...
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    Fatter than ya mum!

    Well what have we here? Plenty of chainstay clearance for a FAT TIRE! Eh?! Eh?! Fuck I'm funny. A little back story: I've been a medic for the Simpson Desert Bike Challenge for the last two years and a drunken bid at the charity auction after the race last year kinda tipped my hand in the...
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    SPD shoe fit guide?

    Hey kids, Anyone have a rough guide as to how different brands of SPD shoes actually fit? Had some SPDs in the early 'noughties but have been on flats since. I have medium-wide forefeet but reasonably narrow heels FWIW. I need some shoes for the SDBC this year. So, efficiency and...
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    Anyone doing the Keepit Real 100?

    Hi girls, Anyone doing the Keepit Real 100 on Dec 14? I've had to pull out unfortunately and my GF is going to do it alone. It'd be nice if she could meet someone before the race and say hi at least, or even ride with someone! Cheers B.
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    Coaching - online and otherwise

    Hey kids, So I just happened to ride past Active Cycle Coaching (in Milton, Brisbane) today and stopped in for a chat. They offer indoor group training sessions (but I don't have any kind of bike that will work on a trainer) and personalised coaching (for a shite load more). There's also...
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    School me on computers and HRMs!

    So I'm delving into new territory for me. I'm not really interested in counting carbs, measuring and quantifying my 'workouts' or shaving my legs, but I need to train for a multi day epic next year. Can someone give me the ins and outs of HRMs? Numbers and data are nice and all but does...
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    WTB: Thudbuster, fat bike parts, XT/XTR bits

    Item: 31.6 Thudbuster and any other fat bike parts you might have lying around. Location: I'm in Brisbane, if it matters. Price and price conditions: you tell me? Extra Info: Pictures: Thudbuster found, thanks JD. Looking for a XT Shadow Plus rear mech and shifter, must be in...
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    Wheel build advice

    Hey kids, Want to re-build the wheels on my 29er. Current wheels are Lefty front hub/DT 340 rear, unknown spokes, Stans Flow hubs. I want a lighter wheel set, so Crest rims are on the cards. Would like a lighter, SS specific rear hub but there aren't many affordable options out there. Not...
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    Lefty Rebuild advice

    Hey all, Need some advice on a lefty rebuild. Found some needle bearings floating around in the boot and need to replace them - anyone here done it? Got a source for parts? There's a local mob that can rebuild it but won't sell me the parts alone. I find this rather objectionable and would...
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    QLD SOLD XT M780 Chainrings - 42/32/24

    Item: XT M780 Chain rings only - 42-32-24 Location: Brisbane Item Condition: Brand new, unused Reason for selling: I am a man and have no use for your silly 'gears' Price and price conditions: $80 Extra Info: completely unused! Carbon/metal middle ring! Buy now! Pictures:
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    QLD: XT cranks, disc brakes, misc stuff

    Hi guys, I am after some XT cranks or at least something compatible with the shimano external BB. Also after some hydro disc brakes - cheap. Like, $100 for the entire set. Also need a 32t single speed chainring. And a shock pump. PM me!
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    Farkers, if you have or like boobs you owe me money.

    Alright Farkers, listen up. This July myself and a team of crack kiteboarders will be crossing the Torres Straight, raising money for the McGrath Foundation along the way and promoting breast awareness. The expedition itself is no trivial undertaking - raging tides, fickle winds, and...
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    Going to Vietnam - Reading Suggestions?

    Well kids, last time I jetted of to Cambodia I asked you wise farkers for some reading suggestions and they were great, and I think the experiences I had when travelling there were affected by what I'd read. This year, it's off to Vietnam I go. Travelling with the girlie this time, so it's...
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    Help me scambait someone!

    So, I have a Macbook advertised on the Brisbane Craigslist that is clearly pickup only. And I got an email from Queen Racheal: Any ideas about what I should say/do? For reference check out the p-p-powerbook.
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    A Tragic Near Miss

    Yeah, near misses aren't usually tragic but this one was: Imagine the budgie-smuggling photos and general idiocy the nation could have been spared if that truckie was just a bit less on the ball.
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    credit/debit cards with low fees for international purchases?

    Hey guys, Anyone know of any credit or debit cards with low fees for international purchases? I'll easily rack up a few hundred dollars in fees if I use my stupid Commbank debit card so I'm looking for a few alternatives.