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    Place your best ghosty/lake jumping pics here

    i haven't seen any ghosty/lake jumping pics yet so i thought i'd ask people to put some up, seeing as they're so cool to look at and laugh.
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    Adrenalin - the secret fuel that makes us go

    has anyone noticed that you seem to get addicted to that rush you get when you pull off something you've never done before? the more you do it the less it seems to come so you go bigger to try to get that 'rush' again. must be the best natural drug in the world. especially when combined with an mtb.
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    how do all you guys get around that small thing you feel before you try something big that you've never done before? an ideas on how to get over that 'i'm going to die off this' feeling? i'm fine on the ground, its just jumps and the height you can get that scares me
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    Were does everyone get those cool images under your name?

    hey guys were does one find the moving images etc, that you have under your names and the ones at the bottom of all the posts you create?