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    KHE Reverse ACB Mix up?

    I've had a Federal V1 before, and I purchased a KHE Reverse ACB about a week ago and I have already have around 4 or 5 problems. I've blown out both of my driver bearings, the drive side bearing has started to split into two, and has shifted and stuck out of the hub shell about 1cm and the...
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    Spoke Lengths

    Hey, I've ordered a KHE Geisha light freecoaster (36h) and a Demolition Zero rim off Dans comp but I want to get it built up at my LBS. What length spokes would I need for 4x? On the Pijin Spoke Calculator it sais I need 191.8mm spokes but I have heard that the spoke calculator is wrong, so just...
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    Wich frame size, and wich freecoaster?

    Hey everyone, a couple of questions. Soon I am going to buy a S&M LTF soon. I'm 5'11 and only 14, so i'm still growing. I was thinking of getting a 20.5 or a 20.75? And wich would be better, a Federal Freecoaster with a 3 piece axle or the KHE Reverse ACB? As in wich would need less...
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    Federal freecoaster + 3piece axle?

    At the moment I have a Federal freecoaster (The one with the KHE Reverse internals). The bearings are ALWAYS dying, so I was wondering: Is it was possible to put a 3 piece axle into my Federal hub? If it is possible is it as simple as just taking the old axle out and puting the 3 piece...
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    Even stupider than 24" Wheels.

    I really don't like this idea, 1" wouldn't really make that much difference would it?
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    Help save the Grove!

    If you have read this thread than you know that we need to help to save the Grove. Me and a couple of mates are riding to the meeting as we don't have any other transport. If you would like to be involved but don't have any transport either, you could ride there with us. For those interested...
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    Manly Krew Park/Dirt Sesh (56K Bonedeath)

    Good fun day with the Manly Krew. Photo props to Ben the 3m0. Trent Digx0ring. Me watching trent Digx0ring. Epic oppo hipped T-bar Trent You Deciding Brett learning lawnmowers Brett - Lawnmower Greg - Two footed footjam Greg...
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    Federal Freecoaster, 3piece axle

    Hey, I have a Federal freecoaster at the moment but the bearings keep dying. I was told that if I get a 3piece axle it wont eat them as much. If I just buy a Geisha Aluminium Center Axle and the axle studs, can I get my LBS to install them for me? Or will it not fit at all?
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    Who imports Suelo?

    Who would import Suelo parts in the Northern Beaches area? One more question, if I have a 9t profile hub can I swap over the driver and put in an 8t?
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    Should I stick with my Federal freecoaster, or should I buy a TN Rollacoaster or a Nankai Techno? I ride street and park. I have had quite alot of problems with my Federal freecoaster and was wondering if the others would be less work. Is it easy to put the Nankai internals into a profile shell...
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    Whats a good front brake?

    Some people I know say that the Diatech Hombre, Diatech Fiesta and Fly Suelo are good front brakes. Which will have more braking power, and be better all round?
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    I want to run 4 pegs

    I want to run 4 pegs, but when I try and manual and do other tricks, my back foot keeps hitting the pegs. Is there any other way I can run 4 pegs other than changing my stance on the pedals, and getting used to it being there?
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    Freecoaster halp.

    Does anyone have the video on how to greese a freecoaster? And what should I use to greese it? Its starting to click so I better greese it. Thanks, any help appreciated. Edit: I have a federal.
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    Watch before posting!

    Clicky. My contribution to the world.
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    Bike Guard Bike Alarm!

    Details Motion Capture The World's first and only Remote Activated Motion Sensor Alarm designed specifically for bicycles. This innovative Battery Powered motion sensor alarm stays hidden out of sight under your seat, and emits an ear piercing 110 db siren if disturbed. Sensitivity is...
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    What do you recommend?

    I want a freecoaster, but i'm not sure which one to get. I am thinking of either the KHE Reverse or the KHE Federal. What do you guys recommend?
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    How do you fix cranks?

    Today my freewheel died, and I am going to Monster skate park tomorrow. I have taken off he chain as a quick fix until I can get to a bike shop and buy a new one. For now I am just going to go chainless, but is there any way to fix the cranks without welding? *Fix as in unmovable
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    Hitman - The Donna (Pink BMX :D)

    Probably haven't heard of Hitman because its a rather new BMX company in the US. Bought it off eBay about a 3 weeks ago, loving it since. Going to buy some pink ODI Longnecks, black slams and pink straitline pedals. I only have pictures off the website. Once the rim buckles I am going to have it...
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    How much do the new Odyssey Twisted PC pedals cost?

    How much do the Odyssey Twisted PC pedals cost? I know that they are cheap, but I forgot how cheap. Thanks.
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    Can planes make metal expand permanently?

    I orderd a BMX from the US and they shipped it over to my dads work, and he is going to be away for a while so he had it courier deliver it to my house. I pulled everything out of the box and start to assemble it. I realise that my multi tool doesn't fit properly in any of the bolts. It's as if...