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  1. noel0409

    QLD Mongoose Teocali Super

    Item: 2011 Mongoose Teocali Super Medium frame Location:Gold Coast will post at buyers cost Item Condition:Bike is in good condition has had little use, some scratches etc, still has the original tyres although worn but comes with new set of tyres and other spares, brake pads fork seal kit and...
  2. noel0409

    Elixir 5 Brake Bleed

    Howdy all, I'm trying to bleed my brakes followed everything in the avid guide and youtube videos but can't get any fluid to go through from bottom to top or the other way. Tried all handle positions as in the guides and backed the adjuster completely and then reset it at 80mm from center of the...
  3. noel0409

    Wheel Bearings

    Howdy folks Whats the drill with getting these bearings and the center tube out, is there a step on the tube or does it go right through the bearings from both sides
  4. noel0409

    Rockshox Monarch RT3

    Howdy all Anyone know where I can buy a Rockshox Monarch RT3 rebuild/service seal kit in Australia Thanks
  5. noel0409

    trading access

    Howdy admin I'm trying to contact a member who's trying to sell a bike and the site wont allow me access to send a message. I've bouhght items before here with no problems and I haven't changed my email, can you see whats goin on and let me know Thanks Noel
  6. noel0409

    Airley Beach Tracks

    Has anyone been bush riding around Airley Beach, we're heading up there for xmas an want to know if its worth throwing the bike in Tanks Noel
  7. noel0409

    Trading Access

    Howdy Crew I'm new to the forum I first came here looking for some info on servicing forks who better to get it from than the gurus, the bike shops give very little away and would always prefer you bring the bike in and get slugged for a service. On to the subject, though I've been watching the...
  8. noel0409

    SR Suntour XCM Forks

    Howdy all I have a set of Suntour XCM forks (I think 07-08) pretty basic with rebound adjust and lock-out I want to know how to service them and what kind of oil or grease and how much, I rekon I can pull them apart ok just want to know what goes back into them. They need new seals so I want...