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    Broken Clavicle / Collar Bone - advice appreciated

    collar bone Yup heals up fine given time. Broke mine a couple of years ago at Mountain cross at Gouldburn. Told it was in 3 pieces... specialist confirm that it was in 5. Had a plate put in, took about 9 months to be no worries and it is fine now. Back at boxing so I would say that it heals up...
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    Helmets - are you really covered?

    Helmet Mars- that comment on the Chilli dogs cracks me up..still laughing! Not sure about the insurance stuff on the threat. Doenst insurance mean that if you injure someone else it will cover their costs and not your costs. How does the helmet relate to this unless you have some mega-flash...
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    Riding banned at Manly Dam!

    Well finally common sense has taken over. Mountain biking at the dam is a dangerous activity that should be banned. Just think, someone could slip on the mud...fall in the dam..and drown!
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    New Shuttle Trailer design

    trailor looks pretty good. I would really need to do a few shuttles in it too make sure before i comment any further? maybe 20 runs at oxy and i would understand it better?? Do you do a dirt jump version? the push up at Holly street is a killer!
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    Silly things that you used to believe when you first started riding

    well back in the day....way back...when nobody ever rode a bike with a helmet, i thought that helmets were just BS. I also thought that the best way to have fun was to get my chopper style bike and tow my mates behind on a skateboard to jump stuff..Dooh that was another silly idea
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    Whats the longest pushie you have ever done?

    up Thredbo after i lost my car keys....that was some fcked up day!:mad::mad:
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    Parking at Ourimbah!!!!!

    Damm it! Morons! idoits.....bloody rollerbladers!!! That is exactly why we should all ride DH and go with our mates so that we can do shuttles all day and not need to park! Young people these days, i just dont understand their attitude..think they can park where they feel like it...we need...
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    what do you ride

    All mountain, & BMX with some Vert ramp in there aswell....?????
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    Depot Road jumps need HELP or NOMORE

    Depot road jumps Can someone post up a picture of what they currently look like?
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    New freeride bike.. Norco Atomik??

    Atomik I like mine! yup it will do freeride. Because it is pretty compact i think it feels really good to throw around in the air. If you are getting one check that you have the new frame on it. The older frames were recalled due to cracks appearing in the TT area. I am on my 4th frame...
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    Danny Green vs Roy Jones Jr..., Next Pacqiao vs Maywether

    Which is exactly why he will never be Australian of the year or win any sort of recognition for sportsmanship! I and i guess quite an few people remember his comments on 9/11, when he said "those people deserved it". What a tool!!! Green may not have the ranking that mundine has but is...
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    Danny Green vs Roy Jones Jr..., Next Pacqiao vs Maywether

    Yes, the only way Roy Jones Jr loses rigged fights is when the Korean officials bribe the Judges and they forget that he has thrown 82 punches to his oponents 34...Bahaahaahahaaaaaa. This was fair and square Greens moment of glory. I loved his after fight comments=classic. Now that i am...
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    OK what's the most stupidest thing you have done. (biking wise)

    1. Running low pressure in the tires and thinking my rims would be alright 2. Forgetting that my rear breaks had no break pads in them = 1 ride over the handle bars=broken bits 3. On the run into a big arse double, thinking "hell yeah"...then as i take off thinking "maybe no"...that was...
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    STOLEN Syd- Morewood Makulu & Commencal Absolut 4X

    stolen bikes yeah mutha fckers. Heres my list of dumb ideas to try. 1. Put a wanted to buy add somewhere that is not too obvious ie some ebay type website? 2. Do the internet searchs for the bikes? (not just NSW they could be in WA now???) 3. Contact police etc..which i am sure you have...
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    can you sign my petition to keep depot rd jumps

    Depot road Signed. What the hell is wrong with people!!!!!!!!!!!. Those jumps are great. I mean ok i am probably one of the oldest people riding there so i dont get to go everyday aftre school like some of the younger guys however i have seen what a positive effect it has had on people. I...
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    Who do you look up to

    Jenna Jameson. She has it of her profession, lots of money and rides really well
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    What happen to Justin Havukainen

    Yeah, yeah i remember that was at the Northbridge pump track
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    Brown Snake on Stromlo Trunk trail

    Its only a snake if you stop and take a photo of it. Otherwise it is just a stick pretending to be a snake:D
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    MTBA feedback survey- DH racers

    armour NECK BRACE: Never used one BACK/CHEST ARMOUR: yes use the short sleve 661. I was wearing this when i went over the bars on the drop above abo rock at oxy. Hence a bruise the size of a brick rather than broken ribs KNEE/LEG GUARDS: Yes essential especially when you bail over the bars...
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    Multi-storey parking on Sydney Northern Beaches?

    carparks Around the Warringah road & wakehurst parkway intersection there are heaps of industrial park type areas with large carparks. They are generally a gentle slope and easy for kids to learn on. On the weekend they are pretty empty. The area behind the Parkway Hotel has a market on...