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    TMBA MTB Park meeting soon... (read bump)

    well done guys good effort, finally something the council will let us do!!
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    Another stinky for sale

    what condition is it in? could you post some photos?
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    Place your best ghosty/lake jumping pics here

    i haven't seen any ghosty/lake jumping pics yet so i thought i'd ask people to put some up, seeing as they're so cool to look at and laugh.
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    yeah it would have been. tell everyone how you almost fully axed yourself though.
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    lawn porn!

    perfect for doing cuttys. just to rip up the grass
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    NRG Cycles 4X Results

    when is the next one? and where do i go to find times and dates of other races?
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    leaky psylo's

    i must be lucky then. from the sound of all you guys there are only a few people that had no leaky psylo's, well at least after the initial bedding in. mine leaked a bit at the start but stopped after about a weeks riding.
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    2004 Big Hit

    ugly? you could call it a piece of artwork (but that depends on the eye of the beholder of course) i reckon it looks fully sic and if i have the money next year (not likely but meh) i'll buy one. Specialized make good bikes so you could expect all that complicated stuff not to break too easily.
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    intense or orange

    of course red bikes are fastest, same with cars. but if you had a red orange (what the!?) would it go even faster, thus making it an even better bike?
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    Adrenalin - the secret fuel that makes us go

    has anyone noticed that you seem to get addicted to that rush you get when you pull off something you've never done before? the more you do it the less it seems to come so you go bigger to try to get that 'rush' again. must be the best natural drug in the world. especially when combined with an mtb.
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    post ur dream dh bike

    my dream bike (DHer) -that new specialized Big Hit frame -Aireal Industries hubs, headset and chainguide (cause they're Aussie and they rock) -mavic 321's and DT double butted spokes -pro taper bars with an azonic shorty stem -manitou dorados -XT 8in disc brakes -raceface cranks, shimano...
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    The Farkin Statement Competition!!!

    Never let the prize slip through your fingers
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    any times when you guys were really scared, tried and then bailed off the takeoff etc and then crashed in a big heap? always wanted to see someone do that
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    Were does everyone get those cool images under your name?

    how did you make it? what programs etc?
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    yeah when i do ride, which is not much lately to much work and school, i go to club and lindsay and michael and jared (when he is home) go there to so i don't have to worry about that.
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    The day my dad kicked my ass on a bike

    don't test your mum hey, just cause they don't seem to be able to do anything other than wait on you hand and foot (not that mine does) doesn't mean they can't do anything. watch out or you'll get stung real bad one day when your mum does beat you at something. btw i wish my dad could ride a...
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    so far i must have been lucky. i don't fall off that often and most of the time its is something stupid (doesn't everyone), like trying to be a dickhead, not trying to go bigger or faster.
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    Its a miracle!

    i don't think this has much relevance (to mtb's) but i saw something that said it is something like 2 or 3 bikes are sold worldwide for every car that people buy. that was up on 1.5 a few years ago. something must be growing. maybe TV is helping to spread the word bikes are cool
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    how do all you guys get around that small thing you feel before you try something big that you've never done before? an ideas on how to get over that 'i'm going to die off this' feeling? i'm fine on the ground, its just jumps and the height you can get that scares me
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    Do it yourself concept merc

    that is amazing and it probably ended up costing less than the real thing (not by much though, especially if you add in the time it took)