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    VIC SOLD Delete Yeti 575 Medium Excellent Condition $2300 New Pics

    Item: Yeti 575 Medium White Location: Geelong/Melbourne VIC Item Condition: Excellent Reason for selling: Not being used Price and price conditions: $2,300 Extra Info: This bike is like new, one scratch on the chain stay thats it. 3M tape protection on the cable rubs. Happy to pack and...
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    I'll repost my wanted ad in a week when i'm unbanned.

    Modedit: you've been here long enough to know the rules, templates still apply in the wanted section. 'All ads in the "wanted" section MUST use the following Template. Simply highlight then copy and paste the red template into your thread and add the information at the end of each line...
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    Carcass Gap revisited

    last tuesday gus was back in town and decided to hit up carcass for the 1st time in about 3 years, we left it soo late,so the photo is really dark sorry guys, ben.
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    lil jump new camera

    i got a new digi so just giving it a run, looks good be able to have heaps of geelong photos now! will be good.
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    Parts Needed, brake mount, seat, crown.

    What: Seat SDG preferred w/Rails Price range/Willing to Pay: $50 Location: Geelong Extra Info: Not an SDG big boy though. What: 04 Boxxer Flat Top Crown Price range/Willing to Pay: $- Location: Geelong Extra Infro: Prefer black or silver crown. What: Boxxer Hayes 8' adaptor Price...
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    woteva its called contact
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    SOLD and shipped

    Item: E-13 SRS guide Location: Geelong Reason For Selling: mrp Condition: good Price: $180 contact
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    Its a sad day in geelong, our beloved jump near gus's house has been destroyed. The jump has been there about 5 years, since the beginning and now its gone. Heres a few pics some are pretty old, bring back some good memories. I know all the other geelong guys have fotos so post em up,
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    Still looking for a seat

    nething SDG ill pay up2 50bucks rails not ibeam
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    down by the river. college gap, geewong

    this gap has been along time coming, it was about 3years ago that we started clearing a line. Gus hit us College Gap for the first time yesterday heres the proof. . .
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    DJ FORK 20MM axle

    What: Just a little DJ fork like 4/5inchs maybe something from Marzocchi Price range\Willing to Pay: $300 or less Location: Geelong Extra Info: Must be 20mm apart from that nething really no too fussed.
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    SOLD REMOVE 2001 NORCO 250cc

    Item: 2001 Norco 250cc Location: Geelong, Victoria Item Condition: Great, forks almost brand new Reason for selling: I'd like to go rear suspension Price and price conditions: $2500 Extra Info: forks worth $1699new Spec Frame: 2001 Norco 250cc Easten RAD tubing Fork: 2004 7'...
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    30 ba 30

    i dunno if gus has already put up a similar pic but heres the seq i made from richs photos this is benny watkins on the creswick gap, enjoy. [/b]
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    BILL HILL Race mt. beauty i have a question

    can neone tell me if u have to send the entry form away or u can just enter on the day i know theres a extra 10 buck charge if u enter after may, but yeah r u allowed to enter on the saturday? or sunday??? cheers
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    Sunday 23rd May 4 tracks classes Expert, Sport, Novice, Women, Under 15 Practice from 9.00am Racing from 12.30pm Entry $25 plus MTBA day license $10 Come check it out sweet tracks with some cool gaps good fun day! *TD EDIT* Ben, put an ACTUAL DATE in the title next time...
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    2003 Manitou Sherman Fireflys SOLD!

    Item: 2003 Manitou Sherman Firefly Black Location: Geelong, Victoria Price: $800ono (new)$1400 RRP Item Condition: perrrrrrrrrrrrfect! no scratches on stanchions never seen mud! Reason for selling: I want big ones (triple clamps) Extra Info: They have 5" Travel, All balck, all decals...
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    YOU YANGS DH round 1 of vics THIS SUNDAY!!!!!!!!!!!

    i know theres a million posts on it, but in case u havent realized this sunday june 16th is the first eva YOU YANGS DH race, should be a fairy big event being soo close to melbourne. cya all there
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    i know theres already a topic on this but SPOT THE DIFFERENCE :cry: its a dark day for ne fans of the tinworth av. dirt jumps one of the geelong fastriders fav. locations its the bitter result of building DJ's on private land. at least will have the momeries :cry: :cry: :cry...
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    Bit of Geewong style in Ballarat

    fastrider me, gus and stew hit up a few spots in ballarat today heres sum pics (alt+p) (alt+p) (alt+p) (alt+p) (alt+p) (alt+p) (alt+p) (alt+p) (alt+p) (alt+p)
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    A drop at drop zone

    a lil drop in geelong at drop zone havent been there 4 ages but decided to make this seq. Neways were r all the fastriders lately make sum posts send in sum pics