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    Balfa John's......Winter Olympics skeleton event on today!

    Wanteded to share in for those that good mate John Farrow's event is 11:50am today in his second winter olympics.... the skeleton..... 11:50am! Those of who may have had the opportunity to own a balfa here in Oz!.... well, he is the man that was behind balfa here cyclone imports from memory...
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    Propain bikes??

    Does anyone have the heads up on Propain bikes? I just thought this may be a good place to enquirer wether these bikes are available here? Cheers!
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    The Moo's dawn too dusk send off!

    I would firstly like thank everyone who could attended and to those who couldn't make it. For all the overwhelming support that was a truly epic day a month or so back. To make all the 10+ years a tribute, on a day that created such a buzz that the vibe ruled over anything possibly negativity of...
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    The Moo

    This morning, Trail Care with representatives of Ku-ring-gai council met to discuss the popular downhill track adjacent Warrimoo oval. Various options and challenges were discussed, and Council will provide their decision to Trail Care in writing in the next couple of weeks. In the event...
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    The Moo will be closed until further notice

    We had been advised by council to remove all of the erosion saving carpet that has been put inplace that preserves not only jumps and landers but also the sandier regions of trail and bushland, this being the Sydney sandstone region.. Well it's sandstone and sand when weathered, we have sand...
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    When the distributor.. Says.. No, son!

    I don't know how many times this may have come up in discussion before? I have been without a bike for 8-9 months, sold one before an op, so in my many months off in recovery I've been looking for a bike! Not just any bike, a bike that l spent in lock down in for months, anyways, got good to...
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    The moo's had a good drop, so.

    A fair drenching over a two wk period, and coming out of a dry winter the trail was loose with a fair amt off sand, well it has washed off some sections of trail, berms ,bridges, most of the dirt/sand has ended up in the wash gutters, or off the side of trail, so to bring the trail back too it's...
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    The Moo.

    the Moo's is under repairs, alot of water has caused some damage, coming out from a real dry spring, rocks and retaining rocks rattled away. So now the is water table has risin and the dirt is primo to bond and set, gives time to get stuck into some hard yakka. If the sign is up that reads...
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    The Moo's closed for now.

    There are parts of trail needing time to dry out, water tables maxed out in some key parts, the crew will be doing what we can to speed up the recovery time with in mind not too cause damage too surrounding bushland. Hope to have a heap of sun the trail dialed in for the week end. Untill...
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    tradic loss

    Spent a few good years building trails, you could buy awesome bikes but just had no were to give them some stick, or take them local for a run. The misses got the absolute shits with me building trails, der! time spent else where, its just now that 6wks back my misses had a brain hemorrhage...
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    raining again

    Well if you are living anywhere other than say, guessing here, this is on the east coast, the goldy to bateman bay nsw, I'm packing up and moving to a warm dryer leach free home. Know mater how much l shake my fists at them clouds it still pisses down, thanks zoidberg for that completely useless...
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    Thinking of hitting up oxy tomoz, we've been getting a little bit of water after a dry spell, so just how is the old playground holding out these days? Raced back there in the bike addiction race days. cheers
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    Jubes, at Wahroonga,

    Hey! whats the sitch with the bike park at wahroongah golden jubes park? its lacking the fun factor, the flow section seems to not flow, can we step it up some what? it could work better with more pumps and or jumps, and the berms could be opened up a bit to speed it up.! do people...