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  1. J

    650b in Australia

    From what I've seen they are gaining popularity. It's a good sign for shorties like me who find 700c bikes that fit fairly geometrically compromised!
  2. J

    headset bearing ..

    those cups look pretty worn, I'd replace the whole shebang. But I ain't the most experienced wrench out there so someone else might tell you different...
  3. J

    Winter Clothing

    I have some merino socks that I bought for hiking in the himalayas, they are pretty awesome when it's gettin cold, and if they get wet the are still warm. I think they are Icebreakers... I don't like cheap polypro as it smells bad once you sweat in it :P
  4. J

    Installing 3 pc BMX cranks

    Just a 6 sided spindle... but I learned a new trick! if you put a metal shim in the split (I used an old butter knife) and thread in the pinch bolt against the shim it spreads the crank a little, and you can slide it on easy! I grease everything :)
  5. J

    Looking for advice on a Hardtrail bike for $800

    Hey, give the seat some time, your ass and the seat need to get used to each other, especially if you haven't ridden for ages. If you are having issues with gears not changing right you can always take it back to the shop, even get them to show you how to tune the gears up. You will get some...
  6. J

    Installing 3 pc BMX cranks

    Yeah I think I'll have to buy a mallet tomorrow - seems like there are a lot of uses for them :P
  7. J

    Installing 3 pc BMX cranks

    Hey, My lh crank does not seem to want to go onto the spindle without 'encouragement'. Is it OK to 'seat' the crank arm with a hammer?
  8. J

    Is buying parts from CRC and having the LBS install them okay??

    Crc I agree that bike shops need to adapt or die! That's capitalism, baby. I've recently ordered $500 worth of stuff from them for my Surly Long Haul Trucker. I did this because I could not get a built-up stock Long Haul Trucker from a LBS in my size in a reasonable amount of time. The...
  9. J

    STOLEN - Old skool road bike, Perth, WA Someone stole my old road bike, and I'd just ordered a new fixie wheelset for it! I think it may have been some opportunistic drunk person trying to...
  10. J

    What have you named your bike?

    STP is called piglet My commuter is called Taronga Leela :)
  11. J

    Little Things You Hate

    drunk pedestrians weaving all over the path on my commute to work. I always have to slow down because you never know where they are going to wobble next. There are always at least two of them, and it's 8.30 - 9am most of the time! they always seem to be different people too!
  12. J

    disc rotor help...

    ordered them from Torpedo 7. Thanks for your help guys.
  13. J

    disc rotor help...

    yeah that looks like them! I feel like a dill for not noticing the lockring now. I guess it should be easy enough to get an upgraded centrelock one then cos pretty sure the one I have is the bottom of the line. Thanks :)
  14. J

    disc rotor help...

    I got an STP2 with Shimano M415 mechanical discs - I want to swap out the rotors, but where it's got rotor bolts... they are just smooth pin looking things holding it on to the hub? How do I get these rotors off?
  15. J

    Which bike please? Newbie needs some help.

    chuckers are heavy as... not sure what they are good for... I was looking at them until I rode one... I got an STP instead... pretty happy so far
  16. J

    crankset compatibility

    I am looking at getting a new crankset - I wanted to get the Shimano Deore FC-M590 triple, but this says it's a 9-speed, and I'm only running a 7 speed on the back. Will this work or will the chain be too wide for the 9 speed crankset?
  17. J

    Girls on 29ers?

    those wheels look massive relative to the frame size though! I'm 5'3" and would never consider a 29er :O
  18. J

    Why dont bikeshop people want to sell women good bikes

    bad bike experience you know, my favorite bike shop is exactly as was described - the roadie, the track bike dude, the gnarly BMX dude, the MTB dude. The roadie also happened to be a genuinely awesome guy and the owner of the place. The first time I went there i bought a flat bar roadie after...
  19. J

    Unused Land Isn't Legal, Threads Will Be Locked

    not everywhere - there are definately parts of the Avon river where private property goes to the edge of the river...
  20. J

    New? Feel free to say g'day here.

    hi I'm jet, I live in WA, I'm an old girl and I ride an STP, and a Giant CRX2 on my commute. I ride to work, do XC on mostly firetrails and finding the singletrack around the place.