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    Bike storage shed ideas...

    I have limited room in my shed and am trying to set it up to get back into some furniture making, which means I need another solution for the bikes. I could possibly clean out and reorganise our garden shed but I'm not convinced storing bikes in there is a great idea given how easy they are to...
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    Santa's Sled

    I came home to find this on Monday, can't wait to go for a pedal and try it out.
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    Anyone ridden a DMR Sled?

    As per the title, I'm interested in one but wondering if anyone has any experience / opinions on them? cheers
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    Bike sizing

    I'm looking at possibly buying a bike that's the next size up from what I should probably be on, I'm just over 5'10 in the old money and the bike is an XL. Reach is 485, I'm currently on a bike with about 450 and it feels slightly too small. I'm wondering if any of you guys have had any similar...
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    Brake adapter help

    Hi all, I just fitted a 203mm icetech rotor to replace the old 180 I had on my front wheel, bought what I thought was the correct adapter, a post to post 203 and it still doesn't give me enough clearance. At the risk of ending up in the fuckwit thread, what am I doing wrong?
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    Honzo ST

    Finished this off this arvo after work, built up from a number of mostly second hand parts on a budget. Just some tidying up of the dropper cable to go. It's my first bike build, I managed to get most of it together myself and then had a little help from a local bike shop to shorten some brake...
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    Item: 29 er Boost wheel set 15x110, 12x148 Location: Canberra / Queanbeyan and surrounds for pickup or post Price range/Willing to Pay: Around $400 Extra Info: Going on a Honzo ST i'm building up cheers, Scott
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    A little bit of advice please

    I've just bought myself a new frame, a Honzo ST and some Fox 34s, which I 'd like to build up using some parts off my current bike. It's a Haro Mary that a mate built with some pretty good bits on it, XT M8000 brakes, XT 1x11, cranks etc. Anyway the wheels on the Haro are FSA K Force, light...
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    New from Queanbeyan

    Hi all, I've just got back on a bike in the last couple months after many years off and I'm loving it. I bought an old Haro 29er from a friend that built it up to get me back into it, it's lots of fun with some nice stuff on it, 1 x11 XT, XT brakes, carbon K force wheels etc. I've just added...