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  1. Dozer

    Site access issues recently

    Look, I won't lie; I have no clue how to amend this problem.We need Scott to tend to this.
  2. Dozer

    a whinge about LBS

    A lot of the stores are probably having some trouble getting the shoes considering most of them are made in China and some may even be boycotting buying Chinese products. Don't hate on on online stores though, they have just as many staff as bike shops.
  3. Dozer

    Product Review New Cleanskin MTB range!

    Sigh, it’s almost winter here in Australia. The days get shorter, the shadows hang around longer but we’re lucky enough that we can still ride in any conditions. Us mountain bikers turn that sometimes dull outlook into a positive and we go ride bikes at night! I’ve done a few reviews on...
  4. Dozer

    Deleting or deactivating account.

    Bye Ten bucks says you’re back when Jesus gets out of jail for breaking the self isolation rules this weekend.
  5. Dozer

    What did you do TO / WITH / FOR your bike today!

    Looks the goods @Daniel Hale, nifty bike to have in your stable. I haven't ridden a shit Polygon, they've all responded to tuning adjustments so well and ride great. ;)
  6. Dozer

    Little Things You Hate

    Am I being really mean with this? Is it actually just the footy codes trying to keep some new entertainment coming so the free-to-air people can continue their online e-fight with people who have pay TV?
  7. Dozer

    Little Things You Hate

    I have no hesitation in suggesting the footy codes are playing on purpose and will gracefully accept the booming amount of press they'd receive when someone on the field has the virus. I'm convinced its a plan to keep them in the press and plug their sponsors. Each team will get a turn at...
  8. Dozer

    Little Things You Hate

    Most people I've come across are taking the virus situation very seriously. Some aren't and some are over the top. Then you have the Australian footy codes who just play on. Slow........fucking........clap. You're demonstrating to the world why I despise footy so much but I'm thankful it...
  9. Dozer

    Can I get an E bike wet?

    Thats what I'm hoping, I'd like to be able to wash it off without destroying it. Not keen on wet rides on it though, way too much more to keep clean.
  10. Dozer

    Can I get an E bike wet?

    So, I'm not planning on riding one through a pond but how do they fair being washed for example? Is it okay to hose it off? I've got Shimano Steps E8000's attached to the bikes and am just finding my feet with a few things. I've read a little on the bikes thus far but really appreciate some...
  11. Dozer

    MTB Etiquette

    Geez, you could really go on with do's and don'ts with this but everyone will chuck their bits in. ;) Give way to animals and stop to pat every dog. ;) Join in on organised trail work days, it's cool to get involved and help out doing some digging and learning good building techniques. With...
  12. Dozer

    2020 World Cup Discussion

    MTBA will cancel this event just to fit in with the current trend for sure.
  13. Dozer

    Product Review 2020 Polygon Siskiu D7

    I'm not used to paying for the services of a fine woman but that one especially cost me a large sum of funds. ;)
  14. Dozer

    International P2 Respirator - 3M Pro

    Do you accept Western Union as payment or is that too close to the source?
  15. Dozer

    Is purchasing a pure DH bike worth it?

    And boy is that a good buy!
  16. Dozer

    Is purchasing a pure DH bike worth it?

    A downhill bike to ride in the park in Whistler will be ace, you'll manage just fine with a long travel 29er but that place is a big mountain, lots of fatigue kicks in pretty quick and if you're hustling a little bike all day, you'll feel it. If you have an option to get a downhill bike and...
  17. Dozer

    Product Review 2020 Polygon Siskiu D7

    “When you’re onto a good thing, you stick with it”. We’ve all heard it and it’s pretty accurate. Polygon know it and instead of not changing something, they’ve refined what is already one of the biggest selling dual suspension bikes in Australia from Bicycles Online; the 2020 Polygon Siskiu D7...
  18. Dozer

    Holden out of Oz in 2017

    Sales and race results suggest otherwise my friend. ;) One thing is for sure, the banter between Ford and Holden people will last for a while yet.
  19. Dozer

    New Bike Park for Sydney - Glenworth Valley

    To date, there's nearly 700 posts in this thread. 700. If I could be bothered to read it over again then I reckon I'd share over 600 of those posts and call them dumb accusations and allegations. Are you involved in the project? Are you a land owner or a machinery operator waiting for the green...
  20. Dozer

    New Bike Park for Sydney - Glenworth Valley

    I don't know any more than what the VIP people would but I do admire the people involved in getting this thing happening. There's no secret stuff on my part, just don't want this project being put to shit before it kicks off. ;)