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  1. louispijpers

    QLD Sold

    Sold! Please remove. Cheers
  2. louispijpers

    QLD Sold

    Item: 2012 Yeti ASR5 Medium Size Frame Location: Toowoomba, QLD, 4350 Item Condition: Good, frame and swingarm were replaced under warranty 11 months ago. I bought the bike second hand 12 months ago and have since done 1300km's on it-probably half on-road/half offroad. Please see comments...
  3. louispijpers

    QLD Sold

    Price drop. Open to offers :)
  4. louispijpers

    QLD Sold

    Price Drop..
  5. louispijpers

    QLD Sold

    Cheers mate! Yeah your right-it rides great, to be honest I'm not really up to speed on road gear. I'm just after something less aero.
  6. louispijpers

    QLD Sold

    Price drop.. Great bike, practically new, price negotiable!
  7. louispijpers

    QLD Sold

    Item: 2012 Felt AR4 56cm Frame Size. Location: Toowoomba QLD 4350. Item Condition: I bought the bike in April this year, Bike is As New. Bike is all as bought beside bar tape and tyres. Reason for selling: Would like to get something more compact frame/less aero.. Price and price...
  8. louispijpers

    Dh race 12th may

    Yeah the track will be open Saturday for DH practice. (please note that there are road works on the range at the moment so the turn-around could be longer than usual) Cheers, Louis.
  9. louispijpers

    Dh race 12th may

    Hi, I would say we will decide on the Friday 10th when we are bunting the track. Most probably the line on the right this year to change it up but will wait to see what everyone thinks on the day. Cheers, Louis.
  10. louispijpers

    March General Meeting

    Please find the meeting notes from December 2012 and February 2013 attached (We didn't have a meeting in January 2013) This months meeting notes are still in the works I'd would say mate.
  11. louispijpers

    Tmbc maintenance day this sunday 24/3

    Yep no problems, grab a lift back up with me if you like.
  12. louispijpers

    Wild West race

    Looks like the race has been cancelled/postphoned unfortunately:
  13. louispijpers

    Volunteers needed for Wild West Series Races

    I have the club first aid kit too Jason! For the timing too, I think it might be better to just manually do it by grade (stopwatches and 2 people manually doing it for each grade) The reason I say this is that the software takes some getting used to-and a 130 person race might be a bit...
  14. louispijpers

    Volunteers needed for Wild West Series Races

    Yeah I'll be away for the February race but can help out where ever needed for the March race. I have the club generator and timing gear at my house as well as a few softdrinks so they can be pickup up whenever suits you guys. For the timing, someone will need to source a laptop too..
  15. louispijpers

    General Meeting 12/12/12

    Yep I'll be there.
  16. louispijpers


    Sorry mate, Link should work now. Cheers, Louis.
  17. louispijpers

    Trail Maintenance/Build day Frenzy and XC circuits.

    Sorry Pete - Can't make this one, doing the timing at the Cedar Creek DH race.
  18. louispijpers

    General meeting Wednesday the 14th of November

    Yeah I'll be there.
  19. louispijpers

    QLD Sold

    Item: 2009 Rockshox SID Worldcup (Cracked) Location: Toowoomba QLD Item Condition: These are off a 2009 Giant Anthem LTD. The arch on the lowers is cracked! They would be of use to someone who is looking for stanchions/steerer/crown assembly and internals. 230mm of steerer. Includes poplock...