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  1. siz

    Sunshine Coast Trails Info

    Hey all, thought I'd share this find if you haven't seen before. Basically a guide to sunny coast trails, maps etc to some. If anyone has info/trail reviews, post yup! I don't, crippled old (!) Cheers
  2. siz

    SX Trail II 08 & 06 Reign

    Well, finally my CRC shit arrived today! The 08 SX Trail II build.. Frame - Pretty colours with upgrade to DHX5 air Forks - Rockshox Totem coils (looking for airs as upgrade) Rims n Hubs - DaBomb, Running gear - SramX9 with DH Cassette Tyres - black, Cranks - Shitmano XT with Saint ring...
  3. siz

    Its all about the road trip...ANZAC Yups 2008

    To much rain and not enough riding caused the following for the 08 ANZAC long weekend down at Coffs. Finally got my ass into gear and put this together. Enjoy the story time!
  4. siz

    Yup's to invade Coffs....again.

    Righto... Invite to all Yup's and extended Yup family. Time for another one of those rowdy Yup's roadtrips to the lovely town of Coffs harbour for three days of shenanigans whilst smashing out massive amounts of runs on the awesome local track at Mt. Coramba. You may even see some dugong or...
  5. siz

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  6. siz

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  7. siz

    Shorty40 Send off ride

    Listen Yup yawl... Shorty40, aka Dan, is heading south to Woolongong real soon. So i thought we could all get together and do what we have started doing by giving him a Qld send off last ride. Heres the lowdown. The Plans: Ride date is Saturday 17th November. The Place: First hit...
  8. siz

    Sunday Bloody Sunday

    So i thought i'd build this up today! Frame: Sunday Team/DHX3. Fork: Boxxer Race. Cranks: FSA Gap. Rims: DaBomb. Tyres: Highroller 2.5 Stem/Seat: Bilt Bars: Easton Monkeybar EA70. Brakes: Hayes 9, with Alligator buzzsaw rotors. Deraileur/Shifter: Sram X9. More upgrades to come in...
  9. siz

    Coff It Yup

    Heres a vid i put together after a bunch of us Queenslanders headed to Coffs earlier this year...Mayday long weekend:rolleyes: Footage is of Yups and Coffs locals. Thanks to Binner and Quintin aswell as myself for their contribution to the footage. Also thanks to all riders involved. It was...
  10. siz

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  11. siz

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  12. siz

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  13. siz

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  14. siz

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  15. siz

    Siz's SX Trail

    Well, seeing as you lot have drooled all over Mr Plows rig, Heres mine to add to the pile. Not quite as bling as Mr Plows, but sexy enough for me. Frame: Large 05 SX Trail, with 5th element shock with 475/2.5 spring. Forks: 06 Boxxer rides, u-turn adjust from 5"-7", 20mm maxle Rims: Da...
  16. siz

    JT's last rites DH runs....The Irish are leaving oz. Come see em off DH runs

    Righto, For all you special Queenslanders that have had the misfortune to meet the lovely Irish couple JT & on This is to organise a send off ride for The Irish before they leave our shores for good! So it's a shout out for all of JT's and Olivia's DH buddies to come hang...
  17. siz

    Mr Plow's send off

    Well..some of you may or may not know that "Mr Plow" is leaving our shores for the UK. A bunch of us got together and made the trip up to Toowoomba for his last rides. Good luck in the UK Plow, all the best for ya bud. Heres the evidence... Plowarama...Part 1....Water Restrictions...
  18. siz

    Queensland Pinners + Bonus shots on page 2

    Caught up with a few of our young punks today out at one of our local tracks. Check the pics out HERE Enjoy fella's, Siz:)
  19. siz

    More dodgy "Yup's" at Coffs

    For those that have'nt already seen it, heres some dodgy footage from late last year at Coffs. Enjoy
  20. siz

    Specialized Demo 9 >>> Has Been Sold!!!

    Sorry Folks....It's SOLD :)